Friday, January 7, 2011

Watch Online Ram Gopal Varma's Appalaraju releasing in Feb

Watch Online Ram Gopal Varma's Appalaraju releasing in Feb
Sampurn Wire
Friday, January 7, 2011, 12:37 [IST]

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Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming Telugu film Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalaraju (KSDA) is ready for release. The film is expected to hit the screens across South India in early February.

Earlier, reports claimed that the director was planning to release the film during Pongal as a Sankranti gift to the Telugu audience. However, with a ongoing strike in Tollywood and subsequent delay in the film’s making has delayed the movie release.

According to reports, RGV completed the filming of Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalaraju in less than 75 days. This, indeed comes as a surprise in Tollywood, where filmmakers often take up close to a year to complete the film.

The audio of KSDA has hit music stands in 2010 and has also received rave reviews for its outstanding music. RGV has adopted a unique formula, while releasing the music of the film; one song was released in each consecutive week throughout December 2010.

Watch Onlin Telugu Movie Graduate Review, Story, Cast Crew, Video.

Watch Onlin Telugu Movie Graduate Review, Story, Cast Crew, Video.
Friday, January 7, 2011, 17:29 [IST]

Filmmaking was once a passion and there are great producers like Dr D Ramanaidu, who made it to the Guinness Book of Records. But these days, people are earning money by going abroad and are investing in filmmaking, besides trying to pump in their black money. So, that passion turned out to be a fashion. The so called NRI boys and girls, who wished to turn heroes and heroines, have started investing more money from their pockets. These kind of people are not only wasting the money but also the valuable time of the audiences.

Story :
Chakri (Akshay) is a college topper and he had three friends and one among them is a girl called Manisha (Tashu Kaushik). Manisha loves Chakri, but Chakri says he has no such feelings on her and she is just a friend. His friends Ranjeet, Manoj and Manisha got a job in a call centre immediately after their graduation, Chakri doesn’t want to look for short-time gains but aims at a long-time gain.

His father (Chandramohan), who was a chartered accountant, also encourages him to do civil. For Chakri, love is something that has to flash and the girl should strike like a thunderbolt. Even as Chakri is preparing for civil exam, he comes across Rithika (Ritika Sood), who is an NRI. He loses his heart at first sight and falls in love with her madly. Learning that Manisha and Rithika are friends, Chakri asks Manisha to help him in his love. Though, Manisha loves him very much, she agrees to help Chakri and helps him to get closer to Rithika. Both Chakri and Rithika start moving closer to each other. Once, some miscreant tries to tease Manisha with morphed photos and Chakri helps her by teaching a lesson to that miscreant. Likewise, when an MLA’s son tries to blackmail one of his friends Ranjit, Chakri traces his number and threatens him with dire consequences and save Ranjit from the blackmailing.

Learning that Chakri has only an infatuation towards her, Rithika makes it very clear to him. As Chakri neglects his studies and getting attracted towards a girl by falling in love, his father gets a stroke. In order to save his father and prove that he would be an achiever, Chakri gives away his cell and agrees to stay away from his friends, love and everything. Three years elapse, and the friends don’t know where Chakri was. What happens in this time gap should be on-screen.

Akshay has failed to perform all the aspects. Neither, he is good at dances, nor in action scenes, leave alone body language and histrionics. His dialogue modulation is mediocre and has no idea as to how to act in a film. Ritika Sood is seducing. However, she has a good sexual appeal but not suitable for a heroine’s role. Tashu Kaushik is the only person, who has all the sexy oomph and excellent physique. At the same time, she has good acting capability and given good performance. Brahmanandam in the role of Bhikshapati, owner of a call centre, is okay but the director has failed to make use of him. MS Narayana, Kallu Chidambaram, Chandrmohan, Purnima and others have done justice to their respective roles.

As far as the technical team is concerned, camerawork by Murali is just okay but not that great to talk about. Music by Sandeep is also average. None of the songs are foot-tapping and the background score is also just okay. The story penned by the director Prasad Rayala is really impressive, but he has miserably failed in its narration. The hero is a college topper and he got distracted by love. When the director tries to say that the hero has a wish to become an IAS/IPS officer, the hero doesn’t appear in that mindset at any frame. It is not known why the director chose the title of the film as a Graduate, as it has nothing to do with the subject at all.

Better avoid watching such movies by wasting money and time. It has nothing to offer to the society, though the director and producer compliment themselves that they made a film that had a good message.

Cast: Akshay, Tashu Kaushik, Ritika Sood, Ranjeet, Manoj, Chandramohan, Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagawan, MS Narayana, Kallu Chidambaram, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Purnima and others.
Credits: Camera – Murali, Music – Sandeep K, Choreography – Ammar Bandaru, Action – Prakash, Art – Krishna, Producer – Attaluri Shivaji, Story, screenplay, direction – Prasad Rayala
Banner: Script Technologies Pvt Ltd
Released on: January 7, 2011

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Watch Online Bhavana tying the knot with her dream boy soon?

Watch Online Bhavana tying the knot with her dream boy soon?
By: Shekhar H Hooli
Friday, January 7, 2011, 12:22 [IST]

Tags: malayalam actress bhavana, sandalwood tollywood kollywood, enter wedlock, parents looking suitable match, tie knot dream boy, actress bhavana marriage, shekhar h hooli, south indian languages, kudumbasree travels, the metro, mister love, double decker, naan ninaithathai mudippavan, vetri nadai, dwarakish kannada film, production no 47, sampath kumar

Malayalam actress Bhavana, who has also got strong foothold in Sandalwood, Tollywood and Kollywood, is reportedly gearing up to enter wedlock. The star's parents are said to be seriously looking for a perfect match for her and very soon she will tie the knot with her dream boy.

The rumours about Bhavana's marriage started making rounds after she spoke about her budding relationship with her co-star in her recent interview with a Malayalam magazine. Talking about her lover affair, she admitted that she is in love with her co-star, who is not a Malayalee and they have a very strong relationship.

Meanwhile, Bhavana also said that her family members, who are looking for suitable match for her, are also well aware of her relationship with her co-star, but they have not started thinking seriously about it. The actress added that her career is very important for her and she will concentrate on it first.

However, the actress is now busy getting offers in all the South Indian languages. She has already Kudumbasree Travels, The Metro, Mister Love and Double Decker in Malayalam, Naan Ninaithathai Mudippavan and Vetri Nadai in Tamil and Dwarakish's Kannada film Production No 47, which is likely to be titled Sampath Kumar.

Watch Online Lakshmi Rai returns to Tollywood

Watch Online Lakshmi Rai returns to Tollywood
Sampurn Wire
Friday, January 7, 2011, 12:58 [IST]

Tags: actress lakshmi rai, lakshmi rai returns, lakshmi rai comeback, actor balakrishna, director paruchuri murali, lakshmi roped in, laksmi pairing balakrishna

Actress Lakshmi Rai had virtually vanished from the Telugu movie scenario after tasting success in Malayalam film industry. But this year, she will maker her comeback to Tollywood with Nandamuri Balakrishna's next film. Though, her career in both the industries have been far from successful, the actress is all set to change the perception of the audience with her upcoming Telugu film.

The 21-year-old actress, who started her career as a model, had previously appeared in two Telugu films, the first of them was Kanchanamala Cable TV, which was released in and the second was Neeku Naaku, a year after.

The untitled venture featuring Lakshmi, as one of the lead actresses will have Paruchuri Murali at its helm. The movie is produced by ML Kumar Chowdary.

Watch Online Who has more red-carpet value - Jolie or Gaga?

Watch Online Who has more red-carpet value - Jolie or Gaga?
Friday, January 7, 2011, 13:06 [IST]

Tags: singer lady gaga, actress angelina jolie, red carpet, celebrities value, actress anne hathaway, kim kardashian, actress halle berry, actress natalie portman, engagement, sexy ballet dancer, dancer benjamin millepied, celebrities rise fall predict, judging panel, fashionista editor lauren sherman, racked editor danica lo, celebrity stylist june ambrose, hollywood life fashion, editor katrina mitzeliotis

Washington (ANI): The rise and fall of celebrities is a thing that no one can predict, but a number of experts have ranked some of the stars, who they feel will either make it or break it on the red-carpet. The judging panel consists of Fashionista Editor Lauren Sherman, Racked Editor Danica Lo, celebrity stylist June Ambrose and Hollywood Life Fashion Editor Katrina Mitzeliotis.

First on the list is actress Lindsay Lohan, with a score of 4.3, and who was given average style scores by the editors. “I want to see her wow us with a fashion comeback and leave the skimpy eighties dresses at home," AOL News quoted Ambrose as saying. Next is Carey Mulligan, with a score of 4.9, and experts say her willingness to experiment will definitely earn her style points.

Actress Angelina Jolie got 9.4, and the experts feel she should do away with the drab blacks and greys, and instead go for flavour, attitude and sex. Anne Hathaway earned 7.1 points, and the experts feel that even though she does do well on the red carpet, she needs to get a little sexed-up once in a while.

Kim Kardashian scored 1.5, though the experts feel she tends to pander to the public by over accentuating her assets (boobs and butt) and rarely mixes things up. Where Lady Gaga is concerned, she was given a rating of 10.2, with the experts saying that her growth potential seems limitless.

Actress Halle Berry scored 8.8, and the experts say that her personal life is what gave her red-carpet clout in 2010. “Whether she’s in a plunging dress or a pantsuit, she never plays it safe,” Mitzeliotis said. Actress Natalie Portman scored 15.3, and the experts say her engagement to sexy ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied along with the news that she’s having his baby, has made her the most valuable red-carpet celebrity going into 2011.

Watch Online Holly Madison surprised by Hefner’s engagement

Watch Online Holly Madison surprised by Hefner’s engagement
Friday, January 7, 2011, 17:35 [IST]

Tags: model holly madison, hugh hefner, crystal harris, marriage, playboy

New York, (ANI): American model Holly Madison has revealed that she was “very surprised” to hear about her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner proposing marriage to his latest girlfriend.

Hefner, 84, and Madison, 31, had split in 2008 due to his refusal to wed, and the news that he has proposed to Crystal Harris, 24, who is 60-years his junior, left her a little teary eyed.

“I have a lot of different feelings on it. I don’t just feel one way,” the New York Daily News quoted Madison as telling E! Online. “I kind of didn’t want to put a generic statement out there like ‘Congratulations!’ because I felt everyone would see through that,” she said.

Madison instead chose to share her thoughts with Hefner in person, and with the cameras rolling for her upcoming reality show ‘Holly’s World’. “I wanted to see him and Crystal and tell everybody face-to-face how I felt,” she expl

Watch Online Salman Khan keen to host Bigg Boss again!

Watch Online Salman Khan keen to host Bigg Boss again!
By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
Friday, January 7, 2011, 16:29 [IST]

Tags: actor salman khan, salman want host bigg boss 5, bigg boss, next year, kalyani prasad keshri, 10 ka dum, shweta tiwari, ashmit patel, dolly bindra, the great khali, veena malik, aanchal kumar, hrishant goswami, manoj tiwari, sara khan, grand finale, colors

Salman Khan has enjoyed hosting the present season of the show Bigg Boss 4. It is proved when we come to know that Salman Khan is looking forward to host the fifth season of Bigg Boss. He has shown his keen interest to be a part of the next season in the coming year.

A source from Mid Day says that, “He is extremely happy with the way the show turned up and the response he received. This was his second time as a television host after 10 Ka Dum, He is now looking forward to another stint with Bigg Boss 5."

Bigg Boss 4 will hold its grand finale on Saturday wherein the winner of Bigg Boss 4 season will be announced. There are only four inmates remaining in the house who have made it to the final voting, Shweta Tiwari, Ashmit Patel, Dolly Bindra and the great Khali.

Salman is all set for the grand finale. He will be performing on his hit dance numbers of the year. The finale will also see the performances from some of the voted out participants like Veena Malik, Aanchal Kumar, Hrishant Goswami, Manoj Tiwari, Sara Khan.

The winner of the show will get Rs 1 crore as the prize amount and the most stylish person in the house will bag a luxury car as prize.

Watch Online Denise Richards to star in raunchy flick about cougars

Watch Online Denise Richards to star in raunchy flick about cougars
Friday, January 7, 2011, 10:44 [IST]

Tags:denise richards starring, new raunchy flick, cougars inc, high school student, commercial television, cougar life, lucrative business, pinkston character, copycat service

Washington (ANI): Denise Richards is reportedly starring in a new raunchy flick entitled Cougars INC. According to Fox News, the movie tells the ‘story of a young high school student who, upon seeing a commercial for on television, realizes that he too can have a lucrative business by pairing rich women with much younger men’.

Also starring James Belushi, Ryan Pinkston, and Sarah Hyland, the film boasts the tagline, “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your mothers are?” Using what he sees in the commercial, Pinkston's character creates a copycat service of his own, and Richards and her lady friends don’t waste time getting very hot and heavy with some young-looking fellows.

The film is slated for a summer release.

Watch Online Girls want Scarlett’s lips, Natalie’s nose and Jennifer’s hair!

Watch Online Girls want Scarlett’s lips, Natalie’s nose and Jennifer’s hair!
Friday, January 7, 2011, 14:54 [IST]

Tags: jennifer aniston hair, angelina jolie, scarlett johansson lips, natalie portman nose, 14th annual famed hottest looks, brazilian supermodel gisele bundchen body, anne hathaway, mila kunis, megan fox, scarlett johanssen, christina aguilera, emma stone, penelope cruz, amy adams skin, kate perry, gwyneth paltrow

Washington (ANI): Did you ever wish that you could have Jennifer Aniston’s hair and Angelina Jolie’s lips? Well, so do a lot of other people. The 14th Annual ‘Famed Hottest Looks’ survey revealed that women wanted the body of Brazilian-born supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Jennifer Aniston came in second in the ‘Most Desired Female Body’ category.

The survey, compiled by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer also found that Mark Wahlberg took the top spot, pursued by six-packing Channing Tatum and Tyson Beckford.

“Different body types are represented on the list because most women are shaped differently and want to look naturally beautiful,” Fox News quoted Fleming as saying. “Some women want the lean look like Gisele, while others want to retain their roundness – just not too round. Men, on the other hand, all want a six-pack regardless of their body type.”

The ‘Most Desired Hair’ category was won by Taylor Swift, followed by Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian. When it came to noses, Natalie Portman was 2010’s winner, followed closely by Emma Stone and category veteran Nicole Kidman. Surprisingly, Scarlett Johansson took the top spot ahead of Angelina Jolie when it came to the perfect pout and Anne Hathway took the prize for the best eyes.

“The biggest trend we have seen this year is that patients are requesting a more natural look. If you review the names on the list, you will notice that all of those people look naturally beautiful,” added Mayer. “We have been performing plastic surgery for 35 years and after 35 years of stressing the non-surgical look, our list reflects non-surgical looking people.”

Watch Video Jennifer Aniston’s Drunk Style at Peoples Choice Awards:

Watch Free Online Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Hong Kong Movie Trailer China Reviews Cast And Crew

Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Hong Kong Action Movie [2010]

Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Hong Kong movie 2010 | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Movie Torrent | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Movie Torrent Download | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Movie Torrent Free Download | Free download Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 movie | Online watch Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 movie | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 movie watch online | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Movie Torrent In Hong Kong| Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Movie Torrent in Hong Kong| Free Download Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 movie | Torrent for Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 movie | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 2010 movie Torrent | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 2010 download | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 2010 movie free download | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 movie torrent in Hong Kong download | Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Hong Kong movie torrent

Cast And Crew
Starring: Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan,
Alex Fong, Michelle Ye, Candice Yu,
Wilfred Lau, Conroy Chan
Director : Felix Chong
Origin : Hong Kong
Genre: Action, Comedy,Crime

China movie online Hong Kong movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Thriller Movie Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 China Movie Once A Gangster - 飞沙风中转 Directed By Felix Chong

Roast Pork (Jordan Chan) is working as chef and was an ex-gangster in his early days. One day he is required by a triad boss called Kerosene (Alex Fong) who nominates him to take over his position as his triad group is deep in debt. In order to become a leader he must face election and beat other candidates.

Roast Pork is relieved when he finds out that Swallow (Ekin Cheng) is required by his mother, Pearl (Candice Yu), who is also part of the triad gang to become the new leader of the group. However, Swallow is more interested to pursue his study at Hong Kong University, leaving the leader position to be unoccupied.

Things does not seem to run smoothly as both men have followers and they battle it out with each other to ensure that their leaders get nominated, witnessed by undercover police officer, Chen Wing Yan (Wilfred Lau). During the election there are chaos and fights among the followers. Who will get nominated as the leader?

Movie Review:
Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan as gangsters all over again, why not? After all, these two chaps have been what was one of Hong Kong's most enduring cinematic icons with regards to the Gu Wak Zai in the 90s, and this is a reunion of sorts with both of them playing gangsters backed by rival factions within a triad group up for an election of a new triad leader.

Written and directed by Felix Chong, who had given us Overheard of last year, and Lady Cop & Papa Crook which I felt could have been onto something great if not for bowing down to Mainland China pressure for a more politically correct finale, this film somehow straddles between the two - It's not an all out serious fare with its penchant for comedy whenever possible, and it's not all nonsensical when you sit down and mull over its themes under the premise of reluctance.

In some moments, it's an absolute parody of Hong Kong gangster flicks like Johnny To's Election movies (borrowing its seeking a triad head and element of the Dragon Head/Tail baton), and the Infernal Affairs films with an undercover cop (WIlfred Lau) amongst them, and in other times, laden with great nostalgia of the fore-mentioned partnership between Jordan and Ekin in their Young and Dangerous days. The film is almost schizophrenic in treatment, not know what it wants to achieve, and hence it blew hot and cold throughout, which can get a bit perplexing as it stumbles its way through an erratic pace to a tight finale with plenty of blood-laden violence played out for laughs. See my point?

So what this boiled down to, is its characters and their struggles to keep their personal ambitions fulfilled. Alex Fong stars as Kerosene, who as a young man in the lower rungs of the triad society had recruited a bunch of new hoodlums, including Jordan Chan's Roast Pork, and because of the latter's tenacity in battles, Kerosene slowly rises to become chief, and rewards Roast Pork by funding his desire to open a string of restaurants. For Roast Pork, a life in the triads is not what he's seeking, but rather, a culinary one where he can find some stability to bring up his family.

Which gets a little complicated when Kerosene's leadership is under scrutiny for the embezzlement and losses from the triad's coffers due to dwindling members who had gone legit, and business models challenged by the latest technologies, and hence a new leader has to be found. Roast Pork becomes Kerosene's successor of choice, but rival gangster played by the overacting Yu On-on, pushes forward her son Sparrow (Ekin Cheng) instead, from a deed that he had undertaken for the triad group, and also using his lineage as the descendent of the triad founder as leverage.

Fans of Ekin will be wondering why it took almost half the film to run by before he turns up, but I guess it's better late than never, given a somewhat stylish introduction, only for the bombshell to be dropped that leadership is not what he's seeking, but an entry to the university to study Economics. So we have two reluctant would-be leaders, each trying to overcome their nominations to pursue what they prefer in life. And frankly by the time we hit this point, it's one more scene to the finale sequence only, leaving little room to dwell between the friendship/rivalry between Sparrow and Roast Pork. We want to see more screen time with the two sharing the same frame, and it's somewhat too little too late.

The only positives from this film is the dialogue, especially in a scene where Roast Pork launches into a discussion with his closest allies, that deviates into anything but the agenda at hand. I reckon that this portion will be side-splitting hilarious in Cantonese, but alas we have to make do with the Mandarin version here, which I suspect had taken the oomph out of many witty lines strewn all over the narrative. And watch out for WIlfred Lau's hilarious spoof of Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs, in what would be a running gag throughout the film and probably the best and most hilarious role here.

Once a Gangster should appeal to the Jordan-Ekin fan base without a doubt, and it's probably all worthwhile if we get to watch it in its original language track. You've been warned though of its erraticism and eccentricity, so you'll have to approach this with the mood to laugh along and laugh at its antics.

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Watch Online Journo blackmailed Swami Nithyananda? Why?

Watch Online Journo blackmailed Swami Nithyananda? Why?
Friday, January 7, 2011, 9:22 [IST]

Bangalore, Jan 7: A recent investigation in Swami Nithyananda's sex video scandal showed that the godman was blackmailed just before the release of his video in 2010.

Details of Nithyananda sex scam
As the Telegraph reported, during interrogation, Swami Nithyananda admitted that he paid 1.4 million pounds to a blackmailer to stop the release of a video of him having sex with a popular Indian film actress.

According to an Indian newspaper, the swami reportedly told investigators that a journalist approached him in 2010 and told him that he had the video footage, and threatened to release it to the media if he did not pay him more than 3.5 million pounds.

He confessed that after negotiating, the amount was reduced to 1.4 million pounds and was paid by one of his disciples.

The broadcast of a sex tape showing Nithyananda and popular Tamil actress in 2010 caused outrage among his followers who rioted near his ashram retreat near Bangalore, Karnataka.

On the other side, the Karnataka High Court on Jan 6 stayed further investigation in a case against some devotees of self-styled godman Nithyananda filed on the basis of a complaint by his former disciple Lenin Kuruppan.

Watch Online A R Rahman to dine with Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger

Watch Online A R Rahman to dine with Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger
By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
Friday, January 7, 2011, 11:15 [IST]

Tags: a r rahman, rahman dine nichole, lead singer pussycat dolls, nicole scherzinger, kalyani prasad keshri, song jai ho, film slumdog millionaire, singer sukhwinder singh, f1 star lewis hamilton, danny boyle, film 127 hours, singer songwriter dido, academy awards, indian ambassador

A R Rahman has teamed up with the very sexy American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress Nicole Scherzinger to compose a remix version of the song 'Jai Ho'. The song from the film Slumdog Millionaire was originally sung by Bollywood ace singer Sukhwinder Singh.

Reportedly, Rahman and Nichole are presently working together on either a music album or an international show. Rahman is presently acting as a host to the sexy lead singer of the pop group Pussycat Dolls and her beau, the F1 star Lewis Hamilton, for dinner in Los Angeles.

The idea of the merger of the two great stars is considerably well thought. Nichole has a good fan following in India and their collaboration has a great chances of success. Recently, A R Rahman had also collaborated with singer-songwriter Dido for the song 'If I Rise' of Danny Boyle's film 127 Hours. The film is likely to enter the nominations for the Academy Awards.

Rahman has proved himself as the face of Indian Ambassador in the International entertainment world. He has long way to go.