Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watch Online Russian camera can see human soul

Watch Online Russian camera can see human soul
Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 10:57 [IST]

Russian,camera,human,soul,wonder device

A wonder device can see the soul of a dead man pass away… or at least that’s what the inventor claims.

A publication of the popular Russian tabloid gives a dramatic account of the experiments of an inventor from St Petersburg, who has created a device able to see human aura.

Accompanied by pictures suspiciously reminiscent of a series of thermal images of a woman at different temperatures, the report claims they are made with a special “gas discharge camera” built by Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at the Research Institute of Physical Culture and State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

Watch Online Salman wants Abhinav back for Dabangg 2

Watch Online Salman wants Abhinav back for Dabangg 2
Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 10:57 [IST]

actor salman khan, director abhinav kashyap, dabangg 2, dabangg sequel, producer arbaaz khan, dabang

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was in dire straits for a whole year (2009) till Dabangg happened. The film went on to become one of the biggest grosser of all times in Bollywood history and his biggest grosser so far. But unfortunately, Salman fell out with its director Abhinav Kashyap. Now, the actor is apparently trying to win the director back for its sequel.

It was reported that producer Arbaaz Khan would direct Dabangg 2, but the story has taken another twist. We heard that Salman is not sure if his brother could deliver the goods as a director. So, he has apparently sent feelers to the director to take care of Dabangg sequel too.

Well, we hope Abhinav Kashyap returns to Dabangg team and entertain film lovers with another big hit!

Watch Online Beyonce Knowles has bagged this year's Billboard Millennium Award.

Watch Online Beyonce Knowles has bagged this year's Billboard Millennium Award.
by Kiran Pahwa on Tues, 05/24/2011

Billboard honours, Beyonce, top-notch. award.TopNews,Billboard Millennium Award.

Las Vegas, May 24 : Beyonce Knowles has bagged this year's Billboard Millennium Award.

From First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey to Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder, the Who's Who of the industry were there to laud the R&B star.

"You are so much more than just a pop star or an icon; you represent the dream," Lady Gaga, who collaborated with the 29-year-old pop sensation in "Telephone" said.
"I can remember when she was a kid and she saw Whitney Houston and she said 'One day I'm gonna do that', proud mom Tina Knowles said, holding back her tears.

Owner of 16 Grammies, Beyonce grooved to her new single "Run the World (Girls). Other prominent winners included teen icon Justin Beiber, Eminem and Taylor Swift, ContactMusic reported.(IANS)

Watch Online Tom Cruise to star in a new science-fiction movie 'Oblivion'

Watch Online Tom Cruise to star in a new science-fiction movie 'Oblivion'
by Kiran Pahwa on Tues, 05/24/2011

Tom Cruise, to star, in a new, science-fiction, movie, Oblivion

Los Angeles, May 24 : Actor Tom Cruise has been roped in for a new science-fiction movie "Oblivion" to be directed by Joseph Kosinski.

The film is "set in a future where the Earth's surface has been irradiated beyond recognition and the remnants of humanity live above the clouds, safe from the brutal alien Scavengers that stalk the ruins", reports aceshowbiz. com.

"But when surface drone repairman Jak (Cruise) discovers a mysterious woman in a crash-landed pod, it sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will force him to question everything he knows," it said.

Kosinski has also developed the story into a graphic novel with writer Arvid Nelson and illustrator Andree Wallin. The novel will be released later this year as precursor to the movie.(IANS)

Watch Online Actress Salma Hayek pats herself for being a good homemaker.

Watch Online Actress Salma Hayek pats herself for being a good homemaker.
by Kiran Pahwa on Tues, 05/24/2011

Salma Hayek , is, proud of, being a, housewife,

Salma Hayek London, May 24: Actress Salma Hayek pats herself for being a good homemaker.And Salma is proud of being a housewife

"I am a housewife. I cook every night for my husband. I am most definitely a housewife. And a good one, I must say," Contact Music quoted her as saying.

The 44-year-old actress who is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, was initially scared of moving to Paris.

"The first thing I panicked about was moving. I got scared. I said, 'I'm not moving to Paris to be a housewife'. And he said, 'Fine, we'll be different'. It's sort of exciting to have a different kind of marriage," she said.

The "Frida" actress now loves living there."He knew I was going to end up here but he said the right thing. Before I knew it, I was spending most of my time here, and I love it," she added.

Mother to a three-year-old daughter Valentina, Hayek leads a very homely life."Our life is great and glamorous in many ways, and in many ways - the good ways - it's very homey. He's a spoilt brat, my husband, when it comes to food," she said.(IANS)

Watch Online Lady Gaga gives birth on stage during Live performance

Watch Online Lady Gaga gives birth on stage during Live performance
by Kiran Pahwa on Mon, 05/23/2011

singer, Lady Gaga, gives birth, on stage, during, Live, performance

London, May 23: `Poker Face' singer Lady Gaga, who is known for her outrageous performances, recently staged a mock birth during a show on US Saturday Night Live.

Gaga, 25, began her routine by emerging from a pod, emblazoned with the name Beluga Gagaviar No1, a reference to the famous, and very expensive, brand of caviar, the Daily Mail reported.

After a very energetic performance and just as her song was ending, her dancers surrounded her, and after she emerged, she had a huge bump around her midriff.

She immediately headed from a mock hospital bed to the side of the stage where her dancers helped into a pair of stirrups, and she subsequently "gave birth" to a gold liquid.

Gaga had performed the mock birth during a rendition of the title track from her new album, `Born This Way'. (ANI)

Watch Online ‘Pirates of the Caribbean-4’ earns record $256m at global box office.

Watch Online ‘Pirates of the Caribbean-4’ earns record $256m at global box office

by Kiran Pahwa on Mon, 05/23/2011

New York, May 23: After one week of its release, The `Pirates of the Caribbean' sequel `On Stranger Tides' has earned a record 256 million dollars worldwide, making it the fourth largest global opening ever.

On Stranger Tides,' the fourth `Pirates' installment, earned 90.1 million dollars domestically. Its combined worldwide total is 346.4 million dollars, fourth largest global opening ever, The New York Daily quoted Walt Disney co. as saying.

"The whole play of this particular movie was based on a worldwide release because of our feeling of how strong the international marketplace would be. Johnny is not just a domestic star.
Viane also said that Johnny is an international star," Chuck Viane, head of distribution at Disney said.
the result vindicated the franchise''s new look, and that audiences loved the rebooted attitude.

Although the movie had the best North America opening of the year, the international revenue was the larger story.

"This proves the importance of the global marketplace," said Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst for Hollywood. com

The film earned the most in Russia, China and India, accounting for 52.6 million dollars. It set an all-time record in Russia, taking in 28.6 million dollars.

The film also benefited from higher ticket prices for 3-D showings, but more importantly from IMAX screenings, which the movie set a global, record for IMAX with 16.7 million dollars internationally.

"On Stranger Tides" was the only new film in wide-release last weekend.

According to Hollywood. com, the estimated ticket sales for last weekend at U. S. and Canadian theaters:

1. `Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides', 90.1 million dollars.

2. `Bridesmaids', 21 million dollars.

3. `Thor', 15.5 million dollars.

4. `Fast Five', 10.6 million dollars.

5. `Rio', 4.7 million dollars.

6. `Priest', 4.6 million dollars.

7. `Jumping the Broom', 3.7 million dollars.

8. `Something Borrowed', 3.4 million dollars.

9. `Water For Elephants', 2.2 million dollars.

10. `Tyler Perry''s Madea''s Big Happy Family', 990,000 dollars

Watch Free Online Assisted Fishing Movie Trailer Story Cast And Crew

Hollywood Comedy Movie Assisted Fishing 2011

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Dewey Winfield, a lovable loser, dreams of finding fame and fortune by beating his arch-rival in a big fishing tournament. Dewey has invented ‘Glow User’, a fishing lure made from an electrified pickle, he thinks its great – everyone else knows its stupid. His arch-rival, on the other hand, has done quite well for himself by creating ‘Bait King’ fish bait and is a hometown hero. Before he can compete in the contest, Dewey must first come up with the $200 entry fee. He gets a chance to earn the money when his brother and sister-in-law offer him a job watching over a group of eccentric senior citizens as they go away for a week. Known amongst the seniors as ‘The Dragon Lady’, the sister-in-law has been an abusive caretaker. When Dewey takes charge, the seniors get a chance to live freely. When attractive school counselor, Monica, shows up with Little Billy – Dewey learns about the after school program ‘Adopt-A-Senior’. He also learns of Little Billy’s unfortunate past of adopting a senior and having them die on him. The seniors are scared of being adopted by Billy – but Dewey takes charge and impresses Monica with the way he handles the situation. Dewey wants to impress her more, and offers to takes them all fishing, comedy ensues

Main Cast And Crew
Cast: Derek Haugen,Allyson Sereboff,
Tim Whittet,Peter Vander Meulen,
Paul James Saunders,Arlan Godthaab,
Gary Dion,John Samaha And Others
Director: Joe Crouch
Writers:Joe Crouch
Release dates:5 May 2011
Genres: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Production Co: StrataFilms
Budget: $50,000 (estimated)

Watch Online Movie Videos:

Watch Free Online Pani Thuli Movie Trailer Previews Cast And Crew

Kollywood Romantic Movie Pani Thuli 2011

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Main Cast And Crew
Cast: Ganesh Venkatraman,
Kalpana Pandit,Shobana,
Director:Dr. Jay, Natty Kumar
Release dates: 2011
Genre: Romance
Language: Tamil

Movie Preview:
Pani Thuli’ is being produced by US based production company “Dreams on Frames” and co produced by “House of Pandit” and directed by director duo of Natty Kumar and Dr Jay. Cinematography is by Hollywood based Chris Eldridge. The film is a fast paced romantic thriller which travels from Chennai to US.
After proving his mettle with intense performances alongside stalwarts of Kollywood in Unnai Pol Oruvan, Abhiyum Naanum and now the upcoming Kandahar with Big B and Mohanlal, Ganesh Venkatraman will now play the lead in a romantic flick titled ‘Pani Thuli’.

The film will be the first Tamil – Hindi bilingual feature to be shot in India and across the US in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The film also introduces two new heroines to Tamil cinema – Shobhana and Kalpana Pandit.
Ganesh, who has garnered a huge fan following in a short span especially among women, says “A lot of people have suggested to me that I’d make a good romantic hero on screen, but I was waiting for the right script. When this story came along it struck a chord in my heart and I felt I have to do this film.
Pani Thuli is being produced by US based production company Dreams on Frames and coproduced by House of Pandit and directed by director duo of Natty Kumar and Dr Jay. Cinematography is by Hollywood based Chris Eldridge. The film is a fast paced romantic thriller which travels from Chennai to US. Shooting began a few weeks back in San Francisco.

“With this new film, I get to be part of a team which is a combination of Indian actors and Hollywood technicians. This is gonna be one helluva experience!!” Ganesh quips on a concluding note.

Watch Online Movie Video:

Watch Online ‘Hiding’ mum of Arnie’s love child Wants legal help

Watch Online ‘Hiding’ mum of Arnie’s love child Wants legal help by Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

Arnold, love child, ,hired, lawyer,Mildred `Patty' Baena, legal help

Washington, May 24: The woman, who has not been seen by her neighbors at her Bakersfield, California home since news broke that she had a love child with Arnold Schwarzenegger, has reportedly hired a lawyer to fight unflattering reports about her.

The news broke when her new attorney sent a letter to RadarOnline. com.

Mildred `Patty' Baena, 50, is said to have retained the services of Los Angeles-based law firm Jacobson, Russell, Saltz ans Fingerman. However, it's unclear how the retired housekeeper will pay for the services of the lawyer.

Meanwhile, sources close to Baena told the website that she was keeping a very tight lip on where she had been and what her next move would be. (ANI)

Watch Online Lady Gaga is gaga for men over 60

Watch Online Lady Gaga is gaga for men over 60
by Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

Lady Gaga, revealed, older men,lot in common,men over 60

Washington, May 24: Newly single Lady Gaga has revealed her fascination for older men and said that she would happily date someone over the age of 60 because they would have a lot in common.

"I don''t like to go to nightclubs, so whenever I go out in the UK I will go to a pub and drink with some old guys. I suppose I do prefer older men, especially when I''m drinking. Definitely over 60... I like to have a pint and a whiskey," Contactmusic quoted the 25 year-old ''Judas'' singer as telling a UK TV show ''Loose Women''.

As well as speaking about her desire to date an older man, Gaga also spoke about her second studio album, ''Born This Way'' and said that she wanted it to represent her generation.

Gaga has recently broken up with boyfriend Luc Carl. (ANI)

Watch Online Justin Bieber’s girlie fragrance ‘Someday’ may cash in $30m

Watch Online Justin Bieber’s girlie fragrance ‘Someday’ may cash in $30m
by Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

Justin Bieber, girlie, fragrance, rake in around, 30 million dollars,

New York, May 24 : Justin Bieber''s new super-girlie fragrance `Someday', aimed at the hearts of his 14-to-18-year-old fans, is all set to rake in around 30 million dollars.

Justin Bieber, new super, girlie fragrance,New York, Daily News,30 million dollars,

The teen sensation himself chose the sweet and fruity fragrance.

"Let''s be real: The way a girl smells is very important to a guy," the New York Daily News quoted him as telling Women''s Wear Daily.

"I have such a deep connection to my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them close to my world," he said.

A portion of the funds will go toward `Pencils of Promise', a philanthropy that builds schools and the `Make-A-Wish' foundation.

A large bottle of the scent costs 55 dollars with cheaper options for body lotions and a "hair mist." (ANI)

Watch Online Salman Khan defends Pritam Chakraborty

Watch Online Salman Khan defends Pritam Chakraborty
Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 12:39 [IST]

actor salman khan, composer pritam chakraborty, defended, controversies, film ready, mein karoon toh saala, composer anu malik, producer bhushan kumar

Music composer Pritam Chakraborty has been dogged by controversies ever since the music of Ready turned a big hit. Anu Malik claimed that the song “Mein karoon toh saala” resembles one of his songs. Another person has accused him of lifting his lyrics. However, Salman Khan, who plays the lead role in Ready, has defended Pritam.

On asked about the alleged lyrics lifting by Pritam, Salman replied that the music composer is not answerable to that question, as he is not the lyricist. He also cleared the airs on Anu Malik's claim by saying that Pritam has turned his flop tune into a big hit.

Pritam revealed that he was touched by Salman's gesture. “I am not very good at defending myself, so when Salman defended me I became emotional. In fact when I came back to my room, Bhai came in, touched my shoulder and said, 'I have cleared all the points the media had against you dude. I hope you are okay now. Nobody will trouble you after this!” Mid-Day quoted the composer as saying.

The composer is not going to take false allegations lying down anymore. “It's very disheartening that people come up with false and baseless allegations all the time. I have asked my legal team to respond to every accusation, in court,” he said.

Producer Bhushan Kumar has said that the court has dismissed the petition of the person, who claimed that the lyrics were lifted from one of his songs. He added that it was so sweet of Salman to come to Pritam's defence at a time when he was going through hard times.

Watch Online Vidya Balan needs bigger butt for Dirty Picture

Watch Online Vidya Balan needs bigger butt for Dirty Picture
Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 10:55 [IST]

actress vidya balan, film dirty picture, big butt, cosmetic butt, silk smitha, thunder thighs, producer ekta kapoor, vidya bust line

We haven't seen size-zero Vidya Balan so far. In fact, she has been criticised for her plumpy looks in films. But surprisingly, she is required to put on more weight for her role in Dirty Picture, where she plays Silk Smitha, who was known for her thunder thighs and big butt.

The role in Dirty Picture requires Vidya to lose weight and then put on weight at a short period of time, which is a little too much for her. So, producer Ekta Kapoor has melt down to the idea of using cosmetic help to increase the size of her butts and hips.

The makers of the film have reportedly asked the make up artistes to take care of Vidya's bust line with the help of prosthetics. The shooting of the film is scheduled to start on May 30.

Watch Online Shahrukh severing ties with Farah

Watch Online Shahrukh severing ties with Farah
Monday, May 23, 2011, 17:11 [IST]

actor shahrukh khan, director farah khan, severed ties, om shanti om, film ra one, choreographer ganesh hegde, happy new year, actor salman khan

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and choreographer turned director Farah Khan were once close friends and even worked together in Om Shanti Om, but the story is not the same anymore. Shahrukh has reportedly severed ties with her.

It was earlier reported that Farah Khan would choreograph a song in Ra.One but Shahrukh has reportedly replaced her with Ganesh Hegde. It is said that the actor doesn't want to work with the director whatsoever after falling out on the allotment of dates for Happy New Year. Adding salt to the wounds, Farah worked for Dabangg, which has Shahrukh's arch-rival Salman Khan in the lead role.

Well, friends turning foes is not new in Bollywood.

Watch Online Ranbir-Salman turn thick friends again

Watch Online Ranbir-Salman turn thick friends again
Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 10:25 [IST]

actor ranbir kapoor, actor salman khan, item boy, item song, film chillar party, actress katrina kaif, ngo being human

Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan have one thing in common - Katrina Kaif. She was the epicentre of their lives at one point of time. And she was said to be the cause of the rift between them. But the actors seem to have left the past behind for a brighter future. They are friends again, and Ranbir has even turned as an item boy for Salman.

News has it that Ranbir has done an item number for Chillar Party, a kids' film produced by Salman. The Wanted star revealed that Ranbir plays himself in the film. In the film, kids request Ranbir to do a show to raise money for a cause. And ironically, Salman has decided to give away the proceeds of the film to his NGO, Being Human.

Salman revealed that Chillar Party is a kids' film with a beautiful story. He added that it is for dog lovers, non-dog lovers and everyone.

Well, we hope to see Salman and Ranbir on big screen together, now that they have turned friends.

Watch Online Eye-popping gem-encrusted $180K ‘luxury shoe’

Watch Online Eye-popping gem-encrusted $180K ‘luxury shoe’
by Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

italian luxury shoe, cannes film festival,designer guiseppe zennoti,jeweler Chopard,fuchsia high heels

New York, May 24 : Italian luxury shoe designer Guiseppe Zennoti collaborated with jeweler Chopard to make a 180,000-dollars pair of fuchsia high heels that caught the eyeballs of everyone at the Cannes Film festival recently.

It was not easy to compete with gems on the screen at Festival but Guiseppe Zanotti came pretty close.

Accoding to StyleList, the strappy stilettos glittered with diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmalines and russellites, reports the New York daily News.

Model Anja Rubik wore the heels with a feathery blue minidress.

The pink high heels may be pricey but could not beat British jeweler Christopher Michael Shellis, who created a pair of gold, diamond encrusted high heels valued at 225,638 dollars. (ANI)

Watch Online Shahid-Priyanka in four different avatars

Watch Online Shahid-Priyanka in four different avatars
Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 14:14 [IST]

actor shahid kapoor, actress priyanka chopra, avatars, director kunal kohli

Their real life romance might have gone for a toss but their reel love life is still on. Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, who broke up recently, will be seen in four different avatars in Kunal Kohli’s forthcoming film.

Sources said that Shahid and Priyanka will portray four couples across four cities, depicting different facets of love in Kunal's yet-to-be-titled film. The roles require them to change several times, including their body language and dialogue. It is said that the duo has been meeting regularly of late to get into the skin of their characters.

Who knows the ex-lovers re-ignite their lost love!

Watch Online Johnny Depp ‘furious over reports of rift with Vanessa’

Watch Online Johnny Depp ‘furious over reports of rift with Vanessa’
by Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

Johnny Depp, furious, reports of rift, girlfriend,Vanessa Paradis

London, May 24 : Johnny Depp is reportedly furious over reports claiming his relationship with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis might have hit the rocks.

The French press had showed the `Pirates of the Caribbean' star, 47, kissing long-serving publicist Robin Baum.

Paradis, 38 - his partner of 13 years - was said to be at their home in southern France with their two kids at the time.

Voici magazine wrote: "What is he playing at? He knows Robin is a maneater."

"It''s lies, you heard rumours but it is not true," the Sun quoted Vanessa''s spokeswoman as saying Monday night.

It is thought the kiss came as Depp and Baum, in her 20s, attended a Hollywood showbiz function. (ANI)

Watch Online Singer Nicole Scherzinger said that she has plans to perform ''every week'' on the show

Pussycat Dolls Singer Nicole Scherzinger said that she has plans to perform ''every week'' on the show
by Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

former, pussycat dolls, singer, Nicole Scherzinger, X Factor, show plans, perform,every week

Washington, May 24: Nicole Scherzinger, who is all set to co-host the US version of `X Factor' with steve Jones, said that she has plans to perform ''every week'' on the show.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer hoped to get plenty of opportunities to show off her own singing skills.

"Will I be singing? Definitely. I''d perform every week if I had my say," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Star Magazine.

The 32-year-old ''Don''t Hold Your Breath'' hitmaker also insisted that she was not worried about out-doing judges Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole in the fashion stakes, but promised to `up her game' when the show reaches the live stages of the contest. (ANI)

Watch Online Christina Hendricks is learning to celebrate size of her breasts

Watch Online Christina Hendricks is learning to celebrate size of her breasts
Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

Christina Hendricks,very comfortable,celebrate breasts size, breast augmentation

New York, May 24: `Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks has revealed that she was not very comfortable with the size of her breasts at the start, but she is now learning to celebrate them.

Hendricks, 36, spoke out after she was asked about a report, which claimed that breast augmentation is on the rise in the UK because women are drawing inspiration from her buxom chest.

But what exactly are the magic measurements that make her more than just another busty actress? The general consensus is that Hendricks, who’s 5ft 7½, measures in at 36-32-36. You can find websites that will tell you her bra size is 38-DDD, but that’s just excitable guesswork. Generally speaking, girls go up a cup size when they go down a band size, so a 36DD (Hendricks’ most likely measurement) is equivalent in size to a 32

The 35-year-old, whose wedding to actor Geoffrey Arend last year was a bit upsetting for the FHM office (we did a Mad Men and sat around drinking scotch), has perhaps her finest photographic moment at the Golden Globes last year. Why? Because at the Golden Globes last year, Christina Hendricks looked like this:

"I hope I'm not encouraging that," the New York Daily News quoted her as telling the Daily Mail.

"If there's anything to be learned from me it's that I'm learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it's sometimes been inconvenient.

"Having larger breasts has made it harder for me to shop throughout the years, but I've learned to love it.

"It's so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake. They're so obviously real that anyone who's ever seen or touched a breast would know," she added. (ANI)

Watch Online Gaga pays tribute to McQueen in new album

Watch Online Gaga pays tribute to McQueen in new album
by Kiran Pahwa on Tue, 05/24/2011

Pop star Lady Gaga,paid tribute,fashion designer, Alexander McQueen,Born This Way

London, May 24 : Pop star Lady Gaga has paid tribute to late fashion designer Alexander McQueen by dedicating a track to him in her latest album "Born This Way".

Dailystar. co. uk reports that Gaga was deeply affected by the couturier's tragic suicide last year and she released her album exactly a year after his death.

She has written about her grief in the song "Fashion of his love".

"'Fashion Of His Love' is about Alexander McQueen," Gaga posted on Twitter. com. (IANS)