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'Jhalak Dikhla Jaa', the greatest of the dance reality shows will be back on Sony Entertainment Television on Dec 12. Videos.

Meet the Contestants of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4
Sampurn Wire
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 15:52 [IST]

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The biggest extravaganza on television is back with a bang. 'Jhalak Dikhla Jaa', the greatest of the dance reality shows will be back on Sony Entertainment Television on Dec 12. There is a lot to look forward to in the forthcoming season of 'Jhalak Dikhla Jaa', as twelve celebrity contestants will fight it out with each other to win the much coveted title of the dancing star.

The majority of the contestants are television actors. Some of the actors have a huge fan following 'Pavitra Rishta' is one of the popular show on Zee TV. The lead pair of the serial ‘Pavitra Rishta', Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande will compete with Mahi Vij, of Nakusha fame from 'Laagi Tujhse Lagan' and Dayanand Shetty, who is popularly known as Daya in the famous crime thriller 'CID'.

Ragini Khanna, who is famous for portrayal of the role of a rich daughter who accepts reality in 'Sasural Genda Phool' on Star Plus, will also take part in the 'Jhalak Dikhla Jaa'. Krushna Abhishek will also take part in the show. Both Ragini and Krushna are related to Govinda as both have family ties with him. Renuka Shahane who took a hiatus from small screen after her marriage to Ashutosh Rana, will also take part in the show. Actor Shekhar Suman will also be a part of the reality show.

Boxer Akhil Kumar singer Anushka Manchanda and the gorgeous item girl Yana Gupta will all set the stage on fire.

However, Sony channel seems to keep the name of the twelfth contestant under wraps. Mona Singh will be the show’s host. Mona was the winner of the first season of 'Jhalak Dikhla Jaa'. The name of the other host has not yet been revealed. There are surprises ahead!

Watch Jhalak Dikhla Jaa videos :

Day 64 starts with fight in the big boss house. This has become a usual phenomenon in the house now.

Bigg Boss house turns into a battle field
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 15:22 [IST]

Tags: bigg boss 4, bigg boss house, bigg boss, veena ashmit fight, colors, seema parihaar, dolly bindra, fights in bigg boss, shweta tiwari, ashmit patel, veena malik, khali, sara khan

Day 64 starts with fight in the big boss house. This has become a usual phenomenon in the house now. The love birds break into a tussle. Ashmit is really frustrated and is just not happy about the task. As it is there seems to be a lot of confusion with the task.

Veena and Dolly are both sitting on the weighing scale when Veena gets up with a jerk and they lose their balance but eventually manage to control it. Veena and Dolly call Ashmit to sit on the weighing scale.

Ashmit says its highly unfair to call him as he has hardly had two hours of sleep. Ashmit asks Veena to go and sleep inside. But Veena doesn’t budge and Ashmit blames Dolly for the whole mess. Veena reacts to this conversation and starts crying. They again have an argument. Veena says that he has been behaving rude since the last three to four days and starts weeping again. To this Ashmit loses his cool and yells at Veena and asks her to shut up. Finally the morning alarm rings at 12.00 am noon the famous song ‘Ek Pal ka Jeena fir to hai janaa’ and Dolly as usual starts dances. The day starts with Seema, Sara and Sameer discussing that they should now choose a new captain as Dolly is unable to manage things properly

A new task has been introduced in the house and Ashmit reads it out for the housemates. A car has been parked in the garden area and two teams have to decorate with stickers that are provided. The housemates are divided into two teams and they quickly get on to decorating the car. Dolly’s bold team includes Seema, Shweta and Khali and Veena’s stylish team has Sara, Sameer and Ashmit. The stylish team does a fantastic job while the bold team ruins the task. Seema grumbles that they could not perform the task well because of Dolly.

Ashmit is irritated again as Dolly interferes in the kitchen affairs. Being a captain, she is not supposed to work. He asks her to stay quiet and remain as ‘Golu’ and not be Dolly Bindra and interfere where she is not supposed to. Dolly laughs at this. Ashmit tries to scare her and asks her to shut up. Dolly remains cool and doesn’t answer back. Ashmit goes to the garden area and screams about Dolly behaviour. Ashmit soon starts a Non-Cooperative movement against Dolly and asks the housemates, not to co-operate with Dolly at all.

Looks like Ashmit has become a fighter-cock and wants to have an upper hand in the house. Soon Bigg Boss announces that its time to change the captain and vote for a new one tomorrow and ask the housemates to nominate their names. Bigg Boss this time talks about a new format of selecting the captain. In this format, all the housemates have to go and tell the names they have thought, to Dolly. Dolly is then called to the confession room where she gives the names to Bigg Boss.

Housemates are eager to know the name of the new captain and the consequent change he/she will bring in the house. in waiting that who will be their new captain and what all changes he or she will bring in the house.

To know who is voted as the new captain, tune into Bigg Boss Season 4 tonight at 9 pm, only on COLORS.

A doctor comes to treat Dolly and Shweta starts chanting Sai Baba Mantra.

Dolly Bindra attacked by a ghostly spirit?
Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 8:49 [IST]

Tags: housemate, actress dolly bindra, seema parihaar, khali, ashmit patel, weighing scale task, dolly unwell, dolly fainted, bigg boss 4, bigg boss house, bigg boss, colors, shweta tiwari, sara khan, veena malik

Day 64 on 'Bigg Boss 4' starts with housemate’s waking up late now that there is a change in their sleeping schedule. Some housemates are not really happy with the change as they have not slept for 24 hrs at a stretch, some have slept for 2 hours and some for 4 hours. The night task is performed by Dolly Bindra and Seema Parihaar on the weighing scale. Dolly requests Khali to come and replace her as she is tired . The atmosphere in the house is tensed and Seema and Ashmit Patel get tensed and frustrated over this.

They tell Dolly that she has not been able to manage the house well and she needs to figure out how much sleeping time will each housemate be allotted. A squabble takes place between Dolly, Ashmit and Seema over the task and that they have not been able to sleep for the last 24 hours. It is 12 noon and the housemates wake up with the song, ‘Raat Baaki Baat Baaki’. Dolly and Ashmit start dancing on the weighing scale. Dolly being the captain of the house becomes strict on other housemates as she doesn’t want anyone to break the rule and clarifies that she is very particular and firm about this.

The task continues and since the red light is on the housemates are gathered near the garden area except Dolly and Khali. While Khali being hospitable, keeps asking the housemates if they need anything and everyone pass their respective indents, Dolly doesn’t allow anyone to enter the house. Neither does she allow anyone for a tea as the red light is on. This ticks Ashmit and a heated argument takes place.

After this Veena has a heated argument with Ashmit on being rude to her. Both argue with each other in the bathroom while other housemates are out in the garden area. Dolly suddenly feels dizzy inside but ignores it and decides to think positively. Dolly tells Khali that she is feeling unwell. Khali feels her cold hands. Suddenly she starts heaving. Khali takes her to the living area and calls the other housemates for help.

Shweta breaks the tasks and comes running inside the house to take care of her. Housemates hold her as she screams loudly, throwing her hands and legs randomly as if someone is approaching her to attack her. Her condition deteriorates further as she breathes heavily and declares that she’s going to die. A doctor comes to treat Dolly and Shweta starts chanting Sai Baba Mantra. The housemates go out in the garden area and discusses that Dolly shouldn’t be there in this show as she is medically unfit.

When Dolly recovers she explains to the other housemates what she was going through. She tells them that she felt a spirit attacking her but she remained strong and spiritual from within. While some housemates feel that Dolly faked the act others believe that there could be a spirit which could have possibly attacked her. Sara feels that this could possibly be her suppressed anger which she vented out.

The day passes with the housemates discussing if Dolly’s health problem was fake or real. For more drama catch 'Bigg Boss 4' on Colors.

Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari who recently got eliminated from 'Bigg Boss 4' is not yet prepared to face the real world.

Bigg Boss is scripted- Manoj Tiwari
By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 11:13 [IST]

Tags: bigg boss 4, bigg boss, colors, bigg boss scripted, actor manoj tiwari, blame, host salman khan, producer arbaaz khan, elimination, actress shweta tiwari, seema parihaar, filmmaker karan johar, dabangg producer, actor ashmit patel, micro blogging site, twitter, kalyani prasad keshri

It looks like Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari who recently got eliminated from 'Bigg Boss 4' is not yet prepared to face the real world. The world of Bigg Boss is far beyond all the realities in the real world. Manoj who first blamed Shweta Tiwari and later Seema Parihaar for his elimination, now considers host Salman Khan and his brother Arbaaz Khan equally responsible for his way out from the Bigg Boss house.

Reports in the media suggests that when Manoj came out of 'Bigg Boss 4' he learnt that the Dabangg producer has been campaigning for Ashmit Patel on the micro-blogging site Twitter. He added that he got to know that the last time he got nominated he was saved by 70,000 votes, while others got only 5,000. He said that his popularity can't come down over a night. He even added that he is quiet sure of the show being scripted.

But then Manoj what do you have say to Karan Johar who also asked people to vote for Ashmit on his twitter page?

Ashmit remains unaffected by her tears. Does that mean that he is fed-up with Veena? Read on to analyse.

Ashmit Patel fed up with Veena Malik?
By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 10:17 [IST]

Tags: tears and sentiments are the best weapon of women, veena malik, ashmit patel, sara khan, hrishant goswami, bigg boss 4, love struck heart, dolly bindra, colors, veena crying, ashmit veena fight, bigg boss, kalyani prasad keshri

It is said that 'tears and sentiments are the best weapon of women'. They have the power to bring the entire world to their foot by shedding a few drops of tears. However, this has not proved quiet true in the case of Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik. Almost every other day Veena is seen crying and complaining about Ashmit Patel's changed behaviour towards her. However, Ashmit remains unaffected by her tears. Does that mean that he is fed-up with Veena? Read on to analyse.

Ashmit, Veena, Sara Khan and Hrishant Goswami became the very first group of young friends as soon as they entered 'Bigg Boss 4'. It looked like a never ending friendship between them. Veena falling for Hrishant and Sara and Ashmit helping the love struck heart in the matter, was quiet an interesting scene to view. Peace prevailed within the group until recently when Hrishant's got eliminated from 'Bigg Boss 4' two weeks ago.

With Dolly Bindra's re-entry everything seems to be torn apart. It started with Ashmit having a tiff with Sara for nominating Veena in the elimination round. Of course, it goes without saying that Dolly was behind the fight. Sara was torn apart from the group and both Veena and Ashmit preferred not to talk to her.

After a few days when things between Sara and Ashmit reconciled, Veena's in-security towards losing Ashmit to the hands of Sara made things more worse. Ashmit started retracting from Veena and the communication gap between the two led to more problems and confusions. It has now come to an extent where not even a day passes without any fight between them. What must be the reason? Is Ashmit fed up of Veena or is it the other way round?

The best part is after all the fights the couple is seen reconciling with kisses and hugs. Do leave a comment below to let us know what you think about the couple.

Looser Of KBC Contestant Prashant Batar,hoping that the makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ would consider his name for the next season of the reality show.

KBC contestant targets Bigg Boss!
Sampurn Wire Thursday, December 9, 2010, 16:39 [IST]

Tags: kaun banega crorepati, kbc contestant, prashant batar crorepati, bigg boss 5, dus ka dum, targets bigg boss

The 32-year-old 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' contestant Prashant Batar, who lost the one crore prize amount at the last moment for giving a wrong answer for the jackpot question, is interested to participate in other reality shows like Sony Entertainment’s ‘Dus ka Dum’ and Colors’ ‘Bigg Boss’. He is hoping that the makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ would consider his name for the next season of the reality show.

We can term him lucky as well as unlucky at the same time! It is because he got unlucky by losing the huge amount of 1 crore and settled with only 3,20,000 for his wrong decision. On the other hand, he has been a lucky man because this twist in the tale, made him popular among the viewers and got the opportunity to meet his dream girl Deepika Padukone.

Prashant is from Meerut with no special identity but after participating in KBC 4, he has become a known figure and has started giving interviews to the media. He has been living in Mumbai since six years and has constantly tried to participate in KBC since its inception in 2000. He thinks that his funny answers during the interview section, took him to the hot seat, where he was made to feel very comfortable by the Amitabh Bachchan.

We hope the makers of Bigg Boss are listening to his desire and they will surely consider his name for Bigg Boss 5!

‘The Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Aretha Franklin diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 12:28 [IST]

Tags:aretha franklin, queen of soul, pancreatic cancer, surgery, song respect

London, (ANI): ‘The Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The American singer, 68, who is best known for her signature 1967 song “Respect”, is recovering from surgery to treat pancreatic cancer, according to local media in her home city of Detroit, Michigan. She announced last week that she was canceling all her concerts until May on the advice of her doctor, but did not disclose the cause of her illness.

Rev Jesse Jackson, a long-time friend, said that Franklin was recovering very well and was in high spirits. "She's conscious, communicating and taking daily walks up and down the hall," the Telegraph quoted Jesse Jackson as saying.

A breast enlargement technique where implants are placed through an armpit incision.

Did Christina Aguilera get breast implants?
Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 12:30 [IST]

Tags: singer christina aguilera, breast implants rumours, going under knife, new film burlesque, transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation, breast enlargement technique, aguilera decolletage

London (ANI): Christina Aguilera has once again sparked rumours of going under the knife. A scar under her arm was apparently spotted when she waved to her fans a press conference for her new film, Burlesque, in Tokyo, reports the Daily Mail.

The small line could be the result of a transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation- a breast enlargement technique where implants are placed through an armpit incision. Experts said the popular method usually leaves an inch-long scar and is the preferred option for patients who want to avoid scars on the breast.

Aguilera's decolletage has certainly increased over the years, and while could be the result of carrying more weight. Her new flick is a song-and-dance extravaganza about a small-town girl trying to make it big.

The Doors' Jim Morrison will get a posthumous pardon almost 40 years after he was convicted of exposing himself on stage during a show in Miami.

Jim Morrison to get posthumous pardon
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 15:33 [IST]

Tags: singer jim morrison, a posthumous pardon, exposure conviction, jim morrison dead, paris bath 1971

London, (ANI): The Doors' Jim Morrison will get a posthumous pardon almost 40 years after he was convicted of exposing himself on stage during a show in Miami. Gov. Charlie Crist got a commitment for the votes needed at the state's Board of Executive Clemency to approve the pardon, reports the Daily Express.

Morrison was appealing against the conviction when he was found dead in a Paris bath in 1971. The meeting comes a day after the singer would have been 67. The did-he-or-didn't-he debate has been revived by Crist's interest in the case. Surviving band members say a drunken Morrison teased the Miami crowd, but never exposed himself.

"It never actually happened. It was mass hypnosis," said Ray Manzarek, The Doors' keyboard player. Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger said Morrison's behaviour was influenced by an acting troupe that disrobed during plays. "He was just doing a mind trip - as they would say - a mind trip on the audience and they totally fell for it," Manzarek said.

Amitabh Bachchan give a phone call to producer Bedabratta Pain to postpone the release of the film Chittagong (based on 1930 Chittagong Uprising)

Anurag Kashyap at loggerheads with Amitabh Bachchan
By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 15:45 [IST]

Tags: filmmaker anurag kasyap, anurag loggerhead amitabh, amitabh bachchan, chittagong release postponed, film chittagong, kalyani prasad keshri, producer bedabratta pain, chittagong uprising, khelein hum jee jaan sey, director sonali bose, filmmaker ashutosh gowariker, actor manoj bajpai, big b, actor abhishek bachchan, vishal bhardwaj, bangalore mirror

Did Amitabh Bachchan give a phone call to producer Bedabratta Pain to postpone the release of the film Chittagong (based on 1930 Chittagong Uprising) in-order to safeguard his son's film Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, which depicts the same theme?

Anurag Kasyap, who has a reputation of being a straight forward and fearless person in the industry, accuses Amitabh of being responsible for the postponement of the release of Sonali Bose's film Chittagong. The film, according to the filmmaker was supposed to be released with Ashutosh Gowariker's KHJJS.

Anurag posted on his micro-blogging site twitter, “See Chittagong, a far superior film made on the same subject as Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey.. At 1/8 th the cost, far superior actors and immense passion... Producers decided to sit on it, because of a phone call from someone, because that someone was trying desperately to save his son’s career... welcome to Bollywood, where whose son you are outshines all the hard work and passion and potential and talent. KHJJS came and went, now what?”

While in Anurag's film the lead role of Surya Sen is played by Big B's son Abhishek Bachchan, in Bose's film the lead role is featured by Manoj Bajpai.

Bangalore Mirror quoted Chittagong maker Bedabrata Pain as saying, “ Anurag is known to be a very frank and fearless person. I am very honoured that people like he and Vishal Bhardwaj have thrown their weight behind the film. The last thing I want is controversy. Some time ago, I lost my 16-year old son and right now, my priority is my 12-year old son. I want people to come and see Chittagong. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey has come and gone. The story is yet to be told.”

Big B on the other hand was furious to hear to the accusations. Said Amitabh to Bangalore Mirror, “This is incorrect and baseless and I do not wish to dignify this undignified remark by commenting on it.”

Grapevine has it that Vishal Bhardwaj had carved out one of the roles in his upcoming thriller Saat Khoon Maaf.

Karan Johar says no to a sex maniac role!
Sampurn Wire
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 11:40 [IST]

Tags: saat khoon maaf, filmmaker vishal bhardwaj, filmmaker karan johar, actress priyanka chopra, sex starved husband, love making, karan no woman man, karan offered role, karan acting

For a director whose romantic life is as blank as a fresh sheet of paper, this acting role could have been a fresh breather. Grapevine has it that Vishal Bhardwaj had carved out one of the roles in his upcoming thriller Saat Khoon Maaf. And it was for Karan Johar of all people!

Considering the subject of the film, what is it that the acclaimed director would have played in his debut movie as an actor, if he had at all? The portrayal of a sex starved, love making husband to Priyanka Chopra. If this was not all, then he also had to beat up Priyanka after that!

Well, for such a horrifying role, we could expect nothing else but a no, which Karan promptly did. The director was not offered this role by Bhardwaj. Instead, Priyanka was knocked in for help to approach this director for acting, according to sources.

But obviously Priyanka could not get a yes from Karan. Infact, when Karan was asked whether this news was true, he said that he was indeed aghast at being thought of in relation to this film!

And as we said, this no-woman’s man was once again left without any fun!

Directed by Animation expert Kireet Khurana, the film is much awaited among the kids this holiday season. Video.

Toonpur Ka Superhero- Director's Note
By: Kireet Khurana, Bollywood Hungama
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 11:08 [IST]

Tags: vfx driven, ajay devgn, kajol, toonpur ka superhero, silver screen, director animation expert kireet khurana, producer krishika lulla, producer kumar mangat pathak, toonpur promos, toonpur animation bible, epigram team, toonpur, disney esque, indianness, cartoony, toon world, editor dharmendra bablu sharma, sonu nigam, mahalaxmi, sudesh bhonsale, anu mallik

(Sporting stylized animation that is very VFX driven, Ajay Devgn and Kajol Starrer Toonpur Ka Superhero is all set to hit silver screen December 24th. With the promos being played all around, the movie is effectively establishing the position of Director's vision, creativity and great performances of Ajay and Kajol.

Directed by Animation expert Kireet Khurana, the film is much awaited among the kids this holiday season. In this exclusive piece, Kireet shares some of his insights, experience and challenges which he noted in his diary while working on the film.

Here are the excerpts...Read on!! )

Director's note:

We started our journey in Jan 2007, with an idea that seemed different and quite impossible for its time to achieve in India. But I am glad we found the right partners to execute this 1st of its kind, extremely complex film.

I would like to express gratitude to the 100s of people and artists who toiled day-night for this film. However, this film would not have been possible without the unstinted support of Ajay Devgn & Kajol, their belief in the film and me. They have given remarkable performances considering that they were reacting to green stands and props against the green screen instead of live-actors. I would also like to acknowledge my Producers - Krishika Lulla & Kumar Mangat Pathak for having ventured into something as audacious as Toonpur... and I would like to believe it will pay rich dividends.

Toonpur.. has been more of a project than a film for me personally. It has validated our technical prowess and stretched the boundaries of our imagination. I would like to believe, in its own small way, Toonpur.. will expand the cinematic vision & expression in India.

1. Toonpur Promos.... (8th oct 2010)

So here were are finally Toonpur Ka Superhero teaser promo is out with Anjaana Anjaani. The response has been great from across all cross-sections of the audience. There is a lot of intrigue and excitement around the film's live-action & animation mix. I am banking on this unique mix as the USP of the film to attract audiences from all age groups.

Also happy to reveal the first look standee, this image clicked @ Suburbia Cinema, Bandra earlier this week. Hope to upload the teaser promo soon along with the new website which is almost done. A lot more activities lined up for Toonpur for the run up to the release. Keep watching this space.. thnx for ur love & support.


2. Directing Animation (5th July 2010)

200+ animators, artists and compositors spread across 4 studios (2nz Animation, Art-ery, Pixion & MEL) and 6 locations. Notwithstanding the geographical spread, the direction team was committed to creatively micro-manage every single shot, staging, blocking, composition, animation, providing colour keys and even acting and facial performance sketches for each of Toonpur's characters across all locations. Feedback was to be centralised and efficiently managed from my office at Climb Media so that commuting to other studios was minimized. Yet the feedback system had to be fail-proof.

Setting up the processes and pipelines was not easy. Shots and materials were uploaded to centralized servers, downloaded by the line-production team at Climb Media, reviewed for feedback by the Direction team and uploaded again with a 24hr. turnaround time. Each week, 100s of rapid sketches (drawn in 15-30secs.) were provided to animators and artists for clear direction. Feedback was as pointed as stronger line of action, clearer silhouettes, more head tilt, curve reversals etc. For this, we did several workshops with the animators to align them and an "Toonpur Animation Bible" was created for them to use as a ready reckoner.

Here's a sample of a couple of rapid sketches I have drawn for the animators to give them direction. It's been a steep learning curve for one and all. The journey has been long, with enormous rounds of feedback for each aspect spanning more than a year. I am happy with the outcome and with what we have achieved. Now it's over to the audience. Cheers.

3. Marketing the Viral Land of Toonpur (31st May 2010)

Making a product is one thing, marketing it is all together a different ball game. More so for a live-action and animation combined feature like Toonpur. So here's a quick update on the marketing front preparations: Just finished working on the creative look of the posters with the EPIGRAM team which is now converting it into hi-resolution. Also creatively aiding the online team to develop the official website. Cross-promotion deals are being explored with various brands and media cos. A few promo edit options are ready and opinions are being collated to finalise the right version.

Since there are a lot of animated characters, the marketing opportunities unique. Plans are to foray into licensing & merchandising, for which a "style guide" (brand manual with poses of characters to go with merchandisable products & suggested product placements) is currently being developed. To ensure that the animated characters do not appear differently in any media or communication, we have to ensure that their look and appeal is not compromised creatively and the style guide is the template for it.

Working with the technical teams, Producers, Epigram, Online team at Eros Entertainment and production coordinators is getting to be a circuitous but necessary approval process. Prospecting & short listing the merchandising team is on to take the M&L front forward. Looks like we will have a 360 degree marketing mix. More later. Ciao.

4. Sound Track of Toonpur (1st May 2010)

In any film soundtrack constitutes at least 50% of its total impact and audio-visual experience. This percentage may be significantly higher with a film that involves animation. Sound design and soundtrack overall acquires a totally new dimension with creative sound effects and foley to extend the visual language and interpretation.

I consider myself rather lucky to have on board some of the best technicians on the sound dept. as well. The sound effects and BG score goes in tandem and as its been a good run so far. The BG score is based on western classical genre, somewhat Disney-esque feel for an international flavor, juxtaposed with some rustic, Indian sound effects to accentuate the Indianness of the characters.

We have amazing opportunities to create 2 distinctly contrasting forms for the music - the first form a more recognizable and identifiable music for the live-action sequences. This is in sharp contrast to the 2nd form - distinctly different sounding western classical genre and cartoony touch along with whacky effects for the animated sequences where effects take precedence over melody, punctuating the difference between the real world and the toon world.

I revel in music and am enjoying the process thoroughly. Toonpur is finally getting its soul. Cheers

5. Animation Team (16th April)

At end of the long animated road, last week we finished all animation & final compositing for Toonpur. At the end of this milestone, I would like to take this opportunity to personally say a big "THANK YOU" to the wonderful animation teams at Pixion, Maya Entertainment, the pre-production team at 2nz Animation and the VFX supervision team of Art-ery.We completed our 2.5yr. journey together.

The journey has been long and arduous, lot of discussions and arguments. Sometimes amicable, sometimes heated. But all moving forward towards a common objective of making a world class live-action animation combined film with an all Indian crew, never seen before on Indian cinema. We were riddled with issues that threatened to derail us, and some did set us back as well. But never for a moment these individuals lose the qualitative focus on Toonpur... and the focus of how important it was to get this film right, because of what this film's success will do to the flagging Indian animation Industry. Our careers and our trajectory is hinged to this project.

There were many individuals who have worked their hearts out, producing outstanding results. No screen credit is worthy or sufficient of their priceless contribution. They shall always be the unsung heroes of Toonpur. The line production teams passing baton between the pre-production teams and post-production teams spread across multiple locations all over Mumbai with robust pipelines made it look ridiculously easy. It is clear for me that Toonpur attempts to set new qualitative benchmark. Hope it meets with BO success too. We need all the luck and best wishes...

THANK YOU once again to the animation team for an incredible, memorable journey!

6. Edit (23rd Feb 2010)

Have been meaning to achieve this milestone much earlier in the month, but couldn't get to it due to various reasons. Finally the film's edit is locked (barring some minor scenes for which the renders have yet to come in from the post-production animation studio). The film's length is around 1hr. 50mins., perhaps a tad long, but it does sustain interest. Editor- Dharmendra Bablu Sharma and I have worked arduously on this one. I think both of us have been ruthless with the scenes that sag, chopping it with impunity to ensure sustained audience interest. This may not have been an easy film for him, as he has had to fill in a lot of his imagination while editing the green screen scenes, with just a reference of a storyboard or a rough animatic. And though I am a tad weary now, Bablu's excitement seems to be on the rise as the final visuals with animation and renders are piecing up together.

With the locking of the edit, the background music will commence in a day or so. The Sound design team too will have a greater impetus as they get the final locked edit. Hopefully March will be a lot more action packed with myriad activities now simultaneously unfolding.

7. Music Recording (4th Jan 2010)

Concluded the singing dub of an entertaining song sung by Sonu Nigam, Mahalaxmi and Sudesh Bhonsale. This song was an extremely difficult composition as the structure and tempo of the song varied on every single para, some sections of it were sung ad lib.

Kudos to Anu ji for the marvelous composition - composing for live-action & animation film with crazy visualisation antics is not a cake walk. Am glad Anu ji took up the challenge and composed something out of his skin. Sorry can't reveal the details at this point but this is definitely one of the moments in the movie to watch out for. Cheers.

Watch Movie Trailer:

This Friday (December 10) will witness No Problem and Band Baaja Baaraat clashing at the box office.

Band Baaja Baaraat highlights: Wedding planning
By: Raymond Ronamai
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 11:51 [IST]

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This Friday (December 10) will witness No Problem and Band Baaja Baaraat clashing at the box office. Unfortunately, both the films belong to comedy genre. But Yash Raj Films seems to be confident with it's product Band Baaja Baaraat starring Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh.

Band Baaja Baaraat means Wedding Music Band. The story revolves around two wedding planners coming together – strictly professional. The duo come to know the ups and downs of lavish weddings. The rest of the story is on how they discover each other.

One of the highlights of Band Baaja Baaraat is its female lead Anushka Sharma. She made her debut with Shahrukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and then acted with Shahid Kapoor in Badmaash Company. Now, she is acting with a newcomer in her third film. It will interesting to see if she pulls off well without big stars.

This romantic comedy is produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films banner and directed by debutante Maneesh Sharma.

Watch out for Band Baaja Baaraat!

Director Farah Khan and the Producer Shirish Kunder today celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary.

Farah-Shirish celebrate their 6th marriage anniversary
By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 12:17 [IST]

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While the wait for the most-awaited film Tees Maar Khan continues, director Farah Khan and the producer Shirish Kunder today celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary. With six years of successful marriage and three kids to flourish their lives, the couple have definitely come a long way.

Shirish posted on the micro-blogging site twitter, “Sixth marriage anniversary! 6 years, 3 babies! Not bad :-)”

Farah thanked all her fans by tweeting about her marriage anniversary with a touch of humour, "Thank u all for your wonderful wishes on our 6th anniversary. Yes we are happily married for 6 yrs. I'm happy and Shirish is...well, married!☺"

The workplace romance that started during the post-production of Farah's directorial debut Main Hoon Na turned into a marriage when Farah tied the knot with the editor of the film Shirish Kunder on December 9, 2004 at her Juhu residence in Mumbai.

We at Oneindia wish the couple a happy marriage anniversary and best of luck for the future.

The director who ventured into films following a successful career in advertising has now shot an ad with none other than Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan to work with Rajkumar Hirani
Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama
Thursday, December 9, 2010, 15:37 [IST]

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Not too long ago, the ace director Rajkumar Hirani made news when he decided to rope in his star from 3 Idiots, Kareena Kapoor, for an advert. The director who ventured into films following a successful career in advertising has now shot an ad with none other than Shahrukh Khan.

It is being said that the director has apparently shot an ad with King Khan for a fairness product. The two were in the past supposed to work together for 3 Idiots but the deal didn't work out and the rest as they say is history.

The said commercial was shot in Filmistan studio in Mumbai yesterday and it will go live on air in few weeks.