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Watch Free Online Rangappa Hogbitna Movie Trailer Kannada Reviews Cast And Crew

Rangappa Hogbitna Kannada Drama movie 2010

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Cast and Crew
Cast: Ramesh Aravind,Sanjana Galrani
Director: Prasanna M L
Producer: Ravi Kumar
Release Date: 26 Nov 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: Kannada

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The Story:
Ravikumar Reddy Movie based on the verge of death the elders express their wish to see everyone. When all the relatives and friends come to see the man in the death bed what is the atmosphere in the house .
Well known writer and journalist ML Prasanna has done what he has said of his hilarious movie ‘Rangappa Hogbitna’. In the stipulated time he has completed the talkie portions for Confident Groups, Mahesh Kothari and BH Basha presents – S Ravikumar production film.

What happens when aged person is at the jaws of death in the family? The relatives gather at the house of ‘Rangappa’ thinking that he is dead. Actually he is still alive when the relatives throng and make a crowd in his house. Rangappa son played by Ramesh Aravind finds the discomfort with his ailing father on the one side. This is the concept of writer journalist Prasanna.

The film is now at the dialogue recording room at Sri Chamundeswari Studios.
Sanjana of ‘Ganda Hendathi…and a boy friend’ known for lip locking in this film plays the heroine opposite Ramesh Aravind. Ravikiran, Manadip Rai, Sihikahi Chandru, Sadhu Layendra, are in the supporting cast.
AC Mahendran is the cameraman and Harsha has edited the film.

Rangappa Hogbitna Movie Review:
Rangappa Hogbitna has no Quiz!Be the first to Add a Quiz/Trivia & Challenge others.The busy day, Thursday had seen launches of four films but the media was invited for Ramesh Aravind starring ‘Rangappa Hogbitna’ (Has Rangappa passed away) a hilarious comedy from first time director ML Prasanna.

On the verge of death the elders express their wish to see everyone. When all the relatives and friends come to see the man in the death bed what is the atmosphere in the house is narrated in the comic style by director Prasanna. The hairline thought for this was given by top music director Hamsalekha. With this Prasanna made inquires on such a situation and found it interesting. When the same was narrated to Ramesh Aravnd it became a script for ‘Rangappa Hogbitna’. In approximately 100 scenes and 30 plus characters Prasanna is completing the shooting with a village backdrop. He has been a writer and assistant director since 1998. This is a laugh riot. The message part is left to the audience says Prasanna.

Ramesh Aravind has liked the channel surfing style of narration of this film. When the audiences feel it is bore they quickly move on to another interesting scene appears. “I have already laughed enough hearing the screenplay of Prasanna”, says Ramesh Aravind. In the jaws of death the humor is found even in Shakespeare plays. Here in this film Rangappa is not dead but before that the characters presume and behave in their own. As an ordinary lecturer in a town college Ramesh Aravind plays the son of Rangappa.

Confident group Dr CJ Roy, Ravikumar, Mahesh Kothari and Basha have joined hands in producing this film.

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