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Watch Free Online Isi Life Mein Bollywood Movie Trailer Hindi Reviews Cast And Crew

Isi Life Mein Bollywood Drama Movie 2010

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Cast And Crew
Cast: Akshay Oberoi,Sandeepa Dhar
Salman Khan,Mohnish Behl,Prachi Shah,
Aditya Raj Kapoor,Shagufta Ali as Amma Ji
Director: Vidhi Kasliwal
Producers: Kamal Kumar Barjatya,
Rajkumar Barjatya, Ajit Kumar Barjatya
Music Director: Meet Bros Anjan Ankit
Lyricst: Manoj Muntashir
Singers: Udit Narayan,Kunal Ganjawala
Shreya Ghoshal,Mohit Chauhan
Kavita Seth,Dominique,Suzanne D Mello
Debojit Saha
Release Date: 24 Dec 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi

Bollywood movie online Hindi movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Fantasy Movie Isi Life Mein Hindi Movie Isi Life Mein Directed By Vidhi Kasliwal

Isi Life Mein Synopsis:
Isi Life Mein movie is centered around the lives of two teenagers trying to achieve what they dream of, not being afraid of whether they succeed or fail

Movie Info:
Isi Life Mein is a film with his Rajshri Production is trying to bridge the gap between their regular audience and the urban population. While the film is centered on young characters and their dreams, the makers try out a music which they think is ‘hip’. And they rope in Meet Brothers Anjjan for the purpose. Unfortunately the tracks fall short expectations by quite a margin.
Movie : Isi Life mein, Release date : 24 December 2010, Director : Vidhi Kasliwal, Produced :Kamal Kumar Barjatya, Rajkumar Barjatya ,Ajit Kumar Barjatya.
Star cast : Akshay Oberoi as Vivaan, Sandeepa Dhar as Rajnandini, Prachi Shah as Pratibha, Mohnish Behl as Ravimohan, Aditya Raj Kapoor as Prashant.
Story : Vidhi Kasliwal, Music Director :Meet Bros Anjan Ankit.

Isi Life Mein is an upcoming Bollywood film directed by Vidhi Kasliwal, star cast Akshay Oberoi and Sandeepa Dhar. It will be released on 24 December 2010.
Isi Life Mein is a film with his Rajshri Production is trying to bridge the gap between their regular audience and the urban population. While the film is centered on young characters and their dreams, the makers try out a music which they think is ‘hip’. And they rope in Meet Brothers Anjjan for the purpose. Unfortunately the tracks fall short expectations by quite a margin.

Movie preview :
“Should I also do my C.A. just to be on the safe side or should I pursue my music?”
“I want to take her some place special… can I borrow 500 bucks from you…?”
“Oh no… What will the boys in my class say when they see my pimples…?”
“I’ll definitely shop there… that’s where all the happening girls in my college go…”
“When will I get to buy my dream car dude…?”
“I want to become an event manager, but my parents want to get me married…”
“No…why do you have to give me a deadline…?”
“Let’s bunk the next lecture and catch a movie… Who all are in?”
Haven’t we all been posed with such pertinent questions in the most turbulent phase of our lives…?
“What if I propose to her and she says no man…”
“I’m a little scared… do you think I’ll fit in there…?”
“If I do this my friends will all laugh at me, if I don’t my family will be very upset… What to do?”
Well, these are the kind of problems the teenagers are going to be up against in isi Life mein…!
And to quadruple the problem, the urbane youth is going to be under the tight scrutiny of the traditional elders… Will the 2 distinct worlds ever find a mutually agreeable ground…Will the 2 separate ideologies ever merge… Will they ever be able to open mindedly embrace one another… Isi Life Mein…!

Isi Life Mein Movie 2010 Listen Songs:

1. Isi Umar Mein
2. Ramji 24x7
3. LOL - Live Out Loud
4. Tere Pyar Mein
5. Banni Avela Tharo Banna
6. Tum Darshan Hum Naina
7. Apna Kaun Paraya Kaun
8. Isi Umar Mein [Unplugged]
9. Ramji 24x7 [Remix]
10. Taming Of The Shrew Reborn [Theme] Insttrumental

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Watch Free Online Tees Maar Khan Bollywood Movie Trailer Hindi Reviews Cast And Crew

Tees Maar Khan Bollywood movie 2010

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Cast And Crew
Starcast: Akshay Kumar,Akshaye Khanna,Katrina Kaif
Raghu Ram,Rajiv Laxman,Arya Babbar
Anil Kapoor as Special Appearance
Salman Khan as Special Appearance
Sachin Khedekar,Vijay Patkar
Murli Sharma,Ali Asgar
Vijay Maurya,Aman Verma
Director: Farah Khan
Producers: Twinkle Khanna,
Shirish Kunder,Ronnie Screwvala
Music Director:Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Lyricst: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Sonu Nigam,Vishal Dadlani,Sunidhi Chauhan
Shekhar Ravjiani,Kamal Khan,Raja Hasan
Shreya Ghoshal,Sukhwinder Singh,Harshit Saxena
Abhijeet Sawant,Prajakta Shukre,Debojit Saha
Release Date: 24 Dec 2010
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi
Certification: U/A

Bollywood movie online Hindi movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Fantasy Movie Tees Maar Khan Hindi Movie Tees Maar Khan Directed By Farah Khan

Tees Maar Khan movie Synopsis:
Tees Maar Khan movie is about a great criminal born who is fearless as well as shameless. He is the blue moon and is known as Tees Maar Khan.
He steals cons and cheats all with such alarming audacity that even shame shies away from him! He and his gang comprising of Dollar, Soda and Burger have managed to keep the police, world over, on their toes.
Then one fine day international antique smugglers, the Johri Brothers, assign Tees Maar Khan the biggest con job in life! He must rob antiques worth 500 crore rupees from a heavily guarded moving train.
Will Khan and his merry gang, with some unwitting support from his wannabe-actress girlfriend, Anya, and a greedy Bollywood superstar be able to pull off the greatest heist in history?

Tees Maar Khan movie Preview:
UTV Motion Pictures, Hari Om Entertainment Company & Three's Company Production present action comedy TEES MAAR KHAN. It's Farah Khan's third directorial film after OM SHANTI OM and MAIN HOON NA. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif star yet again in this film. It will also see Akshaye Khanna, Raghu Ram, Rajiv and Ali Asgar. It's produced by Twinkle Khanna, Shirish Kunder & Ronnie Screwvala. The script is penned by Shirish Kunder. Ashmith Kunder is the editor.

Tees Maar Khan movie Story:
Only once in a blue moon is such a great criminal born who is fearless as well as shameless! Now is the blue moon and the great criminal is TEES MAAR KHAN. He steals, cons and cheats all with such alarming audacity that even shame shies away from him! He and his gang comprising of Dollar, Soda and Burger have managed to keep the police, world over, on their toes. Then one fine day international antique smugglers, the Johri Brothers, assign Tees Maar Khan the BIGGEST CON JOB OF HIS LIFE! He must rob antiques worth 500 crore rupees from a heavily guarded MOVING TRAIN! Will Khan and his merry gang, with some unwitting support from his wannabe-actress girlfriend, Anya, and a greedy Bollywood superstar be able to pull off the greatest heist in history?

News For Tees Maar Khan

1) Tees Maar Khan faces censorship problem:
These days it seems as though the censor board has decided to toughen up on films. Just recently films like Aakrosh and Crook ran into problems with the censor board. This time it's the much talked about, Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif starrer Tees Maar Khan that has hit troubled waters.

It is learned that the censor board recommended certain cuts in the film to grant it a U certificate. Further, it is learnt that the word 'Sheila' was asked to be removed from the song 'Sheila Ki Jawani'. Some of the other cuts involved scenes where Katrina Kaif's naval was visible.

Apart from these, the board even asked for the phrase 'Maa Ki Aankh' to be removed, as well as some other words like tawaif, etc. were also asked to be removed. Director Farah Khan did not accept these cuts and took the film to the revising committee in Delhi.

Post the censor board ruling, Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder approached the revising committee to get the certificate for the film. Contrary to the cuts requested by the censor board, the revising committee passed the film without much debate.

The committee of seven members, who saw the film on Thursday, differed from the board finding nothing so momentous in the film to warrant 18 cuts. The film was passed with only a couple of cuts and a passing certificate will be issued to the film early next week.

2) Katrina leaves Akshay aside at TMK promotion
So much has been talked about Tees Maar Khan and its hit pair Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. But the latest we hear is that all is not well between the lead pair. The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Akshay is not happy with Katrina, as she has overshadowed him.

It all happened because of the item song “Sheila Ki Jawani”. Director Farah Khan and everyone who have seen Katrina in the item number are praising her performance, so much so that the focus has now fallen on the actress, leaving Akshay behind.

It is said that Katrina hogged all the limelight at a recent promotional event of Tees Maar Khan – all because of the hype around her item number. Katrina did all the talking and Akshay hardly spoke at the event, which clearly sent out the message that the rather charming actor is upset with all the developments happening right before his eyes.

Farah Khan had earlier praised Katrina to heavens for her performance in “Sheila Ki Jawani”. People, who have seen the actress in the song, said that it’s her best dance performance ever - something her critics would watch in awe.

Tees Maar Khan starring Akshay, Katrina and Akshaye Khanna is all set for release this Christmas, December 24.

Watch Movie Video Song:

Watch a letter which reveals the thieve behind the secret task and also mentions that they have won the task and will be rewarded for their success.

Watch Online Shweta-Ashmit win the title of Tees Maar Khan
Friday, December 17, 2010, 14:47 [IST]

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Dolly wakes up to find her make up kit missing and is in a furious mood. Dolly suspects that everyone in the 'Bigg Boss' house might be playing a game with her. After sometime, Veena too is not spared by the thrif and all her stilletos are missing. Veena is really sad and starts searching the whole house. Dolly doubts Shweta, WWE Superstar The Great Khali and Samir behind the disappearing act. She tries to form her own group with Veena and Ashmit to steal things of the other housemates. Dolly manages to steal a statue of laughing buddha, Shweta's teddy bear and other things from the house. Now the whole house is busy pointing and blaming each other on the magical disappearance of things in the 'Bigg Boss' house!

'Bigg Boss' calls Dolly and gives her a letter which reveals the thieve behind the secret task and also mentions that they have won the task and will be rewarded for their success. Veena is hurt as Ashmit lied to her and claimed he had no clue about her missing shoes. She sits alone and expresses her grief on Ashmits’ behaviour. She is angry with Ashmit and asks him to return her shoes but Ashmit refuses to do so. Veena marches towards her shoes and picks it herself and is irritated with Ashmit's behaviour. In anger, she even throws a shoe at Ashmit! Veena discusses this issue with WWE Superstar The Great Khali and Samir and breaks down to tears. Meanwhile, the other housemates are discussing on how well Ashmit and Shweta have performed this task.

'Bigg Boss' surprises the chors when they are rewarded! They are given sumptuous dinner consisting of Chicken, Pizza, etc. Though this comes with a condition that the dinner can not be shared with any of the housemates. The others are left to do with nothing but bitch about the task and the winners!!

Watch Free Online Somewhere Hollywood Movie Trailer English Reviews Cast And Crew

Somewhere Hollywood Drama Movie 2010

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Cast And Crew
Starcast: Stephen Dorff,Elle Fanning,Benicio Del Toro
Michelle Monaghan,Chris Pontius,Simona Ventura
Alden Ehrenreich,Lala Sloatman
Director: Sofia Coppola
Producers: Fred Roos,Sofia Coppola,
Francis Ford Coppola, Roman Coppola
Music Director: Phoenix
Release Date: 22 Dec 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: English

Hollywood movie online English movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Fantasy Movie Somewhere English Movie Somewhere Directed By Sofia Coppola

Somewhere Synopsis:
Somewhere is a 2010 drama film written and directed by Sofia Coppola. Stephen Dorff plays Johnny Marco, a Hollywood bad-boy stumbling through a life of excess at the Chateau Marmont when he receives an unexpected visit from his 11-year-old daughter, played by Elle Fanning. Their meeting challenges his lifestyle and forces him to make necessary changes.

Movie Info:
Sofia Copolla's latest movie Somewhere has been awarded the Golden Lion at this year's Venice Film Festival.
A jury, headed by Quentin Tarantino, named it best film on the closing weekend, with a number of awards also given to Essential Killing and A Sad Trumpet Ballad.
Speaking about the unanimous decision to hand Somewhere the prize, Tarantino said: "This was a film that enchanted us from our first screening... Yet from that first enchanting screening, it grew and grew and grew in both our hearts, in our analysis, in our minds, and in our affections."
Starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning as a reunited father and daughter, Somewhere garnered more praise than Coppola's last effort Marie Antoinette, which was famously booed at Cannes in 2006. Coppola received a best director Academy Award nomination for her second film Lost In Translation.

Other winners at Venice included Alex de la Iglesia, and Vincent Gallo and Ariane Labed for best actor and actress. The raved about Black Swan saw Mila Kunis being awarded best newcomer.
sometimes even a good movie can have a bad title. It pains me to list this one here, as I think Sofia Coppola's movie is one of the year's best. If you love a movie, that's a huge help in remembering a soft title like 'Somewhere.' And, indeed, in this story of a lost and bored Hollywood actor, the title more or less fits. But it's still one of those very minor, passive titles that will totally disappear if someone is combing through the current listings.

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Watch Free Online Rabbit Hole Hollywood Movie Trailer English Reviews Cast And Crew

Rabbit Hole Hollywood Movie 2010

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Cast And Crew
Cast: Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart,Dianne Wiest
Tammy Blanchard,Miles Teller,Sandra Oh
Patricia Kalember,Mike Doyle,Jon Tenney
Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Producer: Nicole Kidman
Music Director: Abel Korzeniowski
Written by: David Lindsay-Abaire
Based on Rabbit Hole by: David Lindsay-Abaire
Cinematography: Frank G. DeMarco
Editing by: Joe Klotz
Studio:Blossom Films
Odd Lot Entertainment
Distributed by: Lionsgate (USA/Canada)
Metrodome Distribution (UK/Ireland)
Release date(s) :December 17, 2010 (2010-12-17) (United States)
Running time: 92 minutes
Country: United States
Budget:$10 million
Release Date: 17 Dec 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: English

Rabbit Hole Synopsis:
Rabbit Hole is a 2010 drama film. David Linday abaire is adapting his own 2007 Tony Award winning play of the same name the movie is directing John Cameron Mitchell. Howie (Aaron Eckhart) and Becca Corbett (Nicole Kidman) are a happily married couple whose perfect world is forever changed when their young son is taken from them in a tragic car accident. As Becca redefines her place among friends and family, she finds solace in a mysterious relationship with the young driver (Miles Teller) of the car that killed her son.

Movie Plot Summary:
Eight months after the death of their young son, Danny (Phoenix List), Becca (Nicole Kidman) and Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart) continue to cope with their grief. Both begin platonic relationships: Becca becomes closer acquainted with the teenage driver, comic book artist Jason (Miles Teller), who accidentally hit the boy, while Howie smokes cannabis with an acquaintance, Gabby (Sandra Oh), from a bereavement support group.

Movie Info:
Rabbit Hole movie is display the true nature of parents and it was tear fallen movie plot to read at. When speaking about the movie details it was adopted from the well known play by David Lindsay-Abaire. It was true that in the past we been consistently away from the plays and right now there are some trend growing to adopted some of the better plays in to movies. There are more declarations to come in for this movie and some of the movies like Rabbit Hole might found big audience than expected with the kind of glamour now it been produced with it.

In the common sense these short of movie making do helps people to set them self in a position of re thinking about their living style and it has been the added advantages in the movie. Rabbit Hole movie Corbett is the couple whom been suffers of experiencing the death of their younger son and from that moment of time they have loosing almost every inch of their life with out notifies what is really wrong with them.

How ever the movie was fabulous to one who did enjoy drama movies in regular times and the directions of John Cameron Mitchell is giving more and more attractions to work for. Also the casting of Rabbit Hole movie like Nicole Kidman playing the mom role in Rabbit Hole movie and father by Aaron Eckhart. Both of them are quite easily making the fans fall in to cry for their sadness and what a nice movie making it has been for every one.

Sandra Oh, Dianne Wiest, Jon Tenney and Giancarlo Esposito is also in the casting and well contributed movie at the end. This movie will be released on some where fall in 2010 and now the expectations are very high for it.

We have a brand new exclusive TV spot for Rabbit Hole, which will hit theaters in limited release on December 17. Click on the video below for your latest glimpse at John Cameron Mitchell's upcoming family drama:

Rabbit Hole is a vivid, hopeful, honest and unexpectedly witty portrait of a family searching for what remains possible in the most impossible of all situations.

Becca and Howie Corbett (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) are returning to their everyday existence in the wake of a shocking, sudden loss. Just eight months ago, they were a happy suburban family with everything they wanted. Now, they are caught in a maze of memory, longing, guilt, recrimination, sarcasm and tightly controlled rage from which they cannot escape. While Becca finds pain in the familiar, Howie finds comfort.
The shifts come in abrupt, unforeseen moments. Becca hesitantly opens up to her opinionated, loving mother (Dianne Wiest) and secretly reaches out to the teenager involved in the accident that changed everything (Miles Teller); while Howie lashes out and imagines solace with another woman (Sandra Oh). Yet, as off track as they are, the couple keeps trying to find their way back to a life that still holds the potential for beauty, laughter and happiness. The resulting journey is an intimate glimpse into two people learning to re-engage with each other and a world that has been tilted off its axis.

Rabbit Hole comes to theaters December 17th, 2010 and stars Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest, Sandra Oh, Jon Tenney, Giancarlo Esposito, Tammy Blanchard, Patricia Kalember. The film is directed by John Cameron Mitchell.

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Watch Free Online Buried Hollywood Movie Trailer English Reviews Cast And Crew

Buried Hollywood Mystery Movie 2010

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Cast And Crew
Cast: Ryan Reynolds,Ivana Mino,
Anne Lockhart,Jose Maria Yazpik
Director:Rodrigo Cortes
Producers:Adrian Guerra, Peter Safran
Music Director: VíCtor Reyes
Written by: Chris Sparling
Cinematography: Eduard Grau
Editing by: Rodrigo Cortés
Studio:The Safran Company,Versus Entertainment
Dark Trick Films
Distributed by: Lionsgate (US)
Warner Bros: (Spain)
Release Date: 18 Dec 2010
Genre: Mystery
Language: English

Hollywood movie online English movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Fantasy Mystery Movie Buried English Movie Buried Directed By Rodrigo Cortes

Buried Synopsis:
A civil contractor working in Iraq, Paul Conroy, awakens buried alive in the desert with nothing but a candle, a knife and a cell phone. Although he suffers from amnesia as to how he got there, he soon starts to remember what has happened to him.

Movie Plot Summary:
Set in 2006 in Iraq, Paul Conroy, a US truck driver, awakens buried alive, bound and gagged, with only a Zippo and a mobile phone. [8] Although he initially has no idea as to how he got there, he soon starts to piece together what has happened to him.[9] Gradually, Paul remembers that he and several other convoys were ambushed by insurgents, then all the other truck drivers were killed shortly before he blacked out. After finding the cellphone, Paul attempts to get into contact with his wife and his employers (who gave him a safety number if anything like this should occur) but is able only to leave a message for both of them. Paul is able to get into contact with the FBI, but they cut off before he can explain the situation. However, he is able to determine from the questions the FBI official asked him that he has been kidnapped. The kidnapper contacts him and demands a ransom of $5m to be released alive, but this is then lowered to $1m.

Paul eventually gets into contact with his employers, who pass him onto a group set up in 2004 specifically made to find people who have been kidnapped. While the man who is trying to find Paul tells him that they are doing their best, Paul is not convinced and asks the man to name a person who they have saved before. He claims they saved a man known as Mark White three weeks ago. After a long time of trying to get help, the kidnapper forces him to make a ransom video, which he refuses to do. The kidnapper threatens to kill his family, and Paul reluctantly agrees to do the video. Shortly afterwards, there is a violent shaking in the coffin, and sand starts to leak into the coffin. He then receives a video from the kidnapper of a female employee he knew being shot dead, causing him to feel incredibly guilty and to vomit. The stress becomes too great and Paul momentarily considers slitting his own throat with the knife, but he stops after thinking about his family.

Later on, he receives a phone call from his employers, who inform him that he was fired from his job that morning due to fraternizing with another female employee (though Paul says the relationship was strictly professional) and so if he dies, his family will not get any insurance money. The government group calls Paul and explains that some planes just bombed the area the coffin is in even though they knew he was in the area (they were able to roughly pin down his location, but not exactly). The sand starts to leak in at a considerably faster rate and Paul begins to lose all hope and does a last will and testament in video form, giving his son all of his clothes and his wife all of his personal savings ($700). As time goes on (with nobody planning to pay the ransom), the kidnapper calls with demands for blood instead of money and tells Paul to cut his finger off and send a recording of it. If he doesn't do this, the kidnapper will harm his family (as he reveals the details of where they live). If Paul does make the video, his family will not be harmed, and he will tell the US government where Paul is. With this, Paul complies, cutting his finger off and sending the video.

Within a few minutes, the government official phones Paul saying they now know where he is, explaining that they were given the details of where to find a man who was buried alive by an insurgent. Paul receives a phone call from his wife and tells her he is going to be okay, and they express their love for each other. A few minutes later, he gets a call from the rescue group saying that they are close and have found his location. They arrive to the app

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Watch Free Online And Soon the Darkness Hollywood Movie Trailer English Reviews Cast And Crew

And Soon the Darkness Hollywood Movie 2010

And Soon the Darkness | And Soon the Darkness Hollywood movie 2010 | And Soon the Darkness Movie Torrent | And Soon the Darkness Movie Torrent Download | And Soon the Darkness Movie Torrent Free Download | Free download And Soon the Darkness movie | Online watch And Soon the Darkness movie | And Soon the Darkness movie watch online | And Soon the Darkness Movie Torrent In Hollywood | And Soon the Darkness Movie Torrent in Hollywood | Free Download And Soon the Darkness movie | Torrent for And Soon the Darkness movie | And Soon the Darkness 2010 movie Torrent | And Soon the Darkness 2010 download | And Soon the Darkness 2010 movie free download | And Soon the Darkness movie torrent in Hollywood download | And Soon the Darkness English movie torrent

Cast And Crew
Cast:Karl Urban,Amber Heard,Odette Yustman
Gia Mantegna,Adriana Barraza,Michel Noher,Matias Paz Conde
Director: Marcos Efron
Producers:Chris Clar,
Lizzie Friedman,Karen Lauder,Deborah Marcus
Writers: Jennifer Derwingson (screenplay),
Marcos Efron (screenplay), and 2 more credits »
Music Director:Tomandandy
Release Date: 17 Dec 2010
Genres: Horror | Thriller
Language: English
Country: USA | Argentina | France
Filming Locations: Argentina

Hollywood movie online English movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie Review movie story Family Movie Fantasy Movie And Soon the Darkness English Movie And Soon the Darkness Directed By Marcos Efron

And Soon the Darkness Plot Summary:
And Soon the Darkness is a 2010 thriller film, which was directed by Marcos Efron.The plot revolves around two young American women on a bike trip in Argentina. When they run into trouble and one of them disappears, the other must find her before the darkness comes and it's too late

The new thriller And Soon the Darkness hits the big screen on December 17th from Anchor Bay and M&C’s getting in on the thrills by giving away an Anchor Bay Gift Pack which includes DVD editions of And Soon The Darkness (2010), The Crazies, Disappearance of Alice Creed, and Frozen. The film comes to DVD and Blu-ray on Dec. 28th.

Synopsis: Stephanie (Amber Heard) and Ellie’s (Odette Yustman) vacation to an exotic village in Argentina is a perfect ‘girl’s getaway’ to bask in the sun, shop and flirt with the handsome locals. After a long night of bar-hopping, the girls get into an argument, and Stephanie heads out alone in the morning to cool off. But when she returns, Ellie has disappeared.

Finding signs of a struggle, Stephanie fears the worst, and turns to the police for help. But the local authorities have their hands full already - with a string of unsolved kidnappings targeting young female tourists. Skeptical of the sheriff’s competency, she enlists help from Michael (Karl Urban), an American ex-pat staying at their hotel.

Together they go on a frantic search for Ellie, but Stephanie soon realizes that trusting his seemingly good intentions may drag her farther from the truth. With danger mounting, and time running out, Stephanie must find her friend before darkness falls.

And Soon The Darkness Movie Review:
About: Brent McKnight lives in Seattle with his dogs. He likes beards, movies where things explode, and overcast skies. His three favorite movies are "Rubin and Ed", "A Bittersweet Life", and "Out for Justice". He wishes his knees didn't hurt.See Authors Posts (243) on December 12, 2010 | Share55

The first thing you see in writer/director Marcos Efron’s new thriller, “And Soon the Darkness”, a remake of a 1970 British film of the same name, is a young, scantily clad woman, chained to a wall, get electrocuted by some unseen villain. This gives you the immediate impression that the film is going to be another torture porn. So it is a pleasant surprise when “And Soon the Darkness” instead turns out to be a tight, well-executed suspense film. It isn’t exploring any new territory, but for what it is, it is well done.

Stephanie (Amber Heard, who also serves as co-producer) and Ellie (Odette Yustman) are nearing the end of a once-in-a-lifetime bicycle trip through Argentina. Steph is the low key, almost prudish girl, while Ellie is the wild, free-spirited part of the duo. On their last day they come to a remote mountain village, and after a shower, decide to go out for a night on the town. You’ve seen enough horror movies to know that flaunting your sexy Americanness while in a foreign country never ends well. Ellie gets wasted, flirts with a local, and has to be rescued from unwanted sexual advances in the wee hours of the morning by Michael (Karl Urban with some sweet highlights in his hair), a mysterious American who is staying at the same hotel as the girls.

The next morning, Ellie’s raging hangover causes the girls to miss the only bus out of town that day. Since they’re stuck anyway the girls decide to go exploring, but while at a scenic waterfall they have a fight, and Steph leaves Ellie and rides off on her bike. Eventually Steph cools down, but when she returns to the falls to retrieve Ellie, there are signs of a struggle, but no signs of Ellie. The local authorities are no help, and none of the villagers will talk to her, so, desperate and with nowhere else to turn, Steph enlists Michael to help. But Michael has some secrets of his own, and may not be everything he seems. As the sheriff tells Steph, “just because he speaks English, doesn’t mean you should trust him.”

You’ve seen this set up before—pretty girls in trouble, picturesque surroundings that hide a sinister underbelly, frustratingly unhelpful provincial police, a helpful stranger who may not be trustworthy, and of course the if-only-they’d-caught-that-bus-everything-would-be-okay moment. The main question is, even though “And Soon the Darkness” is full of standard horror-thriller elements, will the film deliver something unique or compelling? The answer to that is yes, it does.

The story is tense and convincing. You feel Steph’s rising panic as she frantically searches for her kidnapped BFF. The plot has ample twists and turns, taking you in some unexpected directions, but these shifts are never forced, arising instead as a natural part of the narrative, as opposed to jumping out of thin air and trying to shock you. MINOR SPOILER—you’re watching “And Soon the Darkness”, waiting for them to screw everything up with some sort of hideous attempt to blow your mind, like “it was all a dream” or something on par with that, but it never happens. There is no twist ending. Instead of going in for cheap tricks and scares, Efron, and co-writer Jennifer Derwingson, rely on good storytelling to construct an effective, suspenseful movie.

“And Soon the Darkness” also looks great. Sweeping shots of Argentine mountains are scenic and impressive, and add to the isolated tone and atmosphere of the film. The climactic scene takes place in a gray, windswept wasteland that look like the desiccated skeleton of what used to be a luxury resort. It could be an unused location from “Cyborg”, or some other post-apocalyptic tale. Turns out it is actually the ruins of a town that flooded years ago and was abandoned.

While not terribly original, “And Soon the Darkness” is an entertaining film that, within genre confines, delivers exactly what it promises—tension, suspense, and a story that catches and holds your attention throughout. Check it out, it’s worth a look. It is also worth noting that this is Efron’s first time out as a feature director, and if this is any indication, good things will come in the future.

“And Soon the Darkness” opens on December 17th in a limited theatrical run, with the DVD/Blu-ray release to follow shortly on December 28th.

The DVD comes with a collection of deleted scenes, and an excerpt from Efron’s video diary that serves as a behind the scenes feature narrated by the director. A commentary track with Efron, editor Todd Miller, and cinematographer Gabriel Berinstain, has a lot of information about the trials and tribulations of shooting a low-budget, independent movie in a remote, foreign location.

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Watch Bollywood actor Salman Khan has taken internet world by storm. Just on the heels of launching a website for his Being Human Foundation,

Watch Online Salman sells Being Human watches on net
By: Raymond Ronamai
Saturday, December 18, 2010, 11:03 [IST]

Tags: ctor salman khan, being human watch, being human foundation, salman khan watch, raymond Ronamai, twitter

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has taken internet world by storm. Just on the heels of launching a website for his Being Human Foundation, he is on micro-blogging site Twitter with a purpose. Yes, he has requested his fans to buy Being Human watches to help raise fund for his foundation.

“Ladies ghadiyaan aa gayi hai. Sasta sundar tikao, please bikao (Ladies watches have come. They are cheap, beautiful and durable), so please buy!" he wrote on his Twitter page.

He posted colourful, Swarovski-encrusted watches designed by himself. The watches starting from Rs.7,500 are available in brown, purple, red and black colours.

Salman had earlier started Being Human site with an aim to let people find a platform to send their requests without any hassle. All the merchandise of the foundation would be available online. He has been tirelessly trying to raise fund for his foundation by organizing various events like charity cricket matches, fashion shows etc. He is doing his bit to help the poor in meeting their medical expenses. He is also planning to build a hospital to help the poor and the needy.

Watch Ameesha Patel exit had to do with her close friendship with Sanjay Dutt's wife Manyata.

Watch Online Ameesha's closeness to Manyata costs her RE
By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
Friday, December 17, 2010, 16:24 [IST] .

Tags: actress ameesha patel, film rajdhani express, leander paes, manyata dutt, actor sanjay dutt, amisha patel, rhea pillai, ashok kohli, manoj kejriwal

While it has been reported that Ameesha Patel walked out of Ashok Kohli's Rajdhani Express starring Leander Paes, insiders insist that her exit had to do with her close friendship with Sanjay Dutt's wife Manyata.
It is common knowledge that the new Mrs Dutt and Mrs Paes, (who was formerly Mrs Dutt) do not share a good equation. And the actress became collateral damage and was ousted from Leander's debut film.

Meanwhile, Ameesha has been telling people that she walked out of the film because the part required her to do steamy scenes with the tennis ace, which she wasn't comfortable doing. This didn't ring true because the actress has never shied away from dare-and-bare roles. Paes later clarified in a recent interview that there are no intimate scenes in the film.

Wife says no
It all started when Leander learnt about Patel's dosti with Maana from his wife Rhea. She expressed her misgivings to her husband, who in turn told his producers Ashok Kohli and Manoj Kejriwal.

"They all felt that in the best interests of the film, she should leave the project and be replaced by a newcomer without any contacts in B-town." The tennis star was irritated when she started planting stories of her walking out from the film because of steamy sex scenes.

Adds an insider, "Leander hasn't met Ameesha so there's neither friendship nor animosity towards her but her rumours were hurting him, his film and his image. He's a national celebrity with a clean image and wouldn't act in questionable film."

Mutual decision
A source from the production says there are no intimate scenes, as there's no leading lady in a romantic role, "RE is like A Wednesday or Rang De Basanti. In RE, the main character is Leander and the pivotal character is Paresh Rawal."

Producer-director Kohli states, "Ameesha and I had discussed it and mutually decided to part ways. I don't know why she said she walked out because of the steamy, intimate scenes, as there aren't any at all. We decided to part ways as she comes from mainstream films and I am a debutant director working on a film with an ensemble cast. I told her we should do a film where she has a better role."

However, he denies that Leander asked for her to be replaced.

"He is a thorough professional and gentleman and hasn't interfered once in the entire process of filmmaking. He's a sportsman and brings a different kind of discipline to the film."

Watch Kajol and her hubby take a considerable amount of time to share screen space with each other as they hardly agree on any script given to them.

Watch Online Ajay-Kajol poles apart in terms of views
Sampurn Wire
Saturday, December 18, 2010, 9:39 [IST]

Tags: actor ajay devgn, actress kajol, ajay kajol, poles apart, views, preferences, matrimony, toonpur ka superrhero, gundaraj, hulchul, raju chacha, ishq, pyar toh hona hi tha, dil kya kare, u me aur hum, 3d animation

Kajol had really taken Bollywood by storm with her acting prowess. However at the peak of her career she decided to bid goodbye to the arc lights to settle for matrimony. Kajol got married to Ajay Devgn in 1999. In between she did couple of movies, though she hardly shared screen space with her hubby Ajay Devgn. However this time they are both back together in Toonpur Ka Superrhero. The movie hits the theatres on Dec 24 and is a thorough entertainer for the kids. Toonpur Ka Superrhero is also the first 3D animation combination feature film.

In an interview the couple was asked why they were hardly paired with each other on screen. Kajol remarked that she and her hubby take a considerable amount of time to share screen space with each other as they hardly agree on any script given to them. The actress also added that they seldom agree on a script. Kajol also added that it is difficult task to make both of them give their final nod to a certain script as what appeals to Ajay might be turned down by her.

Apart from Toonpur Ka Superrhero Kajol and Ajay Devgn have acted in Gundaraj, Hulchul, Raju Chacha, Ishq, Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha, Dil Kya Kare and U Me Aur Hum. The last U Me Aur Hum was their home production

Watch President of the United States Barrack Obama is not a favourite with Hollywood singers and actors, with most saying they are not happy with him.

Watch Online Hollywood stars not happy with Obama
Saturday, December 18, 2010, 10:22 [IST]

Tags: hollywood stars, not happy, president barrack obama, singer barbra streisand, disappointed, fox news, cnn larry king, executive privilege, gay issues, jane lynch, gay marriage, civil unions, majority voting

Washington(ANI): It seems President of the United States Barrack Obama is not a favourite with Hollywood singers and actors, with most saying they are not happy with him. One such star is singer Barbra Streisand, 68, who was asked if she was disappointed in Obama.

“At first, maybe a little, because I would have liked to have him use his executive privilege to, if that’s possible legally, to get rid of something like ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’,” Fox News quoted her as telling CNN’s Larry King.

“I think people admire real strength, even though it’s misguided,” she stated. But it’s Obama’s stance on gay issues that seems to really get the Hollywood crowd going. ‘Glee’s’ Jane Lynch railed against the president’s stance on gay marriage earlier this year (Obama’s opposed to it, but supports something like civil unions).

“Shouldn’t there be safeguards against the majority voting on the rights of a minority? If people voted on civil rights in the ‘60s, it would have never happened,” Lynch told Britain’s the Guardian.

“It took somebody like [President] Lyndon Johnson going, ‘F all of you! I’m going to do this.’ Obama won’t do it. He’s a huge disappointment to me,” she added.

Many in Hollywood of course still support and praise the president, but the chorus of critics seems to be increasing.

Watch Free Online Yamla Pagla Deewana 2010 Bollywood Movie Watch Latest Yamla Pagla Deewana Hindi Movie Review,Download Video,Cast

Watch Online Yamla Pagla Deewana: Music Review
By: Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama
Sunday, December 19, 2010, 15:02 [IST]

Tags: yamla pagla deewana, rdb, nouman javaid, anu malik, sandesh shandilya, rahul b seth, dharmendra, laxmikant-pyarelal song, anand bakshi lyrics, sonu nigam, nindy kaur, nouman javaid, ali pervez mehdi, rahat fateh ali khan, shweta pandit, mahalaxmi iyer, anu malik, mamta sharma, javed ali, atif aslam, omar nadeem, composer sandesh shandilya, lyricist irshad kamil, singer krishna beura, sukhwinder singh, harshdeep, rosalie nicholson, sanjoy chowdhury, shahid mallya, sunny deol, bobby de

One does expect the soundtrack of Yamla Pagla Deewana to be loaded with Punjabi flavoured songs from beginning till the end. Reason is obvious - the film has the entire Deol family coming together and unlike Apne, their last outing together, this one is far more 'desi' in appeal. However, one is a tad taken aback to see that instead of one single composer being entrusted with the responsibility to create an out and out masala soundtrack, there are RDB, Nouman Javaid, Anu Malik, Sandesh Shandilya and Rahul B. Seth getting a song or two apiece. Really, at this point one is not really sure about what would actually be in the offing.

Thankfully, the album takes a positive start, what with Dharmendra's smash hit chartbuster 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' making a comeback decades after it first made a country-wide impression. A rearranged version of the Laxmikant-Pyarelal song, 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' retains its overall flavour not just composition-wise but also when it comes to Anand Bakshi's lyrics. RDB does contribute a little with additional lyrics and interludes but the song doesn't loose it's originality at all. Sonu Nigam is just an apt choice to sing this one and along with Nindy Kaur, he indeed does a good job in this song.

Nouman Javaid composes 'Charha De Rang' and one gets a solid impression that the makers were most confident about this track. Reason being that it appears as many as four times in the album. None of them are 'remixes' though and are just different parts of the song. A soothing track sans any Western influence whatsoever, 'Charha De Rang' retains its Indian flavour right through its four and a half minutes duration. A love song which has Ali Pervez Mehdi, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shweta Pandit, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Rahul B.Seth coming in different parts, at places it does remind of 'Saudebaazi' [Aakrosh]. However, the similarity is just restricted to a strong Indian flavour but that's about it. Written by Rahul B.Seth and Nouman Javaid, it is a decent track where female singers actually end up bringing in far more energy than their male counterparts.

One is not too sure about what exactly do the lyrics 'Tinku Jiya' stands for. However, the fact still remains that this Anu Malik composition is what promises to be a 'masala' outing for the masses. Rest assured, if this song is choreographed on the same lines as a 'Beedi Jalaile' [Omkara] or 'Munni Badnaam' [Dabangg] then there won't be anything stopping this one from finding good audience, especially in interiors of the country. A kind of track that one would associate with a 'Bhojpuri' film, 'Tinku Jiya' (which has Anu Malik turning lyricist as well) promises to be a raunchy number with Mamta Sharma and Javed Ali going all out to keep the momentum on.

In an album like Yamla Pagla Deewana, one didn't expect a quintessential love song. However, there is 'Sau Baar' which is inspired by Pakistani-pop and actually reminds one of many a songs that have been sung by Atif Aslam. This time around it is Omar Nadeem at the helm of affairs and while his 'mukhda' is good, the 'antara' that he shares with Shreya Ghoshal turns out to be barely ordinary. Though one would have really wanted this song to be exciting enough, considering the fact that composer Sandesh Shandilya and lyricist Irshad Kamil come together all over again, the results aren't fantastic.

After 'Tinku Jiya', composer/lyricist Anu Malik and singer Mamta Sharma come together all over again for 'Chamki Jawaani'. Initial portion of the song is on the same lines as 'Kajraare' [Bunty Aur Babli]. However, what follows next is not even close as 'Chamki Jawaani' hardly manages to excite. Now this is a surprise since the male singers behind the mike are Daler Mehndi and Master Salim but still, the song turns out to be hardly foot tapping. At this point, one starts getting doubts around the rest of the album since 'Chamki Jawaani' fails to impress.

Unfortunately the album only continues to go downhill with 'Son Titariya', yet another item number with a 'desi' flavour to it, doesn't catch your attention. In fact one starts wondering at this time around that why is Yamla Pagla Deewana taking a UP/Bihar route when one would have expected a trip to Punjab. Is it the 'munni badnaam' factor, one wonders, even as composer Rahul B.Seth doesn't quite succeed in creating any magic whatsoever along with singer Krishna Beura.

Thankfully there is some Punjabi flavour (finally) in the album with 'Kadd Ke Botal' which is written by Dharmendra himself. A celebration track which is put to tune by Rahul B.Seth and has Sukhwinder Singh, Harshdeep and Rosalie Nicholson teaming up for this 'dhol' and 'bhangra' track, 'Kadd Ke Botal' is decent but again not the kind that would top the charts in 'Yamla Pagla Deewana'. The album concludes with a much expected 'Gurbani'. A minute long piece from Shri Guru Granth Sahib, it is a devotional track which is put to tune by Sanjoy Chowdhury and sung by Shahid Mallya.

Even though the album is a loaded affair with as many as seven original pieces, the few tracks that manage to make an impression are (expectedly) the title song from the past and an item number 'Tinku Jiya'. 'Charha De Rang' can be given a few listening as well but the rest don't quite manage to make an impression despite an attempt at winning over the massy audiences. Really, one expected a far better outcome from Yamla Pagla Deewana than what it eventually has to offer.

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Watch Free Online Payback 2010 Bollywood Movie Watch Latest Payback Hindi Movie Review,Download Video,Cast

Watch Online Payback Review:

Tags: paybacks review, film payback, bollywood reviews, comes down like house cards, mundane writing, spoilsport, is raat ki subah nahin, munish khan, sara khan, zakir hussain, parvez pathan, action firoz n boss, director sachin p karande, hrishikesh joshi, gulshan grover, mukesh tiwari

comes down like a house of cards.
Recall Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin. The turn of events in a single night kept you on tenterhooks all through the film. Payback has a different plot line, but like Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin, the story unfolds in one night. But the similarities end there. Frankly, Payback had the ingredients to be a riveting fare, but the mundane writing plays the spoilsport.

I've often said that most Hindi films sound damn interesting on paper. I am sure, the concept of Payback must've come across as fresh and innovative during story discussions, but the film comes down like a house of cards because the interesting idea becomes an uninteresting and unexciting screenplay, which tells on the film eventually. In fact, the film falls prey to predictability as it progresses.

Kunal [Munish Khan], who works for an insurance firm, loves Ishita [Sara Khan], an architect. One fateful night, Kunal meets with a fatal accident. While he lies in a pool of blood, no passerby cares to stop and attend to him. Kunal, still conscious, is losing hope, when Raghu [Zakir Hussain] stops to help him. Raghu admits Kunal to a hospital and disappears into thin air. For Kunal, Raghu is an angel.

Three months later, Kunal accidentally meets Raghu and invites him over to his place. The next night, when Raghu appears at Kunal's doorstep with a bullet shot in his shoulder, Kunal impulsively decides to help him out. But as the night progresses, Kunal gets to know that Raghu might have been a savior for him, but is actually an assassin. Kunal is in a dilemma. When things get dangerous and Ishita is also dragged into it, Kunal is forced to make a decision -- how far he will go to repay Raghu's debt?

Despite a hackneyed screenplay, which alternates between realistic and filmy situations, I'd like to single out director Sachin P. Karande's execution of the material. It's effective at places. A few chase sequences [action: Firoz N Boss] catch your attention. Background score is appropriate. There's just one song in the film, 'Jee Le', which is foot-tapping. The cinematography [Parvez Pathan] is just right, but the constant moving of camera, even during close-ups, tends to get irritating.

Munish Khan does reasonably well. Zakir Hussain is, as always, competent. Sara Khan doesn't get any scope. In fact, the romance between Munish and Sara is missing in the story. Mukesh Tiwari is effective. Gulshan Grover leaves an impression. Hrishikesh Joshi is just perfect.

On the whole, Payback could've been an interesting fare, but is let down by an inconsistent screenplay.

Payback Cast And Crew
Director: Sachin P. Karande
Producer: Sarosh Khan
Starring: Munish Khan, Sara Khan, Gulshan Grover,
Zakir Hussain, Mukesh Tiwari,
Hrishikesh Joshi and Kunal Kumar
Music: Dev Sikandar

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Watch Kannada actor Sudeep has miraculously escaped from a bomb blast while shooting for the film Kempe Gowda at Tailuru in Maddur Taluk,

Watch Online Sudeep miraculously escapes bomb blast
By: Shekhar H Hooli
Friday, December 17, 2010, 9:28 [IST]

Tags: kannada actor sudeep, sudeep miraculously escape, bomb blast accident, shooting film kempe gowda, kannada actor filming, sudeep bomb explosion sequence, kempe gowda climax, producer shankare gowda, shekhar h hooli, crazy star ravichandran

Kannada actor Sudeep has miraculously escaped from a bomb blast while shooting for the film Kempe Gowda at Tailuru in Maddur Taluk, Mandya Thursday afternoon. Kicha was filming a bomb explosion sequence for the climax of the movie at Tailuru when the incident took place. He received the burns on back and right leg in the accident. He was immediately given first aid on the spot.

Kicha Sudeep was filming the sequence in which the hero, played by himself, kidnaps the daughter of the Home Minister. While shooting this scene, he was standing just four feet away from the place, where a bomb was placed in an earthen pot. Although film crew had taken all the precautionary measures before shooting this bomb blast scene, the actor met with injuries on his knee and back. Producer Shankare Gowda says that injuries are minor and there is no need for his fans to feel panic about the incident.

The Sandalwood star was immediately given first aid on the spot. Since the producer had organised for shooting with lot of money, Sudeep continued the shooting of the film Kempe Gowda to avoid the loss to him. After completing the picturisation of the sequence, he returned to Bangalore for the further treatment.

However, the movie Kempe Gowda is a remake of hit Tamil film Singam. Besides playing the hero, Sudeep himself is directing the film. Anchal Sabarwal, Ravishankar P and industrialist Ashok Kheny are in the star cast. The specialty of the film is that Crazy Star Ravichandran has directed and shot a song sequence for it. The producer is planning to release it on January 26.

Watch The Kannada movie has the tagline First love never ends and therefore the emphasis is certainly on love.

Watch Online Modala Sala to be big bonanza for this New Year’s eve
Sampurn Wire
Friday, December 17, 2010, 13:07 [IST]

Tags: yash bhama modala sala, kannada movie modala sala, modala sala release, human relationships, director purushotham c somanathapura, producer mallikarjun, big bonanza audience, new year eve, v harikrishna, songs maleye maleye, prathama olavagama modalasala

Modala Sala is all about human relationships. It basically deals with all kinds of relationships and the bonding that each relationship is different and yet the basic emotion is love. It has some very exciting focus on first encounters in various relationships. According to the buzz, this is going to be one of the most appreciated and loved movies this year.

The Kannada movie has the tagline First love never ends and therefore the emphasis is certainly on love. It is a great entertainer from every aspect as love is a language that everyone understands. In fact, it is also being circulated that after watching the movie everyone would want a son- and daughter-in-law like the one shown in the film. Well, this surely sounds like a complete New Year bonanza for film buffs.

The film Modala Sala is directed by Purushotham C. Somanathapura and produced by Mallikarjun. The movie has some very prominent stars like Bhama, Rocky Yash, Tara, Rangayana Raghu, Sharan etc. The wonderful locations of Coorg and Kerala have been used as the picturesque backdrop of the lovely songs and it is being circulated that the Picurisation looks simply stunning.

Adding to the beauty of the movie is the wonderful music and soundtrack, which have been composed by V Harikrishna. The songs Maleye Maleye, Prathama Olavagama and Modalasala are amongst the most popular film songs and are creating quite frenzy already. So gear up this New Year eve for some emotional fun and a great fill of music in Modala Sala.

Watch Bollywood have written off audio sales, the music of Kandahar down south has sold like hot cakes.

Watch Online Kandahar music selling like hot cakes
By: Sampurn Wire
Friday, December 17, 2010, 10:46 [IST]

Tags: film kandahar music, selling like hot cakes, amitabh bachchan mohanlal, sold like hot cakes, composer shamir tandon, kandahar cassettes cds, naman hai, salaam hai, kailash kher, sunidhi chauhan, sonu nigam, big b kandahar, mohanlal kandahar

Just when people in Bollywood have written off audio sales, the music of Kandahar down south has sold like hot cakes. The bilingual film Kandahar, featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Mohanlal, has the music composed by Bollywood music composer Shamir Tandon. The first lot of cassettes and CDs just sold off the shelves and the record label has manufactured in a hurry a new lot to cater to the rising demand of the music of this film.

The songs composed by Shamir Tandon are in Hindi and he was specially invited to do this patriotic film given his melodic sensibilities and heart touching music. A special screening of movie was recently held at the Leela in Mumbai. The leading stars Amitabh Bachchan and Mohanlal were moved towards the end of the film when 'Naman Hai' a patriotic song played culminating the high point of emotions and the coming together of the two legends.

Ecstatic Shamir Tandon says, “I'm elated that I have been invited by Major Ravi from the south, who has delivered national award winning films. It has given me an opportunity to delve in the patriotic genre not attempted by me before." The lead song 'Naman Hai...' is about bowing down to the motherland and our mother as against the general 'Salaam Hai...' to the country, which is a very aggressive approach.

The music of Kandahar has caught on like wild fire in Kerela and has been one of the most talked about points in the film that has been very carefully crafted with two actors par excellence with the dedication song to the nation. It has been sung by Sonu Nigam with fervor hitting highest notes ever. He didn't charge Shamir a single penny given that its a patriotic film and that the song should reach out to all Indians. Shamir is waiting for February when the film scheduled an all India Hindi release when the songs will be showcased in national media.

The film Kandahar is based on a hijack and one wonder the scope of music, but like in Shamir's previous realistic films like Page 3, Corporate and many more, he has seamlessly weaved in some beautiful songs by Kailash Kher, Sunidhi Chauhan apart from Sonu Nigam. Shamir is pleasantly surprised that Mohanlal sir personally invited him and congratulated him on the wonderful music he has made for this film and has invited him to score music for his next too..

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Watch Director Shankar, the man behind the sci-fi movie Endhiran – The Robot, has been named CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010.

Watch Online Shankar named CNN Indian of the Year
By: Prakash Upadhyaya
Friday, December 17, 2010, 10:23 [IST]

Tags: director shankar, shankar ibn award, CNN IBN Indian Of The Year 2010, ibn awards 2010, tamil movie endhiran, endhiran the robot, shankar the endhiran, actor aamir khan, ibn aamir khan, actor rajinikanth, endhiran rajinikanth, salman khan

Director Shankar, the man behind the sci-fi movie Endhiran – The Robot, has been named CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010. Actors Aamir Khan, Rajinikanth, Salman Khan, director Vikramaditya Motwane and Shillong Chamber Choir, which won India's Got Talent 2010, were also in the race.

Shankar was chosen after going through four-tier selection process. Firstly, The IBN18 Editorial Board listed the nominees. Then, the jury, which comprised of many prominent Indian personalities, ratified the list followed by voting by the Electoral College along with Citizens of India. The director will be honoured on December 12 in New Delhi.

The 47-year-old director made his directorial debut with Gentlemen. Till date, he has directed 10 movies and now he is gearing up for his first-ever remake film Moovar