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Singer Aguilera Says,I was a victim of celebrity status,

Singer Aguilera Says,I was a victim of celebrity status,
by Kiran Pahwa on Fri, 06/17/2011

Singer Christina Aguilera,celebrity status.police victim

London, June 17 : Singer Christina Aguilera has criticised cops, who arrested her early this year, accusing them of targeting her because of her celebrity status.

The singer and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler were detained by Los Angeles police officers in March after allegedly spotting their car being driven erratically through West Hollywood.

The singer was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication, but was later released without charge, while Rutler was booked on an allegation of driving under the influence that was subsequently dropped, reports contactmusic. com.

"It (arrest) never should have happened in the first place. The police knew my recent history and wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I don't mean to martyr myself, but I think I was a victim of celebrity. I don't drive, I wasn't driving, and I committed no crimes, but they put me in jail," the 30-year-old told W magazine.

"They called me a 'political hot potato.' They said, 'What are we going to do with this woman?' I think they were bored that night," she added.(IANS)

Actress Aniston And Actor Theroux living together?

Actress Aniston And Actor Theroux living together?
by Kiran Pahwa on Fri, 06/17/2011

Actress Jennifer Aniston's,Justin Theroux,Beverly Hills apartment, living together

London, June 17 : Actress Jennifer Aniston's actor boyfriend Justin Theroux has reportedly moved into her Beverly Hills apartment.

The couple started dating after meeting on the set of "Wanderlust" last year and now Aniston, 42, is believed to have asked Theroux, 39, to move into her home.

"He's living at her place in L. A.! And she's introducing him as her boyfriend," femalefirst. co. uk quoted a source as saying.

Theroux was earlier staying in New York with longtime girlfriend, costume designer Heidi Bivens. The two have now ended their relationship and Bivens moved out last weekend.

"Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years. They met when she was 20 years old and he 24, and yes, she just moved out of their home last weekend. She has no comment. Heidi is heartbroken. She was completely blindsided. She and Justin had been together for years, they had a home," the source said. (IANS)

Actress Paris Hilton turns down reality show projects?

Actress Paris Hilton turns down reality show projects?
Kiran Pahwa on Fri, 06/17/2011

Paris Hilton,US reality TV shows,shows Dancing With The Stars, Celebrity Apprentice,

London, June 17 : Paris Hilton has revealed that she has no plans to share the spotlight with other faces as she turned down offers to appear on US reality TV shows ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.

According to Windy City Times, the blonde beauty has revealed that she had been asked to be a contestant on the two reality shows - but she snubbed the offers to focus on her own projects.

“I’ve been approached every season by both of those shows but I would never do them,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“I like doing my own show. I wouldn’t want to be with a bunch of other people on a show who I don’t know. Some of the people on those shows I really wouldn’t want to be associated with,” she added. (ANI)

Tori Spelling blames paparazzi for her car crash

Tori Spelling blames paparazzi for her car crash
Friday June 17, 2011, 17:44 [IST]

actress tori spelling, tori car crash spelling car accident, tori spelling pregnant, pregnant third child, american star car crash, paparazzo blamed fender bender

Actress Tori Spelling, who is pregnant with her third child, had a car accident on Monday, June 13. The American star crashed into the wall at her kids' preschool, but neither she nor her children were injured in the car crash. The angry actress has blamed a paparazzo for the fender bender.

Tori Spelling was reversing to get away from the photog when she hit the wall. The actress took to her Twitter page on Monday to talk about the accident. She tweeted, "Paparazzi chased me w/the kids 2school. I was trying to get away from him and had a pretty big accident. Took down whole wall of school."

The 38-year-old actress blamed him for the car crash and she condemned his callous nature of taking pictures of hers even after the accident. She wrote, "He thn STILL got out to try to get pics. 10 school moms chased him away. Wht will it take? Someone dying for paparazzi to stop? Going to dr now to check on baby. I think its just shock."

However, the representative for Tori Spelling has assured that neither the actress nor her two young children Liam and Stella, were hurt in the accident. "Tori is really shaken up but she and the kids are doing fine." Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that the accident did occur on Monday, but stated that there was no complaint of injuries and no citations.

Bheja Fry 2 sex scene chopped By Censor Board

Bheja Fry 2 sex scene chopped By Censor Board
Friday, June 17, 2011, 15:00 [IST]

bheja fry 2, sex scene chopped, bheja fry sex, censor board, director sagar bellary, actor vinay pathak

The Censor Board has come down heavily on the sex scene in Bheja Fry 2. Director Sagar Bellary has claimed that the scene, which has Vinay Pathak explaining to a couple on the best positions in lovemaking to have a child, is funny and cool. But the Censor Board has chopped the scene.

“For Vinay's character, sex is only for procreation. So, when he sees a couple on the bed with the woman on top, he gently chides them, and reminds them that the position is not correct for garv-dharan (having a baby). The CB was scandalised and I was told that I can't show the hero telling the couple how to make love with details on garv dharan and other pillow talk,” Mid Day quoted Sagar Bellary as saying.

The director claimed that all the humour has gone after the sex scene was chopped. “So, I've removed the sequence. Now, Vinay sees the couple, walks out, walks back in and says, 'at least lock the door before doing this'. All the humour has been lost, unfortunately!" the director further adds. Ballary, who became a father recently, says he will retain the shot in the DVD. "It's a hilarious scene and one that had all of us falling off our chairs,” he added.

Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto joins 'Hear The World' campaign

Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto joins 'Hear The World' campaign
Friday, June 17, 2011, 10:21 [IST]

slumdog millionaire, actress freida pinto, ben kingsley, tilda swinton, sting, jude law, elle macpherson, annie lennox, amy winehouse, lennie kravitz, placido domingo, renee zellweger, jerry hall, peter gabriel, joe mcintyre, hear the world campaign, awareness about hearing loss, singer bryan adams, rise of the planet of apes, immortals

The Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto after making a stand on international forum, is now participating in a worldwide campaign to create an awareness about hearing loss. She has joined hands with other celebrities such as Ben Kingsley, Tilda Swinton, Sting, Jude Law, Elle Macpherson, Annie Lennox, Amy Winehouse, Lennie Kravitz, Placido Domingo, Renee Zellweger, Jerry Hall, Peter Gabriel and Joe McIntyre to lend her support for the campaign that’s titled 'Hear the World'.

As a part of the cause, Freida has been photographed by singer Bryan Adams, who has captured her in the signature pose of the cause. The pictures shows her hands cupped behind her ear to convey conscious hearing to people. All other celebs have also been photographed in the similar pose. The idea behind the campaign is to raise awareness about the issue related to hearing disabilities. Hearing disability is a problem that affects more than 16% of the world’s population.

Freida Pinto will soon be seen in Hollywood films like Rise Of The Planet of Apes and Immortals in the year 2011.

Model Poonam Pandey MMS hits the net, Video

Poonam Pandey MMS hits the net,Video
Thursday, June 16, 2011, 13:12 [IST]

Model Poonam Pandey, who recently created an uproar by promising to strip nude if Indian cricket team brought home the Cricket World Cup, is in the news again. The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Poonam Pandey MMS has hit the internet. Adding more fuel to the fire, the model posted the alleged MMS video on her Twitter page.

However, the model said that the alleged MMS uploading on Youtube is just one of her photo shoots for a magazine. “I never knew People made My MMS and also Uploaded on Youtube saying it a
"STRIP ACT",” she tweeted. “I dono What do People get Making such MMS on me Shooting it like a ghost n Uploading them ... i was just on a shoot but then such Acts hahah,” she added.

Poonam Pandey was in the news recently after she promised to strip naked in front of the Indian Cricket team if they won the Cricket World Cup. The men in blue brought the cup home but the model ate her own words following unfavourable reaction from the public.

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Watch Free Online Always Kabhi Kabhi Movie Trailer Reviews Cast And Crew

Online Watch Always Kabhi Kabhi Bollywood Movie For Free Trailer and Preview of Always Kabhi Kabhi Bollywood Film Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks

Bollywood Movie Always Kabhi Kabhi 2011

Main Cast & Crew
Cast:Ali Fazal, Giselle Monteiro, Zoa Morani, Satyajeet Dubey, Satish Shah, Lilette Dubey, Vijay Raaz
Director: Roshan Abbas
Producer: Shahrukh Khan
Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty, Shree D, Aashish Rego
Release Date: 17 Jun 2011
Genre: Romance
Language: Hindi

The Story :
Always Kabhi Kabhi movie is set in a high school and tries to capture the various emotions such as love, jealousy, pride that one goes through during school days.
Complete Story

The story of Always Kabhi Kabhi revolves around four characters played by Ali Fazal, Giselle Monteiro, Satyajeet Dubey and Zoa Morani. St. Marks is a school where young and bright teenagers study with an aim to make a mark in life. But teenage being the most difficult phase of a person's life, so many things happen – admiration, love, infatuation and lot more. So, the four characters in the film end up going different paths - 'Destiny'.

In the film, Ali Fazal plays Sameer, best friend of Aishwarya Dhawan, played by Giselle Monteiro. Sameer is a cool guy and Giselle is sweet-natured. Satyajeet Dubey plays the character Tariq Naqvi while Zoa Morani plays Nandini, who is hated by everyone.
Movie Preview:
Always Kabhi Kabhi is a romantic film produced by Shahrukh and Gauri Khan under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment and directed by Roshan Abbas. The film, which is scheduled for release on June 17, introduces new faces Ali Fazal and Giselli Monteiro. It also has special appearance of Shahrukh.
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Watch Free Online Cars 2 Movie Trailer Reviews Cast And Crew

Online Watch Cars 2 Hollywood Movie For Free Trailer and Preview of Cars 2 Hollywood Film Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks

Hollywood Movie Cars 2 2011

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy and Michael
Directors: John Lasseter, Brad Lewis
Writers: Ben Queen (screenplay), John Lasseter (story),
Produced by: Denise Ream
Screenplay by: Ben Queen
Story by:John Lasseter, Brad Lewis, Dan Fogelman
Music by: Michael Giacchino
Production Co: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Genres: Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 24 June 2011 (USA)
Also Known As: Carros 2

Movie Plot Summary:
Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.

Racecar Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater embark on a journey to Japan, Italy and England to compete in the first World Grand Prix to determine the world's fastest car. During the adventure, Mater becomes sidetracked by international espionage, while Lightning McQueen continues his pursuit to win the race. But the road to championship becomes rocky as Mater is torn between assisting Lightning McQueen in the World Grand Prix and helping with a top-secret spy mission. Through the journey, Mater and Lightning McQueen meet a new cast of friends and enemies, including Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine), Francesco Bernoulli (voiced by John Turturro), and Holley Shiftwell (voiced by Emily Mortimer).

Movie Info:
the director of the film, said that he was convinced of the sequel's story while traveling around the world promoting the first film. He said:

I kept looking out thinking, 'What would Mater do in this situation, you know?' I could imagine him driving around on the wrong side of the road in the UK, going around in big, giant traveling circles in Paris, on the autobahn in Germany, dealing with the motor scooters in Italy, trying to figure out road signs in Japan.

Cars 2 was originally scheduled for a summer 2012 release, but Pixar moved the release up by a year.No explanation for the shift in release dates has been publicly announced.

In 2009, Disney registered several domain names, hinting to audiences that the title and theme of the film would be in relation to a World Grand Prix.

On March 2011, Jake Mandeville-Anthony, a U.K. screenwriter, sued Disney and Pixar alleging copyright infringement and breach of implied contract. In his complaint he alleged that Cars and Cars 2 are based in part on work that he had submitted early in the 1990s and he sought an injunction to stop the release of Cars 2 and requested actual or statutory damages. On May 13, 2011 Disney responded to the lawsuit, denying "each and every one of Plaintiff's legal claims concerning the purported copyright infringement and substantial similarity of the parties' respective works.

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Watch Free Online Bheja Fry 2 Movie Trailer Reviews Cast And Crew

Online Watch Bheja Fry 2 Bollywood Movie For Free Trailer and Preview of Bheja Fry 2 Bollywood Film Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks

Bollywood Movie Bheja Fry 2 2011

Main Cast And Crew
Cast:Vinay Pathak,Minissha Lamba,Amole Gupte,Kay Kay Menon,Suresh Menon,Rahul Vohra
Director: Sagar Ballary
Producer: Mukul Deora
Screenplay by: Sharad Kataria, Sagar Ballary
Story by: Sagar Ballary
Music by: Ishq Bector. Sneha Khanwalkar, Sagar Desai
Cinematography: Parixit Warrier
Editing by: Suresh Pai
Distributed by: Watchtower Pictures
Country: India
Release Date: 17 Jun 2011
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi

The Story :
Bheja Fry 2 movie is the sequel of 2007 movie Bheja Fry. It is a hilarious story of mistaken identities and a comedy of errors.

The movie is about Bhushan (played by Vinay Pathak) who is a kind-hearted, childlike chunky tax inspector and he is going to fulfil his long dream of becoming a singer.

To fulfill his his dream he enters a Game show, hoping to win a cash prize with which he can make his very own music album. Ultimately, after struggling, Buusan wins the competiotion and get a free stay on a cruise ship.

The music of the film is composed by Ishq Bector, Sneha Khanwalkar, and Sagar Desai. Lyrics are penned by Shree D., Sonny Ravan, and Shakeel Azmi.

Track listing:

No. Title Music Singer(s) Length
1. "Banjaare" Sagar Desai Rekha Rao 3:19
2. "Burra Na Maano Ji" Ishq Bector Shree D., Dolly Peters 3:51
3. "Ishq Da Keeda" Ishq Bector Shree D., Ishq Bector 3:52
4. "O Rahi" Sneha Khanwalkar Vinay Pathak 4:40
5. "We Go Crazy" Ishq Bector Shree D., Apeksha Dandekar 3:38
6. "We Go Crazy" (Remix) Ishq Bector Shree D., Apeksha Dandekar

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