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Watch Free Online The Woodmans Hollywood Movie Trailer English Reviews Cast And Crew

The Woodmans Hollywood Movie 2011

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Cast And Crew
Starring: Betty Woodman, Charlie Woodman,
Francesca Woodman, George Woodman
Director: C. Scott Willis
Runtime: 1 hr. 22 min.
Rated: Unrated
Released Date: Jan 19, 2011 (Limited)
Genre: Documentary

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Francesca Woodman's haunting B&W images, many of them nude self-portraits, now reside in the pantheon of great photography from the late 20th century.... Francesca Woodman's haunting B&W images, many of them nude self-portraits, now reside in the pantheon of great photography from the late 20th century. The daughter of artists Betty and Charles Woodman (she a ceramicist and he a painter/ photographer), Francesca was a precocious RISD graduate, who came to New York with the intention of setting the art world on fire. But in 1981, as a despondent 22-year-old, she committed suicide. THE WOODMANS beautifully interweaves the young artist's work (including experimental videos and diary passages) with interviews with the parents who have nurtured her professional reputation these past 30 years, while continuing to make art of their own in the face of tragedy. The film grapples with disturbing issues, among them: parent-child competition and the toxic level of ambition that fuels the New York art scene. Says Betty Woodman succinctly: "She's the famous artist and we're the famous artist's family."

Movie Info:
At the heart of C. Scott Willis's The Woodmans is a tragedy that forever changed the lives of its world-renowned subjects Betty and George, a ceramic sculptor and painter and photographer, respectively, and their video artist son Charles. In the press notes, critics are gently nudged to refrain from revealing the exact nature of what happened to the couple's even more famous photographer daughter Francesca at the age of 22 "so that the audience can see her images without that filter." Which gets to the heart of the problem with The Woodmans.

Besides the fact that this unnamed tragedy is easily apparent from the first frame, Francesca—who photographed herself obsessively, often in the nude—has a cultish following that owes much to what happened to her, not unlike other tortured souls such as Sylvia Plath or Kurt Cobain. Sure, she created brilliant pictures so striking as to make the film's images pale in comparison, but so did a lot of other photographers whose fame she eclipsed. In other words, Willis most likely wouldn't have even made this film if it weren't for the sensationalist aspect of Francesca's tragedy so there's something gratingly disingenuous about the documentary's downplaying of the issue.

Instead we get a picture of a scarred but still-together family for whom art is the center of their lives, a nearly religious calling. But take out this aspect and what's left is a film about a fairly predictable couple that have been married for over half a century—and married to their jobs for even longer. They're workaholics who practice their craft every day. Up until the loss of Francesca, no-nonsense Betty only created functional art like plates and teacups in arresting colors that match her exotic clothing style. George discusses never going to the studio and says, "I don't have any ideas today. If you don't have any ideas you sharpen pencils. Sharpen enough pencils you'll have an idea." But Willis never digs beyond this high-achieving careerist cliché, a fact hammered home with the many shots of gallery receptions and museum openings. George talks about the "psychic risk" in being an artist, especially for a fragile person, but the director never follows up on his point. Betty says the comment she most gets about her work is that it makes people happy yet the filmmaker never asks why she's always been so desperately upbeat.

As opposed to a truly wondrous documentary like Jeremiah Zagar's In a Dream, a portrait of Zagar's mentally-ill artist father by a director who is a film artist himself, The Woodmans is a doc helmed by someone who doesn't seem to understand the language, who is forever trying to get at the subjectivity of artists by attacking his subjects objectively. It's like staring at the sun to understand its makeup. By his focusing exclusively on the family and an inner circle of Francesca's childhood friends and RISD classmates via talking-head interviews, without adding any larger context, we get no sense of Francesca as a flesh-and-blood being at all. The broad, unimaginative filmmaking—when George reminisces about talking to Charlie's fifth-grade class, the director cuts away to the actual school—practically kills the art. And numerous un-cinematic shots of Francesca's journal with certain passages written on screen over the image are more tedious than poignant. (Not to mention the score, which seems to exist separately from the shots of the family's pieces to which it's wedded, and comes across as artsy rather than artistic.)

The Woodmans soon becomes a stale exercise in futility, leading one to only wonder about this compulsion to delve directly into an artist's life for answers to the art when it's all mere speculation in the end. As tight-wire provocateur Philippe Petit said when he finished his infamous World Trade Center walk, it's such an American thing to ask why (he did it) when the reality is "there is no why."

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Watch Free Online Kanteerava Kannada Movie Trailer Mysowood Reviews Cast And Crew

Kanteerava Kannada Action Movie 2011

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Cast And Crew
Cast:Vijay,Shuba Poonja,
Rishika Singh,Srinivasa Murthy,
Mandya Ramesh,Sadhu Kokila,
Kote Prabhakar,Satyajith,
Director: Tushar Ranganath
Producer: Ramu
Music Director: Chakri
Singers: Anuradha Sriram,Manu
Madhuri,SimhaKarthik,Uma Neha
Release Date: 21 Jan 2011
Genre: Action - Drama
Language: Kannada
Certification: A

Mysowood movie online Kannada movie online Adventure movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Action Movie Kanteerava Kannada Movie Kanteerava Directed By Tushar Ranganath

In News:
Kanteerava release postponed to January 21 By: Shekhar H Hooli,Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 9:32 [IST]
Duniya Vijay-Shubha Poonja starrer Kannada movie Kanteerava, which is a remake of Telugu movie Simhadri. has been postponed by a week. The film is all set to hit the theatres this weekend. Earlier, producer Ramu had planned to release it on 14th January. But he decided to delay its release for the welfare of the Kannada film industry. It will be screened from 21st January across the state.

Challenging star Darshan's much-delayed movie Boss was to release on 14th January. In a meeting held at the KFCC on 6th January, Boss producer Ramesh Yadav and Sa Ra Govindu requested producer Ramu to delay the release of Kanteerava by a week to avoid a clash between two big stars like Vijay and Darshan at the Box Office. Ramu agreed to release his movie on 21st of this month.
Kanteerava has been directed by Thushar Ranganath. On his Facebook page, the director posted, "Hi freinds, Kanteerava is delayed by a week and will be released on January 21. It will hit the theatres across the state including Anupama theatre in Bangalore. Watch 'Kechedeya Kannadiga' Kanteerava and wish us good luck."

However, Kanteerava is a triangular love story of an orphan boy. Produced under the banner Ramu Enterprises, the movie has Chakri's music, Dasari Seenu's camerawork and Thriller Manju's fights. Besides Vijay and Shubha, it also features Risheeka Singh, Rahul Dev, Srinivasmurthy and Yamuna are in the other important cast.

Vijay's Kanteerava releasing this Sankranti By: Shekhar H Hooli,Thursday, January 6, 2011, 9:55 [IST]
Duniya Vijay starrer Kannada film Kanteerava is set to release this Sankranti. Tushara Ranganath directed movie has recently completed the formalities of the Censor Board, which has awarded A Certificate to it. Now, producer Ramu is making arrangements to release his latest action flick across the state on January 14.

Kanteerava is a remake of Telugu movie Simhadri, which starred Junior NTR, Bhumika and Ankitha in the leads. Along with Black cobra Vijay, the film features actresses Shubha Poonja and Rishika Singh are playing the female leads. The movie is a triangular love story of an orphan boy. The hero of the film is adopted by a rich man, whose grand-daughter likes the hero, but he is in love with another girl. Whom he marries will form the crux of the film.

The movie has six songs and Chakri has composed music for them. Manu, Anuradha Sriram, Simha, Madhuri, Karthik, Uma Neha, Tippu, Aishwarya and Ramana have rendered their voices to those songs. The audio, which has been launched under the banner Anand Audios, has already won the hearts of music lovers and this has made producer Ramu happy. Now, he is very confident that the audience will also like the movie, which is sure to rock the Box Office.

The film Kanteerava has all the formula for a successful film and it has been shot for 12 months. It has a few fight sequences and Thriller Manju has choreographed them. The stunt master has all praise for Vijay. He says that he has got 100% satisfaction from directing Vijay in action scenes. Rahul Dev is playing the role of the villain in it. Srinivasmurthy, Yamuna and several others are in the cast.
Let us hope that Kanteerava will be a big hit at the Box Office.

Song 01 : Ondhe Baalu – Manu, Anuradha Sriram
Song 02 : Oh Priyae – Simha, Madhuri
Song 03 : Cheluve Cheluve – Karthik
Song 04 : Kaali Mankaliyamma – Uma Neha
Song 05 : Bidhri Bidhri – Tippu, Aishwarya
Song 06 : Singhamalai – Ramana

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