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Hollywood Thriller Movie Shark Night 3D 2011 Revealed

Hollywood Thriller Movie Shark Night 3D 2011 Revealed
by michael 18 April, 2011

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Shark Night 3D movie photo gives first look into upcoming flick and from the view provided through them fans can expect Shark Night 3D movie photo to draw their attention to this entertaining sounding motion picture. This new addition to genre seems to be dealing with a wide range of cinematic features and among them will be elements like horror suspense and thriller. Moreover it will also have action and adventure features highlighted in an exciting and enjoyable way. Main attraction of this image is Sara Paxton who appears to be caught up in one of the nerve chilling moments where she is being attacked by a menace looking shark. This flick sure is going to have onlookers clutching at their seats because of thriller and suspense.

So as latest Shark Night 3D movie photo assures through it movie goers are bound to find the upcoming flick to be matching to their taste in movies. As this motion picture brings out the former mentioned cinematic features at their best theaters will get packed with eager and anticipating fans. David R. Ellis who had gone on to present audiences with movies like Plane and the second and fourth Final Destination is the director behind this upcoming flick and when looking at his previous movies it can be said that this time also he will be coming up with something amazing and awesome. People getting attacked by sharks will be one of the matters to watch out in this upcoming motion picture.

In addition to actress featured in Shark Night 3D movie photo rest of the cast has Dustin Milligan, Katharine McPhee and Chris Carmack among many others. As the story of this motion picture hits it will have seven vacationers who are college students. They go to spend the weekend at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf but the enjoyment and excitement they hope to experience is cut short when they realize that some blood thirsty sharks are lurking in water around them. Thus as the story unravels it will have audiences enabled to feel thriller and suspense throughout movie in many ways.

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Watch Keira Knightley's Last Night video goes online

Watch Keira Knightley's Last Night video goes online
Monday, April 18, 2011, 15:18 [IST]

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Actress Keira Knightley can be seen having dinner with Griffin Dunne at a local restaurant in the fresh trailer of the her latest movie Last Night. The one-minute video clip, which has been released online last week, shows the actress pressing with questions about her personal life and her husband.

Last Night is a drama romance film, which has been scripted by Massy Tadjedin. The story revolves around a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom he is attracted. While he is resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love.

Keira Knightley is playing Joanna, while Sam Worthington appears as Michael Reed. The movie centres on these two characters. Directed by Massy Tadjedin, The movie features Guillaume Canet and Eva Mendes as Alex Mann and Laura receptively. Last Night is expected to release on May 6.

Watch Online Katrina not ready to forgive Sonakshi

Watch Online Katrina not ready to forgive Sonakshi
Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 10:17 [IST]

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It seems actress Katrina Kaif is not in the mood to forgive Sonakshi Sinha for causing unnecessary rumours between them. It is reported that Sonakshi has messaged Katrina to clear the misunderstanding floating around them but the latter kept mum.

The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Katrina has made it clear that she is angry with Sonakshi by not replying to the latter’s message. It was earlier reported that Sonakshi was trying to gain publicity by spreading the news that she had replaced Katrina in various endorsement deals. However, Katrina maintained that those were the contracts that have either expired or she was never part of.

Interestingly, these beauties have one thing in common – Salman Khan. Sonakshi got close to the actor when Katrina was on the verge of parting ways with him. That created lots of speculations and thus caused misunderstanding between them.

Watch Online Bipasha's new man has a girlfriend

Watch Online Bipasha's new man has a girlfriend
Monday, April 18, 2011, 13:28 [IST]

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Actress Bipasha Basu has being linked to Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett ever since they started shooting their film Singularity together. It was reported that they party together, share cosy moments and even have their hotel rooms adjacent to each other. However, sources said that they are just good friends and Josh has a girlfriend.

Sources said that the news of Josh Hartnett seeing Bipasha is just a publicity stunt, as he is in a steady and public relationship with Sophia Lie, a Norwegian Model. It added that the actor's agents are not even aware of the gossip around him.

It may be recalled that Bipasha has been linked to every guy she is seen with ever since the news of her break up with her long-time boyfriend John Abraham surfaced. She was earlier linked to her Dum Maaro Dum co-star Rana Dagubatti, which she denied. However, she has not spoken up on her alleged relationship with Josh.

Watch Online Mallika suggests kiss scene with Munnabhai

Watch Online Mallika suggests kiss scene with Munnabhai
Monday, April 18, 2011, 15:23 [IST]

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She is certainly one of the boldest and sexiest actresses in Bollywood. She has acted in a few Hollywood films too. She has no qualms exposing and has kissed her co-stars many a time on screen. And this actress apparently suggested a kissing scene with Sanjay Dutt for their latest film. Well, we are talking about the hot and happening Mallika Sherawat.

It is said that Mallika suggested a steamy kissing scene with Munnabhai for their upcoming film Double Dhamaal by Inder Kumar. She said on the sets of the film in Mumbai, leaving the actor red-faced.

Sources said that Munnabhai was at first taken aback by Mallika's proposition but later told her that it couldn't happen since he was not the right person to change the script of the film.

Watch Online Hangover Part II monkey is not cocaine addict: Todd Phillips

Watch Online Hangover Part II monkey is not cocaine addict: Todd Phillips
Monday, April 18, 2011, 16:02 [IST]

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Director Todd Phillips has confirmed that the monkey, which stars in his latest movie Hangover Part II, is not a cocaine addict as shown in the movie. And the director's confirmation comes following the wrath of animal lovers against his statement. He has said that he is a comedy maker and it was his joke at the press meet.

In an interview with Total Film Magazine, Todd Phillips had said that he wanted the monkey to smoke. So he had to train her. But the monkey would not stop smoking. He had added, "Now, I have PETA after me because the monkey's become addicted to cigarettes."

After he came to know about the anger of the animal lovers, the director has reportedly sent a statement to defend his previous statement. Phillips says that press meets will always have repetitive questions, which make it boring. He says, “Sometimes I like to mix it up with the journalists. Obviously, the monkey in the film never smoked a single cigarette. Even if I wanted her to smoke it wouldn't be allowed."

Meanwhile, Phillips has also revealed that there will also be a scene in the movie Hangover Part II, where the primate is doing cocaine. But he has confirmed that she also did not do cocaine. "By the way, she also appears to do cocaine in the movie, but I guarantee you that she didn't do that either," Phillips said.

Watch Online Natalie Portman's body double opens up on nude scene

Watch Online Natalie Portman's body double opens up on nude scene
Monday, April 18, 2011, 17:00 [IST]

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Caroline Davis, the body double of actress Natalie Portman in the movie Your Highness, has opened up about the naked scene in the film and said that she jumped at the chance offered to her. The Irish student has also revealed that she was paid GBP250 to take the plunge to the lake.

Recently, there were serious comment about Natalie Portman's body double in the Oscar winning Black Swan. Following the critics remarks, the actress had spoken about nude scene in Your Highness. Natalie said, “There's one shot that's me and the shot of her diving into the water is a body double, because I didn't wanna go in the water - it was really, really cold.”

Following her statement, the Daily Mail has investigated the matter and interviewed Caroline Davis, who came from Ulster where the movie Your Highness was filmed. The Irish student has revealed that she has been paid GBP250 to strip for the swimming pool scene. “I'm a film studies student so I jumped at the chance to be on set,” the Daily Mail quotes Davis as saying.

However, Natalie Portman had face lots criticism from the film critics after ballet dancer Sarah Lane claimed that she had just done only 5% of acting in the film that got her best actress Oscar award. But she had performed 75% the acting in the movie. She was very upset because she did not even mention her name in her acceptance speech at Oscars 2011.

Watch Online Deepika's hot skirt for Salman's Being Human

Watch Online Deepika's hot skirt for Salman's Being Human
Monday, April 18, 2011, 11:58 [IST]

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This is certainly a bizarre way of raising fund for charity. The hot skirt that actress Deepika Padukone wears in Dum Maaro Dum will be auctioned online and the proceeds will be given to Salman Khan's charity Being Human. The actress has been in the news for her sizzling item number in Dum Maaro Dum, which has Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu in the lead roles.

Sources said that it was filmmaker Rohan Sippy's idea to auction the skirt through the film's official site with the help a portal that auctions film memorabilia. It added that the makers of the film decided to give away the proceeds of the auction to Being Human, as they feel it does wonderful work.

“We are all surprised by the reaction to Deepika's look in the track. We decided to auction it for charity,” Mid-Day quoted Rohan Sippy as saying.

Well, this is another unique way of promoting a film!

Watch Online See Thru Bikini swimsuit,Videos

Watch Online See Thru Bikini swimsuit,Videos
Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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See thru bikini are the ultimate way to show off your toned frame and get a great tan while you're hanging out by the beach and competing. While you can't be shy when you compete with a see thru bikini, it's easy to build up to the competition with increasingly smaller swimsuits at more and more crowded beaches (and possibly hotter and hotter locales).

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Watch Online Malibu Strings Bikini Swimwear,Videos.

Watch Online Malibu Strings Bikini Swimwear,Videos.

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If you are not familiar with Malibu Strings, and you love the look of skimpy swimwear, micro looks and swimsuits so small that they make the Brazilian bikini look like a swimsuit coverup, it's time you became familiar with this amazing swimsuit company!

Known for their itty-bitty suits, at Malibu you'll find:

* Solids: Here, the term "solid" solely refers to the color of the swimsuit. Within this category, you can find everything from gold lame classic bottoms to royal blue colored sling shot swimsuits.
* Prints: The Print category offers some fantastic patterns that range from foil camouflage to a print called the Hologram Dot.
* Sheer: As the name implies, sheer swimsuits, in a variety of styles, rules this category.
* Mix and Match Suits: Here, you have the option of choosing the top and bottom of her preference.

Daring mesh bandeau top is beautifully paired with daring V-Cut Bottom.
Material Contents: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex. Made in the USA.

Beautiful nude mesh features glistening silver dots. The suit is trimmed in gorgeous liquid silver. Suit is not lined. Material Contents: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex. Made in the USA. (Tiny Bottom pictured. The bottom can be ordered in either our Classic Bottom, for more front coverage, or our Tiny Bottom, for a slimmer bottom.)

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Watch Online Brazilian Micro Bikinis, Videos.

Watch Online Brazilian Micro Bikinis, Videos.
Can Brazilian Swimsuits Be Worn in Public?

Extreme Micro, Bikini, the sexiest small, tiny, micro, mini, sheer g-string thongs, bikini designs, and, lingerie for women and men.

When the first bikini was introduced into the United States as a fashion item, many clothing designers refused to believe that it would ever become a trend, or for that matter, be in demand. For over ten years, American designers thought that the average female citizen wouldn't wear a bikini, due to ethical and decent-minded attitudes. However, by 1957, thanks mainly to European influences and Hollywood movies, the bikini was accepted into our mainstream way of thinking about fashions and clothing trends.

As trends have a tendency to do, the bikini trend escalated in 1960 when a songwriter named Brian Hyland crafted his Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song, which soon became a hit. Since that time, the bikini has become commonplace among swimwear designers and those who still buy the bikinis.

Recently, however, a new style of bikini has emerged that has gained worldwide attention-the Brazilian micro bikini. It also started as a new way for women to sunbathe, which allowed them to wear as little as possible in order to get the best tan with the least amount of fabric covering their bodies.

Brazilian bikinis-both the bikini tops and bottoms-reveal more skin than any of the previous bikini styles. In fact, the Brazilian bikini bottoms are so revealing that it's mandatory that a woman have her pubic hairs removed before she can go out in public wearing such a bathing suit. To remove the hair that is so visible requires using a warm wax, rather than just shaving that particular area of a woman's body. Thus, with the influence of the Brazilian bikini, its popularity launched the term Brazilian wax-a procedure for hair removal required before a woman could wear the bikini.

The bottoms of Brazilian bikinis have slim strips of fabric that drape over the pelvic bone in front, and the fabric in back reveals almost every inch of a woman's body. The bikini bottoms are known as Tanga, Asa Delta, and Fio Dental. Tanga covers a minimal part of the flesh on the backside, while Asa Delta looks similar to a thong, but has strips of fabric that line each side of the back. Finally, the Fio Dental resembles the size of dental floss as it slithers in between the buttocks of the wearer.

The tops of Brazilian bikinis are equally as flesh revealing as the bottoms. Although bikinis are known to be worn for swimming, the Brazilian bikinis are most appropriately known for sunbathing use. Women can choose one of three styles for these types of bikini tops-triangle, halter, and bandeau. The triangle covers the bust area with two teeny-tiny cups that suggest that they might cover a small portion of the breasts. A halter top is made with somewhat more fabric and is cinched around the neck to keep the bosom from falling out of the suit. The bandeau is like an elastic tube that slips over the head and nestles around the chest area, with no ties at the neck or back.

Most certainly, whichever style of Brazilian bikini you choose to wear, it reveals more flesh than any other type of bikini on the market. Add to that the option of choosing a sheer or see-thru fabric; little is left to the imagination when viewing a woman wearing this type of bikini. Therefore, before you venture outside to your favorite resort or beach, make sure you're prepared to bring along another bikini, in case your Brazilian micro bikini is off-limits.

To wear a Brazilian micro bikini requires that a woman have an extreme measure of self-confidence, combined with a sense for adventure.

For the latest trends, styles, and colors of Brazilian micro bikinis, you can visit to your heart's content.

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Watch Online World’s most expensive bra

Watch Online World’s most expensive bra
Molly Sims Bra ($30 million)

World’s most expensive bra was designed by Susan Rosen. The bikini is made up of 150 carats of diamonds—including a pair of fifteen carat, round-cut diamonds; a thirty carat, emerald-cut diamond and a pear-shaped, fifty-one carat diamond. Rather than using cloth to make the expensive swimsuit, Ms. Rosen opted to make it out of platinum. An American actress Molly Sims wore it in 2006 for the first time.

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Watch Online Shahid Kapoor gets into action mode

Watch Online Shahid Kapoor gets into action mode
Monday, April 18, 2011, 10:13 [IST]

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Actor Shahid Kapoor, who has been carrying off his romantic and chocolate boy image do well till date, will now shed off his cuteness and get into some action mode. The actor has been roped in for an action flick by producer Ramesh Taurani.

Ramesh and Shahid have earlier worked in the romantic flick Ishq Vishk (2003) and Fida (2004). This untitled action film starring the actor will be directed by his close director friend Siddharth Anand.

Reportedly, according to a survey done on Shahid Kapoor, his fans expressed their desires to see him in an out and out action film. Taking this wish ahead Shahid has signed the film with Ramesh and Siddharth. Producer Ramesh Taurani confirmed the news to TOI, “Yes, we are doing a film with Siddharth and Shahid, which will go on floors soon. It is too early though to give any details as nothing has been finalised."