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Online Watch Badhshah of Bollywood will return to television. It looks like Bollywood has captured the Indian Television Zone.

Shahrukh Khan back on Television
Sampurn Wire
Friday, December 10, 2010, 15:35 [IST]

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Shahrukh Khan earlier was seen hosting 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', replacing Amitabh Bachchan as the latter was ill. He was again seen hosting the show 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?' But now reportedly, Shahrukh will be seen in a new avatar with a new reality show. The show is the Indian version of hit 'Wipeout' series.

Reports suggests that the show will be aired on NDTV Imagine. Sameer Nair the head of the channel has got a nod from King Khan to proceed with the doings. Khan and Nair are close friends, which was even one of the reason behind SRK hosting KBC.

Finally the Badhshah of Bollywood will return to television. It looks like Bollywood has captured the Indian Television Zone. All the reality shows are roping in Bollywood Biggies to host to host or judge the show. While Abhishek Bachchan did a show for a channel, Priyanka Chopra hosted 'Fear Factor' recently. And of course, now we have Salman Khan hosting the super controversial 'Bigg Boss'.

The formal announcement is of the 'Wipeout' is still awaited. Some well-known faces of Bollywood and television world will take part in the show. The battle will be fought on Argentinean lands. 'Wipeout' has been filmed and aired by many other countries also.

But a special part of the show is that wherever the contestants may be from, the location never changes!

Online Watch Veena Malik was seen presenting a well designed matrimonial advertisement for herself on the national television in Bigg Boss house.

Veena Mailk matrimonial proposal on Bigg Boss 4
By: Sampurn Wire
Saturday, December 11, 2010, 8:56 [IST]

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Looks like Pakistani actress Veena Malik has almost lost her senses. It may be the pressure of nomination which has made her crazy! Veena Malik was seen presenting a well designed matrimonial advertisement for herself on the national television in Bigg Boss house.

Veena has probably chosen 'Bigg Boss 4' as the best platform to find a groom for her. She was in her usual sensual form and was doing her daily work in the kitchen. While she was alone she suddenly started talking to herself and designing a matrimonial ad for herself. Veena started praising herself as usual saying that she is a beautiful, sexy and sensual girl but still a good homemaker. It was obvious that her words were to capture the attention of the Bigg Boss house cameras. Then she asks if there is anyone outside who would like to marry her. She can be a good wife and can prepare very delicious tea and other dishes.

However, will this well circulated matrimonial advertisement by Veena Malik earn her a good husband is a question that remains mystery!

Online DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. today announced that it will bring Me and My Shadow, an original project, to the big screen in March of 2013.

Me and My Shadow Coming from DreamWorks Animation
December 10th, 2010

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DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. today announced that it will bring Me and My Shadow, an original project, to the big screen in March of 2013. The studio will pioneer a groundbreaking combination of both CG and traditional animation techniques, which will be used seamlessly together throughout this 3D feature film.

Mark Dindal (Chicken Little, The Emperor's New Groove) is the film's Director and Melissa Cobb (Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom) and Teresa Cheng (Shrek Forever After, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron) are serving as Producers. Shane Prigmore (Coraline, Lord of the Rings) is Head of Story and Scott Wills (Monsters Vs. Aliens, Ren & Stimpy) and Raymond Zibach (Kung Fu Panda, The Road to El Dorado) are Production Designers. Nick Fletcher (Shrek Forever After, The Prince of Egypt) is serving as Editor. The screenplay for Me and My Shadow, which was originally penned by both Steve Bencich and Ron J. Friedman (Chicken Little, Open Season), is currently being revised by writing team Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember (Get Smart).

"We are proud to have assembled a world-class creative team of filmmakers and artists - all of whom have vast experience on both computer generated and traditionally animated films - who is already well along in the production of Me and My Shadow," said Bill Damaschke, Co-President of Production for DreamWorks Animation. "Together, we are embarking on an exciting goal to break new creative ground at DreamWorks Animation by combining the time-honored tradition of hand drawn animation with the magical sophistication of CG characters and worlds in ways that have never been experienced by audiences before."

Me and My Shadow tells the story of Shadow Stan, an extremely frustrated shadow who yearns for a dynamic life but happens to be stuck with Stanley Grubb, the world's most boring human. Finally pushed to the brink, Shadow Stan breaks the singular rule of the Shadow World ("They lead, we follow"), and takes control of Stanley!

Watch Online The movie is loosely based on the 2006 graphic novel created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, but it is mostly an original story.

SET VISIT: Cowboys and Aliens Part II
December 9th. 2010

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In the second part of our visit to the Santa Fe, New Mexico set, we speak with Sam Rockwell writer Roberto Orci and actor Paul Dano about the new Sci-Fi/Western

Sam Rockwell Talks Cowboys and Aliens:
Recently, we took you behind the scenes of Iron Man director, Jon Favreau's new Sci-Fi/Western, Cowboys and Aliens. Last fall we had an opportunity to travel to the set in Santa Fe, Mew Mexico and watch the production first hand. While on set we had a chance to watch the filming of the final sequence of the movie, some roughly edited scenes and even talk in length with director Jon Favreau. The movie is loosely based on the 2006 graphic novel created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, but it is mostly an original story inspired by the title of the source material. The film was described to us as Unforgiven meets Independence Day, and it is scheduled for release on July 29th, 2011.

The movie stars an amazing cast of actors who have experience with both sci-fi and Western films including Daniel Craig (Casino Royale), Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2), Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy), Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood), Adam Beach (Flags of Our Fathers), Clancy Brown (Highlander), Keith Carradine (Deadwood), Walton Goggins (Predators) and Hollywood icon Harrison Ford (Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope). The film was also written by some experienced sci-fi writers, Star Trek's Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, and produced by three men that know a little bit about Westerns and sci-fi films ... Brian Grazer and Ron Howard (The Missing, Far and Away) and Steven Spielberg (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Close Encounters of the Third Kind).

In the second half of our visit to the set we had the opportunity to speak with Star Trek writer Roberto Orci, who is one of the three writers that is helping to bring this story to the big screen. We also had a chance to talk with actors Sam Rockwell and Paul Dano about their roles and their involvement in the project. Finally, we took a tour of the set, got to see one of the massive alien spacecrafts that will be used in the film and even briefly met a movie legend!

After we were done speaking with director Jon Favreau, he went back to the set to shoot another scene. We were then greeted by writer Roberto Orci who began by explaining his excitement to combine two popular genres with this film. "The Western is something that kind of went out of style a little bit but the alien invasion movie has never really gone out of style. So it is a way to bring in, the kids that are going to see this, because they don't know Westerns at all. So they will learn some of the Western tropes that they wouldn't have otherwise, and I think they will be open to it by the fact that they know there is going to be a little bit of sci-fi," said Orci. "But we tried not to cheat the Western in this. The moments where it's not sci-fi ... it's really a Western. If you were to watch the dailies of any of this, you wouldn't have any idea that there's going to be anything other than a straight Western. That's why we wanted it. We wanted to make sure the Western moments were true to themselves and not just relying on what's going to happen later," he explained.

In addition to having Steven Spielberg, who has some experience with alien movies, as an executive producer, Ron Howard is also a producer on the film. Not only has Howard directed several Westerns but he also appeared as an actor in John Wayne's last film, The Shootist. Orci discussed having those valuable resources to draw from on this film. "We've been very well protected, not only just with good suggestions, but then also just whenever we go outside of the bumper rails, they'll push us back into the center," he explained. "You know, Spielberg's screened several movies for us, he even did commentary in the theater. He got a new print of The Searchers, and he took me, Jon, Alex and Damon to the Warner Brothers Theater, Orci explained. "He sat behind us and it was just like a DVD commentary live, with Spielberg behind us. He was like, Okay, where's the horizon? Why do you think the horizon is there? What is the horizon's relationship to the actors mean about the scene? We're like taking notes," he joked.

Orci continued by explaining what he learned from this experience. "To be cautious of what you're trying to say with your framing, you know. We have a great environment here. In a way, any Western tends to be about how you're dealing with nature. Another facet of nature are aliens, so how you move through the movie and where you are in relation to nature, are you up against it? Are you down against it? Are you winning? Are you losing? Is it beating you? Or are you beating it? That becomes a conscious thing that's subliminal to the audience, but it still affects how you feel about the transition because in a way, this is a road movie, too. They're traveling across to get to what they need to get to. So how the environment changes and how they change in relation to it was, you know, a big lesson from that day," Orci said.

We asked Orci to discuss the format of the film and how he plans to introduce the Western to an entirely new generation while reintroducing it in an original way for fans of the genre. "Well, for kids today, they've never seen Westerns. So it'll all be new. In terms of new elements of a Western, it's how it blends with another genre but not breaking it," he explained. "In the Western, usually it's a man with no name comes in and he doesn't know who he is. He doesn't say much and he's tough because he's a bad guy. He doesn't want to tell you who he is. In this case, we have a stranger with no name coming in because he literally doesn't remember his name, because aliens abducted him. So it's trying to take as many of the Western things that you know, some might even call them clichés, and seeing how they fit into the genre. So it's taking not the top ten lists, but taking the elements that fans of Westerns are familiar with, and then reinterpreting them in light of how it crashes in to this other genre. Like, all the beats that will be familiar, if you've been watching a Western, will have a little bit of a spin on them."

The mood and tone on the set, along with the film that both Favreau and now Orci have explained, seems very serious and not at all played for laughs. Putting to rest any fear that this will be another Wild Wild West. Orci talked about the tongue-in-cheek tone of the original script and when it began to change. "We started off a little bit tongue-in-cheek, particularly when we were thinking about casting Robert Downey Jr. We were thinking of how much more of a talky character he would be and how much more ironic it would be. As we zeroed in on it and as we went to Western school, we started really thinking about it. We realized that irony was a little bit of the last thing we needed. That the spin on the movie is already there, aliens are landing in a Western. That's all the spin you need. The way to maximize that is to play it extremely straight, and to have any fun or comedy come out of the natural moments that would come out of a situation like that, not out of writing jokes," Orci said. "That's what's been good about having Daniel sort of as our lead cowboy, is that he immediately switched the tone. Just by thinking about him, and knowing that we were going to be writing for someone who's going to really play it straight. He kind of looks like Steve McQueen, you know? He's got a Steve McQueen vibe, and we're always shocked when you find the right thing at the last minute. But we really came to what we wanted the tone to be, after jumping back and forth. It went from a little too funny to way too dark, to hopefully just right."

Finally, Orci discussed the dynamic between the films two stars, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. "What's great is that if aliens hadn't landed, this movie would be about how Daniel and Harrison are adversaries, and Harrison would be the villain. In fact, I think sometimes Harrison would prefer that there were no aliens in the movie. So that's the trajectory that the movie's taking. It's only the interruption of this other genre that forces them to work together. Hopefully, we don't break the ice between them too soon. They have to continue to butt heads throughout the movie and really earn whatever thinning of the ice and chemistry they have. Hopefully by delaying it, and by having them have to witness each other at their best and at their worst, by the end of the movie you really feel like they've earned each other's respect," finished Orci.

While we were wrapping up our conversation with Orci the strangest thing happened, we heard a familiar, grisly voice behind us. "This is how it works, if you are good to us, we'll be good to you," said the voice. When we turned around it was none other than Indiana Jones/Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford. The actor had on his cowboy outfit, complete with hat and bandana tied around his neck. The actor was unshaven, dirty, dusty and looking like he was right at home on the desert canyon location. Before we could speak to him the iconic actor smiled, tipped his hat and walked of into the hot New Mexico sun.

After that, we had a chance to speak with actor Paul Dano, who plays Ford's son in the film. We began by asking Dano what it is like working with such a legendary actor? "You know, Harrison's presence is palpable. The first time he was here ... I'm pretty cool meeting people, but I grew up watching his movies. He's a bad ass, you know. Then you hear he's riding up on his motorcycle, or on his Chopper and it's like, my God, this dude's even cooler in life than in the movies," joked Dano.

During one of the scenes that we witnessed, we could see that Ford finished the scene by ad-libbing a line and we asked Dano if that through him off at all? "You know, he slips them in when you don't expect it. You know, he's kind of on the sly," he replied. "We continued by asking if the veteran keeps the young actor on his toes? "Yeah, because he's been doing it for so long and he knows so many things that I don't know. He'll just know something instinctually right after a take, you know, a new line that could help the shot. I would have no clue. But yeah, he's pretty tenacious, I would say," Dano concluded.

Dano also told us what really excited him about working on this project. "You know, the best thing about it for me was that Favreau was like super clear-cut about his approach to the whole thing," he explained. Finally, Dano talked about another aspect of the production, which he really enjoyed. "You know, we had these light rays that were flying over our heads at sixty miles an hour and most of that stuff was done practically, which is like a dream for an actor. You know, not having to look like an ass in front of everyone. It's just pretending. You know, we've been able to do so much practically and it's been really nice."

Next, we had an opportunity to speak with actor Sam Rockwell, who plays Doc in the movie. Rockwell was cast by Favreau after working together on Iron Man 2, which proved to be a good experience for both men. First, we started off by asking Rockwell to tell us a little bit about his character. "He was a doctor and, I'm not sure, we think maybe it could have been the Civil War. I think a lot of stuff spooks the doctor, and I think he wanted to get out of the MASH unit business and do something a little safer," he said. "Then this happens and you know, sort of pushes him. He's not really like the kind of guy that deals with confrontation very well. So he's sort of forced to confront all those fears," answered Rockwell. "So then you know, Doc is sort of forced to cowboy-up with the rest of the cowboys, and he's more the every man."

We followed up by asking the actor, if the fact that his character is a doctor means that he spends a lot of time bandaging people up in the movie? "You know, there's a little bit of that, of seeing him be a doctor and it's probably reminiscent of something he did in the Civil War. He's dealing with stuff that's pretty hairy and then he goes after all the aliens," explained Rockwell. "I kind of serve as the Jimmy Stewart, or Bill Paxton of the piece," he joked. "I'm sort of like sincere but I have those moments of levity." "I copied everything I did in Galaxy Quest from Bill Paxton in Aliens," continued Rockwell. "I owe him some credit."

Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens comes to theaters everywhere July 29 2011
We also asked Rockwell if Favreau had first mentioned this project to him while they were making Iron Man 2, or if he just decided to do the film because he had so much fun with the director last time? "Yeah, we just had a good time. Bob and Alex have a great track record, obviously, and Daniel was a big part of the decision too," answered Rockwell. "You know, the part sort of turned into something and Jon's just great. We had a great time on Iron Man 2 and we really worked well together." Finally we asked Rockwell to describe the difference between working with Favreau on this film and working with him on the last one? "Well, it's a similar ... we have a solid script but we improvise within that and we change stuff on the day. But the only obstacle here is obviously that we're doing a period piece. So it's not like you could just say anything, you know, you can't just say, ah dude that sucks. I mean, you can't do that because you're in the Old West," finished Rockwell.

Finally, before leaving the set we had a chance to tour the alien spaceship that was constructed in the desert canyon. The structure is only half built, showing the bottom part of the alien ship with giant green screens across the top, where CGI will later be added to enhance it. The spacecraft was circular in shape, enormous in size and looked like what you would expect an alien spaceship to look like. While it is hard to judge without seeing the final product, from what we saw, its safe to say that sci-fi fans will be pleased with the level of detail and authenticity that the filmmakers are striving for with this film.

Cowboys and Aliens comes to theaters July 29th, 2011 and stars Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Abigail Spencer, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Jon Favreau, Paul Dano, Keith Carradine. The film is directed by Jon Favreau.

Watch Online Jolie was at ease and all smiles during the interview.

Angelina Jolie Talks The Tourist: Interview.
December 9th, 2010

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Angelina Jolie evokes classic Hollywood in her most glamorous role yet, starring opposite Johnny Depp

Interviews are rarely as engaging and in a more beautiful setting than Sony's press junket for The Tourist. Set in beautiful Paris near the splendor of the Champs Elysees and Louver, we had the distinct pleasure of speaking to Angelina Jolie in one of the nicest hotels this pauper journalist has ever seen. Jolie was at ease and all smiles during the interview. It's clear she had a great time filming in Venice and starring opposite the uber-cool Johnny Depp.

Jolie stars as Elise, a femme fatale under constant surveillance by Scotland Yard and Interpol. Her lover, the clever Alexander Pierce, has eluded authorities and stolen a billion dollars from a ruthless Russian gangster. In her efforts to outwit the cops and criminals, Elisa lures in Frank (Depp), a hapless tourist blindsided by the affections of such a stunning woman. But Frank gets more than he bargained for as the danger of their situation starts to sink in.

Your wardrobe in this film is very beautiful and glamorous. How much input did you have in the clothing or was it all the costume designer?
Angelina Jolie: She was very specific, but I did add things I thought were right for the character. It had a kind of sexiness, but it had to be fun. It had elegance to it. The dress with the high slit with the bow on the bum (laughs). We wanted something more playful and sweeter for her.
Elise has a really classic look, kind of like Grace Kelly, particularly that first outfit...
Angelina Jolie: Yes, this was definitely very different than anything I've ever worn. It took me a while to wear the heels, and the gloves, and figure out to hold the handbag. I think everyone here knows that I'm not too female in that way (laughs). It was a little bit of an exercise for me.

Elise has this very elegant walk, the camera kind of feasts on it. Can you talk about developing that?
Angelina Jolie: I was very conscious of it. The first time we did it, I had the camera right behind my rear end, walking down the streets of Paris. I felt so uncomfortable, so bizarre. Its one thing when you're walking, but another when someone is watching you. You become very aware, especially in five-inch heels on cobblestones (laughs). It was not so pleasant, but you do get into it. And you kind of discover the fun in just being a girl. I had just come off Salt, and she's a guy. So it was nice to rediscover being female.

Can you discuss the feel of the movie, it's reminiscent of classic Hollywood?
Angelina Jolie: When you meet Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (director), you'll see it's all him. He's into every detail, like she wouldn't wear diamonds in the day because that's how she was raised. My note that I got, probably every day, was slow down. I think as modern women, we attack things, we are very aggressive. I think he was trying to teach me the thing about being bred or elegance, is that time moves around you. This was the hardest thing for me, to take a deep breath and kind of glide a little more.

What's the best part of working with Johnny Depp?
Angelina Jolie: He's such a nice guy. He's so funny, just fun to hang out with. He's that friend where you're so happy to come to work and do scenes with. He's a brilliant actor, that's thought of for his great character work; but it comes from an artist who's willing to try things. He's a really experimental, deeply feeling artist, who gives a lot. He tries a lot, so gracious on set to everyone. He's really just a pleasure.

This makes two action-adventure films this year...

Angelina Jolie: This is an action film (laughs)? I haven't seen it yet! I actually did this for the opposite reason. For me...maybe this was an action movie, but I really didn't get a chance to participate in that. This came about because I had finished Salt, and Brad Pitt was supposed to work next. He had a small delay in his film, Moneyball. So we had a few months, and I questioned if there was anything out there that shot in a great location. Honestly, that was the phone call that I made. And it was a character I hadn't done before. Then I got this call about shooting a film in Venice about a real lady. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck came on board, then Johnny Depp, and it kind of went from there. It was a pleasure, a really nice film to work on.

What's the good and bad of working in Venice?
Angelina Jolie: There's not a lot of bad. The a parent you want to teach your kids about culture. With this, done, nothing like being in Venice for two months. They went to museums, had an Italian teacher, it was great. The funniest thing was the logistics. The tide, you can ask Johnny Depp about this, but there was one scene he had to jump into my boat. The boat and water were like a foot apart. We had to move the scene to the other side of the water. Two hours had passed and the boat was five feet lower. I really thought he was going in the water (laughs). It was like things like that you had to overcome.

This film is so consciously evocative of another era. Did you watch anything to prepare you for this?
Angelina Jolie: We watched To Catch a Thief. There were other things I was supposed to watch, but didn't (laughs). You want to watch those movies, but you don't want to mimic. We wanted to make it modern. I was nervous. I didn't want to make her too precious. I wanted her warmer. I didn't get too caught up in behaving like a princess. I wanted her to have texture, and be relatable.

We've read that the first time you met Johnny was at his office. Is there anything that stood out that caught you by surprise?
Angelina Jolie: So you want me to tell what's in his office (laughs)? I was on time, for the record, I was not early. When you walk into someone's office, you see what's important to them. He's got books and lots of pictures of his children. He's immediately someone you feel at ease with.
Did you have a heroine, real or fictitious, that inspired this role?
Angelina Jolie: I think it was just a combination of what we all think in our minds is female. My mother had a real softness to her. Vivienne, my youngest daughter, is extremely female...a real girl. I kind of played Vivienne in the film, but I guess I didn't pin it down to one person. The accent I based on an English woman.

So you're working with Johnny Depp, and he's playing the least cool person alive. The scenes where he's speaking Spanish in Italy, the horrible electronic cigarette, how many times did you bite your cheek to stop laughing?
Angelina Jolie: I did, there's some footage, which I'm surprised hasn't surfaced, of thirty minutes where we couldn't stop laughing. We wasted so much film and got a lot of producers frustrated. We just couldn't stop laughing. Yes, we failed quite a few times. The outtakes from this I'm sure are very funny.

Most recently you wrapped your directorial debut. What's the status of that project, and what was it like behind the camera?

Angelina Jolie: I am done filming. I go back to edit in January. It was great. It was nice to take the spotlight off myself, and put it on some brilliant actors. I am excited to show their talent to the word. I'm very proud of what they gave and what they did.

The Tourist was released December 10th, 2010 and stars Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Rufus Sewell, Clément Sibony, Timothy Dalton, Julien Baumgartner, Bruno Wolkowitch, François Vincentelli. The film is directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

Watch Online Teresa Palmer discusses her role as an alien warrior in the new sci-fi movie, based on the popular book.

Australian actress Teresa Palmer Interview
December 10th, 2010

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Teresa Palmer discusses her role as an alien warrior in the new sci-fi movie, based on the popular book

Australian actress Teresa Palmer first gained attention for her role in two films that she didn't end up making, George Miller's Justice League of America and Fury Road. But last summer, she appeared in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, co-starring Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel and next year will be seen in the new sci-fi thriller, I Am Number Four.

The film is based on the popular book of the same name, which is about nine infant aliens sent to Earth to hide from a group of enemy hunters. The nine aliens can only be killed in numerical order, and with the first three already dead, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is about to learn that he is Number Four. Now to protect himself, he must team up with Number Six (Palmer) in order to unlock his secret powers, if they have any chance of survival. The film is directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia) and produced by directors Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay. We recently had a chance to speak with actress Teresa Palmer about the upcoming film, her challenging role and a possible sequel. Here is what she had to say:

To begin with, what can you tell us about your character in the movie, Number Six?
Teresa Palmer: So Number Six comes from the same world as Number Four, the Planet Lorien. She is very intimidating, but she is equally as enchanting and intoxicating. She's a force to be reckoned with. She is an incredible martial artist. She is a warrior. She can fight anyone who comes in her path. She's just a ferocious sort of gal, but she's real and she has vulnerabilities too.

Tell us what it was like preparing for this role?
Teresa Palmer: It was really physically challenging. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. When I got the role, they warned me there would be a lot of training involved. I was excited by it. I thought it would be great. I thought, "Oh it will be great, I can just do some sit-ups and that will be it," but it was one of the most intense periods of my life. We trained for three months prior to starting the movie. It was like four hours a day, six days a week. We started with sword work and we worked our way until I had a routine working with the sword. Then we got into kicks and we combined the routine with the swords and then stunt work. I was on wires flipping upside down and forwards and learning to do back flips and slides. I learned to ride a Ducati motorbike. It was very intense and challenging, but in the most wonderful way.

Did you ever get injured at all working on this film?
Teresa Palmer: I did. Yeah, at one point I was working very close, hand in hand with the stunt team. I made a point of saying to the stunt coordinator that I didn't want to fake it. I wanted to be able to do everything that Number Six can do, except for invisibility and the fireproof part. So that meant I had to up my training even more. So I worked with the stunt guy this one day and we had choreographed a routine. We got on set and I must have been tired and I missed one of my beats and he swung. He was on his beat and on his mark. He swung and he smacked me in the side of the face. I thought my teeth had fallen out because my mouth had gone numb and I was trying to spit out my teeth. But then I realized my mouth was just numb and it was bleeding in the inside. It was cool because I was like, "That would have happened to her," and I can use that. It actually put this fierceness in the rest of the scene. I was like, "Yeah bring it on."

Can you talk about the relationship between Number Six and Number Four? Is it a brother/sister relationship or is there a possible romance brewing between them?
Teresa Palmer: Yeah, she is very much Four's mentor. She has been doing this a lot longer than he has. He is only just discovering his powers and really getting introduced into this world of aliens and having special powers. She has been doing this for a long time and she is a warrior. There is a lot of tension between them because he isn't use to being pushed around or being told what to do. She isn't use to working hand in hand with someone. She's a loner and she does it herself. There is definitely a bit of animosity between them and there is a bit of sassiness there, which is interesting. That slowly turns into a bit of sexual tension, which is interesting. I think that kind of sets up this idea of a love triangle later on in the books and hopefully in the future films.

Tell us about director D.J. Caruso's vision for the film and what it was like working with him?
Teresa Palmer: He had a very specific vision for the film. He was very passionate about his movie and the characters. He wanted it to be grounded in a reality. I think this is what sets I Am Number Four apart, yes we have incredible action, we have amazing special effects, but we also have a love story that seems very real. We have characters that, even though they have special powers, they are dealing with the same things we as audience members do every day, the idea of not being able to fit in and feeling alone at times and all sorts of things. I think because of that people are not only going to feel connected to the characters but also to the story as a whole.

Were you excited to find out that Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg were going to be involved with the project and what was their influence on the movie?
Teresa Palmer: It blew my mind that my name would even be included in a sentence with Steven Spielberg's name. My manager was like "Steven Spielberg is producing this movie and they want to offer you the role." It absolutely left me flabbergasted. I am one of the biggest fans of his. I just love the films he has done. He is a veteran. He knows exactly how to make these movies, as does Michael Bay. It's exciting that even on the trailer, Michael Bay's name is very prevalent and it is really going to help the film. He really knows what he is doing with those types of films and he can really deliver that. So it is very exciting for our movie.

What were some of the differences you experienced working on this movie, as apposed to some of the films you've worked on in the past? Did you have to make any adjust as an actor?
Teresa Palmer: In The Sorcerer's Apprentice I don't really get to be involved in the action. Rather in I Am Number Four I am involved in all the action. At least my character, every time she is on screen she is fighting someone. So that is a whole different ball game, which means I just had to be extremely focused because I had to change every aspect of myself, the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I look at people, the way I communicate. A warrior walks in a certain way. They are ready to strike at any second. So, I just had to maintain that throughout the duration of this film. It is exhausting. It is really, really exhausting. I worked with special effects and we did a lot of practical stunts, which meant it wasn't CGI. I actually was attached to a crane sixty feet high up in the air and flung upside down. It made it all more enthralling and exciting.

Finally, how would you feel about returning to this role and doing a sequel if the film is successful?
Teresa Palmer: I would embrace it with open arms. You know the second book is going to be called "The Power of Six". So there is a much bigger focus on my character in the second book and hopefully the second movie. That to me is so exciting, the idea of that, and the potential of that turning into a franchise. I would love to portray Number Six again. She's a strong character. I think she is someone people can look up to. She doesn't need a man to take care of herself. She really truly is a hero and I think that is refreshing.

I Am Number Four comes to theaters February 18th, 2011 and stars Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Jake Abel, Kevin Durand, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, Callan McAuliffe. The film is directed by D.J. Caruso.

Watch Online Actress Dianna Agron Interview For Upcoming Movie I Am Number Four.

Actress Dianna Agron Interview For Upcoming Movie I Am Number Four.

Dianna Agron Talks I Am Number Four:
December 6th, 2010

Tags: Dianna Agron, dianna glee, glee dianna agron, dianna agron gq, dianna agron twitter, quinn glee, I Am Number Four, Alex Pettyfer, news, headline, story

Actress Dianna Agron Interview For Upcoming Movie I Am Number Four. The film is based on the popular sci-fi novel by Pittacus Lore and is directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia), and produced by directors Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

Dianna Agron discusses her new sci-fi movie based on the popular book.

Actress Dianna Agron is best known for her role as Quinn Fabray on the popular TV show Glee, but next year she will be making the leap to the big screen in I Am Number Four. The film is based on the popular sci-fi novel by Pittacus Lore and is directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia), and produced by directors Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

The movie revolves around a group of aliens, sent to Earth to hide from their enemies. These nine aliens can only be killed in numerical order. And with the first three already dead, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) discovers that he is Number Four. Torn between his love for Sarah (Agron) and his own destiny, he must team up with Number Six (Palmer) in order to unlock his secret powers, if they have any chance of survival. We recently had a chance to sit down and speak with Dianna Agron about her new film, her character, and how this movie will be different than other aliens films. Here is what she had to say:

For starters, what was it about this story that intrigued you to enough to make you want to work on the film?
Dianna Agron: This film was something that came full circle in the most wonderful way. I met Steven Spielberg in January of last year and I didn't know what to say to him but he mentioned, "There's this film and we've been thinking about you but I don't think you are available." I was just so blown away that he knew whom I was and that I wasn't some stranger crashing his party. So it started off that way and towards pre-production of the film they realized that my schedule could permit enough time to do the movie. I was given the script and it just had such a wonderful feel, all the characters were so rich and strong. There was that feeling you get when you watch Rebel Without a Cause or The Breakfast Club, with these characters that find each other in interesting ways, bond together and go on this exciting journey. I met D.J. as well and he was so warm and I was terribly nervous. I had been working for a year and half on (Glee consistently so I wasn't auditioning. I was going in to see this big director and I thought, "Oh my god, he's going to hate me." He was just so friendly and typically when you meet a director whatever their energy is that's probably what their crew is going to be like. So, sure enough with D.J. most of the crew had worked with him in previous projects and it was great. We were in Pittsburgh and kind of oblivious to anything else in the world. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Did you decide to read the book that the film is based on prior to filming?
Dianna Agron: We had been given the book a couple of weeks into production. So it was that hard place where I started reading it and some things were the same and some things were so different. So I put it down until I was done shooting. Although, the author came out and he kind said everything was as it should be in his mind so that was refreshing.

What sort of stunt work did you have to do for this movie?
Dianna Agron: Well, I do some falling and running. It was so much fun! For some reason, I don't know why but I've never been skydiving, bungee jumping or any of those things yet it interests me so much, particularly when I started doing the stunt training. They asked me if I was afraid of heights and I said, "No, come on, let's go." I got on the harness; we were practicing on this real house where we ended up shooting it and it's four stories high. My joke with them was to go faster because by the time you're falling from four stories you are already slowing down. By the time your body realizes it's falling you are already slowing down because it's only four stories not ten. It was so much fun but at the same time I kept wanting more, you know, I'm watching Alex and Teresa and they are doing these awesome stunts and I got to fall. There was this one experience where we are running out of this alcove and I was supposed to be leading the way and I'm thinking, "Oh god, I was a ballerina growing up so I hope I don't trip and fall, what if I can't run really fast?" They were filming in high speed and all of a sudden they yell cut and everybody is laughing hysterically. I'm thinking what did I do? Do I look like an idiot running, what's going on? They show us the play back and I am running so fast, especially on the high speed, and no one is next to me. It's just me taking off like a mad woman. They were like maybe you shouldn't run that fast.

How would you compare Sarah Quinn, your character on "Glee?"
Dianna Agron: They are both teenagers in high schools, some people that have read the book know that she is also a cheerleader and she was popular, but those are things that are not really touched on in the film. She loves photography and she likes the idea of escaping the smaller pond that she has existed in for so long. What I loved about her is that she's strong and sensitive at the same time and when Alex's character John comes into town, it's kind of a new beginning for her. She finds this guy who interests her so much and sees her for her and doesn't have all those preconceived notions or experiences that perhaps her other peers had with her. So, it's a really great bond that they form and fall in love with each other right away. With Glee all of our characters are on this hyper reality and everybody has real emotions but everything is so poppy, granted there are real moments, but this character in particular is an old soul.

can you talk about Sarah's relationship with John and how that affects him?
Dianna Agron: When you find somebody that understands you you're able to challenge each other much more. So, I understand him even without knowing his whole back-story. He's in some ways very mysterious to me because I'm meeting him at his seventeen or eighteen year old and not ten years prior to that, so like I said we have this instant connection. I think because Sarah is struggling to really express herself the way she wants to be seen. It forces both of them to do the same with each other and to drop all the walls. They do instantly, they let each other in and that's the best type of support.

How is this movie going to be different from other films about aliens?
Dianna Agron: It's interesting because I was trying to describe this movie to my mom and my friend and I said to them it's sort of Rebel Without a Cause with aliens. I think my mom was picturing Mars Attacks with aliens coming down and lasers. From what I've seen of the cut D.J. has its really grounded within this world. It's easiest when you see it to understand. The imagery is so amazing. You've got these bad guys hunting down Alex and Teresa and the other kids, yet they don't have pointy ears, or a pointy nose or an alien head. They are very sophisticated. This is a very different vehicle that I think has never been driven before. Hopefully people will like it.

Finally, can you talk about how the characters in the movie, are really able to bring out the best in each other and what you found appealing about that?
Dianna Agron: Oh, definitely. It's funny because some of my friends now will look at pictures of me in high school and say, "Oh, you were cool," but it's so hard to slap a label on someone especially when you are going through your formative years. What's cool to somebody isn't cool to another person. I was well liked because I was really nice and I wasn't confrontational but at the same time I had no idea who I really was as a person. I had strong inklings but you know you're trying new things and you don't feel quite comfortable all the time. You are just discovering the most true self that you can find to live and existing with. I definitely feel close to those characters because I still feel like a huge nerd and if you hang around with me long enough you will realize that I am one. I have a great team around me to kind of defuse that.

I Am Number Four comes to theaters February 18th, 2011 and stars Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Jake Abel, Kevin Durand, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, Callan McAuliffe. The film is directed by D.J. Caruso.

Watch Online a brand new exclusive podcast from Death Race 2, which will be released on Blu-ray and DVD January 18.

Death Race 2 Podcast with Danny Trejo
December 11th, 2010

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We have a brand new exclusive podcast from Death Race 2, which will be released on Blu-ray and DVD January 18. Click below to watch this behind-the-scenes video with Danny Trejo describing his character and how he first got into acting, along with co-stars Luke Goss and Tanit Phoenix:

Death Race 2 takes place in the very near future, as the United States economy begins to decline and violent crime starts to spiral out of control. To contain the growing criminal population, a vast network of for-profit, private prisons springs up, creating a lawless subculture ruled by gangs, cold-blooded killers and sociopaths. The worst of these prisons is Terminal Island, where inmates fight each other in a highly rated televised death match, where there are no rules, and the winner is the one who survives the gladiator-style, no-holds-barred competition. Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) arrives on the Island to serve his life sentence just as ruthlessly ambitious television personality September Jones evolves the death match into the ultimate reality show - Death Race. A brutal prison yard demolition derby that pits prisoners against each other in steel reinforced, heavily armed vehicles, Death Race offers the winner the ultimate prize: freedom - if he can survive to enjoy it.

Watch Movie Video:

Death Race 2 comes to theaters in 2011 and stars Sean Bean, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames, Luke Goss, Lauren Cohan, Robin Shou, Tanit Phoenix, Frederick Koehler. The film is directed by Roel Reiné.

Watch Online More disturbing images have crept up on the Internet today in regards to J.J. Abrams's sci-fi thriller Super 8.

Super 8 Forest Ghoul Photo and Plot Details
December 10th, 2010

Tags: Super 8, J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, movie super 8, the super 8, super 8 abrams, jj abrams, super 8 movies, super saiyan, super saiyan 8, super 8 alien, super 8 monster, j.j. abrams movie, j.j. abrams cloverfield, j.j. abrams project, bad robot, news, headline, story

More disturbing images have crept up on the Internet today in regards to J.J. Abrams's sci-fi thriller Super 8. No real plot details have been revealed at this time, but we do know that the story will gleefully nod to the past works of Steven Spielberg, primarily the science fiction movies he made in the late 70s and early 80s.

Last Friday, a piece of concept art claiming to reveal an alien monster from the project started making the rounds. It has yet to be verified. Now, a strange photo has come forward, which is purported to be from Super 8. It first appeared on Wildgame Innovation's Facebook page. It is a picture reportedly snapped by a deer hunter on a reserve in Berwick, near Morgan City, Louisianna. It was originally being passed off as real, but now inside sources close to the production say its actually a viral image from Super 8. There is even video from a young Weirton, West Virginia extra called "Crying Girl", who talks about having a run in with this creature in the movie.

In the scene, the little girl in question is said to be trapped on an airplane with her mother, where she comes in contact with this scary creature, which the young actress refers to as "a zombie". You can check out the photo and the video below:

Watch Movie Video:

Super 8 comes to theaters June 10th, 2011 and stars Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, Amanda Michalka. The film is directed by J.J. Abrams.

Watch Free Online Tera Kya Hoga Johnny Movie Trailer Hindi Reviews Cast And Crew

Tera Kya Hoga Johnny Hindi Crime Movie 2010

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Cast And Crew
Cast : Neil Nitin Mukesh,Soha Ali Khan,
Karan Nath,Kay Kay Menon,
Shahana Goswami,Sikandar Agarwal
Directed By : Sudhir Mishra
Produced By : Sudhir Mishra,
Manu Kumaran,
Titu J Sharma,
Co-producer, Karan Arora
Written By : Sudhir Mishra,
Pankaj Kapoor,
Joydeep Sarkar
Music : Pankaj Awasthi, Abhishek Ray,
Ali Azmat
Editing : Archit D Rastogi
Release date(s) : December 17, 2010
Language: Hindi
Genre: Crime / Thriller

Bollywood movie online Hindi movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Fantasy Movie Tera Kya Hoga Johnny Hindi Movie Tera Kya Hoga Johnny Directed By Sudhir Mishra

Movie Info:
Tera Kya Hoga Johnny (Hindi: तेरा क्या होगा जॉनी; English: What’s gonna happen to you, Johnny) is a 2008 Bollywood film directed by critically acclaimed director Sudhir Mishra, starring child actor Sikander in the lead role. Actors Neil Nitin Mukesh, Kay Kay Menon, Soha Ali Khan and Karan Nath are also part of the film. It also stars two filmmakers, Anurag Kashyap and Aditya Bhattacharya.

The film is about the city of Mumbai, and a child who sells tea on its streets. In the words of the director, “It’s set at a time when Mumbai wants to be Shanghai.” He has also stated that he wants to make a sequel to the film.

In January 2010, the film was leaked on YouTube while still undergoing post-production work. Mishra filed an FIR and the police are investigating the source of the leak.

Movie Story:
It's the story of Parvez (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who wants to be a part of the 'India Shining' dream. His life is torn between his desperation to run away with the love of his life Divya (Shahana Goswami) who is married to a corrupt encounter cop Chiple (Kay Kay Menon) and his commitment to his family.

Parvez needs to get rich and real quick. The problem is that he has no clue how!

When Parvez decides to steal Chiple's ill-gotten money stashed in a flat, it sets into motion a thrilling ride of emotions that engulfs not just his life but also of a coffee delivery boy (Sikandar Agarwal).

No other filmmaker in India has explored the psyche' of people caught in extreme circumstances with the dominating consistency of Sudhir Mishra. His films have brought to screen characters and relationships that echo the changing social realities of our times. And Tera Kya Hoga Johnny is no exception.

The film is also the story of Priti (Soha Ali Khan) and Vishal (Karan Nath).She is a small time model fighting the good fight and he, the typical cocaine snorting big dream loser on the invariable and inexorable spiral into crime. Intertwined in the lives of these characters are Chutta (Vijay Maurya), a drug dealer who wants to corporatize the trade, his eunuch sugar momma Begum (Saurabh Shukla) and a mysterious billionaire who gets drawn into their lives.

They are all playing a game called Life. They are all waiting to ride on that one wave.

Movie Trailer: