Monday, April 18, 2011

Watch Online Natalie Portman's body double opens up on nude scene

Watch Online Natalie Portman's body double opens up on nude scene
Monday, April 18, 2011, 17:00 [IST]

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Caroline Davis, the body double of actress Natalie Portman in the movie Your Highness, has opened up about the naked scene in the film and said that she jumped at the chance offered to her. The Irish student has also revealed that she was paid GBP250 to take the plunge to the lake.

Recently, there were serious comment about Natalie Portman's body double in the Oscar winning Black Swan. Following the critics remarks, the actress had spoken about nude scene in Your Highness. Natalie said, “There's one shot that's me and the shot of her diving into the water is a body double, because I didn't wanna go in the water - it was really, really cold.”

Following her statement, the Daily Mail has investigated the matter and interviewed Caroline Davis, who came from Ulster where the movie Your Highness was filmed. The Irish student has revealed that she has been paid GBP250 to strip for the swimming pool scene. “I'm a film studies student so I jumped at the chance to be on set,” the Daily Mail quotes Davis as saying.

However, Natalie Portman had face lots criticism from the film critics after ballet dancer Sarah Lane claimed that she had just done only 5% of acting in the film that got her best actress Oscar award. But she had performed 75% the acting in the movie. She was very upset because she did not even mention her name in her acceptance speech at Oscars 2011.

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