Thursday, March 17, 2011

Watch Online A dog thats worth Rs 6.8 crore!! Video

Watch Online A dog thats worth Rs 6.8 crore!!
Thursday, March 17, 2011, 13:39 [IST]

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London, Mar 17: Without any insult to the animal that has for long been known as man's best friend, there is just a question as to how much can you shell out to buy a dog? Rs 15,000, Rs 30,000, Rs 60,000? Alright let it be Rs 600,000. All settled, but wait a minute how about Rs 6.8 crore?

Just don't fret out terming it as insane because it has actually happened. An 11-month old red Tibetan mastiff, has been brought for £ 945,000 (approximately Rs 6.8 crore), by a person whose identity is yet to be known.

The red Tibetan mastiff, is now the holder of the coveted most expensive dog tag, which rather unsurprisingly was held by another Tibetan mastiff called Red Lion. Red Lion was purchased at at £ 915,000 (approximately Rs 6.6 crore) in 2010.

Every dog has his day, whoever said this can't more be correct anywhere else than in these instances.

Now what is it with Tibetan mastiff's that they cost an amount that most people can never earn in their lifetimes. They are almost an extinct breed in the UK with a population of roughly around 300. They are normally priced between £850 to £1,000 (approximately Rs 72,000). But yes, they do have a royal lineage which can often make them exorbitantly priced, as has happened with this red Tibetan mastiff and Red Lion. Queen Victoria, King George IV and Genghis Khan were some of the illustrious owners of this magnificent breed.

So what does the purchaser stand to benefit from such a deal (of course apart from the love and pride involved)? For a single mating session, the owner stands to charge up to £ 10,000 (approximately Rs 7.2lakh). Not a bad investment then, if he can manage that. But that apart, dogs don't understand money, all they need is love, affection and care no matter if it comes for Rs 6.8 crore or Rs 6,800. Hopefully the owner comprehends that.

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Watch Online Andrej Pejic – The Androgynous Super Model

Watch Online Andrej Pejic – The Androgynous Super Model
15th March 2011

Andrej Pejic,19-year-old model, 2010 will be remembered as the year of the transsexual, a lot of free drinks, a man could look like a woman and a woman could look like a man, Andrej Pejic, androgynous look, androgynous looks, androgyny, Arnaud V., Australian model, Australian/Serbian model, Broadmeadows, capitalizing on curiosity, Carine Roitfeld, Chadwick Models in Melbourne, Cindy Crawford’s bone structure and Kate Moss’ body, face of Marc Jacobs’ spring 2011 campaign, face of Martyn Ball Fall/Winter 2010, fashion industry, French Vogue, gender fluidity in fashion, gender neutrality, gender-bending model, gender-neutral 'femiman' models, hermaphrodite, Hermaphrodite Lea T, I have Paris and I have dessert wine, Italian Vogue, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Spring/Summer 2011, John Galliano, Karolina Kurkova, Lea T, Matthew Anderson, New Madison agency in Paris, nudity of the sexes, Paul Smith, Raf Simons, revealing navy blue hot pants, Riccardo Tisci’s transsexual assistant at Givenchy, Seda Dominic, Serbian model, sexual orientation, sexuality, Sid Ellisdon, subject of “curiosity and attention”, suburbs of Melbourne, The Androgynous Super Model, transgender magazine Candy, transsexual models, Turkish Vogue, Turkish Vogue’s editor in chief

Andrej Pejic is a 19-year-old model with a slender figure, flowing blonde hair and a face that boasts full, pillow lips and high cheekbones. Pejic has Cindy Crawford’s bone structure and Kate Moss’ body. You are probably thinking Pejic must be a pretty young female.

A man could look like a woman and a woman could look like a man.

Pejic is actually an Australian male with Serbian roots. He is taking the fashion industry by storm, creating great excitement among fashion designers and editors and appearing on the runways of London, Paris and Tokyo in shows for Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Paul Smith to Raf Simons.

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Watch Online ‘A Serbian Film’ Gets Edited U.S. Theatrical Release,

Watch Online ‘A Serbian Film’ Gets Edited U.S. Theatrical Release, Uncut Online Release, May 13 2011
March 15th, 2011 by

A Serbian Film, Gets Edited, U.S, Theatrical Release, Uncut Online Release, May 13,release the full, unedited version,

The film that could get you in trouble just for showing it, Srdjan Spasojevic‘s A Serbian Film, is actually going to be released in the United States. Invincible Pictures will release an edited version of the ultra-violent, controversial film in select theaters on May 13 2011 and simultaneously release the full, unedited version, online. Read the full release and more about the controversy after the break.

Press release, which you can read below:
Invincible Pictures announced today the theatrical release date for notorious thriller “A Serbian Film.” On Friday, May 13th, an edited version of “A Serbian Film” – a film that genre vets have repeatedly encouraged audiences NOT to watch – will be released to select theaters throughout North America. An unrated version of the film will be released exclusively on the same day.

“This is a excellent opportunity for FlixFling to offer something totally exclusive to our growing community,” said Tom Ashley, CEO. “It was always our intention to release this film uncut, but given the recent charges against Sitges Film Festival director Angel Sala, we have decided to release an edited version of the film. We believe this film deserves to be seen as the filmmakers originally intended and hope to be able to release ‘A Serbian Film’ uncut in the future.”

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Watch Free Online Jumping the Broom Hollywood Movie Trailer English Reviews Cast And Crew

Jumping the Broom Hollywood Comedy Movie 2011

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Cast and Crew
Cast: Angela Bassett,Paula Patton,
Laz Alonso,Tasha Smith,Julie Bowen,
Valarie Pettiford,Romeo,DeRay Davis,
Meagan Good,Mike Epps
Director:Salim Akil
Writers:Elizabeth Hunter
(screenplay), Arlene Gibbs
Produced by: Tracey E. Edmonds.... producer
Elizabeth Hunter.... producer
T.D. Jakes.... producer
Michael Mahoney.... producer
Glendon Palmer.... producer
Curtis Wallace.... producer
Original Music by: Ed Shearmur
Cinematography by: Anastas N. Michos
Film Editing by: Terilyn A. Shropshire
Country: USA
Language: English
Release dates: 6 May 2011
Filming Locations: Nova Scotia, Canada
Production Co: Our Stories Films,
Sony Pictures Entertainment
(SPE) Worldwide Acquisitions Group,
TDJ Enterprises / New Dimensions Entertainment

Jumping the Broom Movie English Movie Picture Jumping the Broom Movie Hollywood Movie Review English movie online Trailer movie review movie story Watch Free Movie Online and Download Free Wallpaper
Jumping the Broom” including photos, trailer, and cast list for this comedy film starring Paula Patton, Angela Bassett, Laz Alonso, and Julie Bowen.

Movie Synopsis:
A collision of worlds when two African-American families from divergent socioeconomic backgrounds get together one weekend in Martha’s Vineyard for a wedding.

News Of Trailer For TriStar Pictures Jumping The Broom:
TriStar Pictures has released a new trailer for Jumping the Broom, starring Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Paula Patton (Just Wright, Precious) and Laz Alonso (Avatar). The film revolves around the wedding of Sabrina (Patton) and Jason (Alonso), and the clash that ensues when her uptown family meets his downtown one. This is the first feature by director Salim Akil, a television director whose credits include The Game, Girlfriends and Soul Food. While Jumping the Broom is unlikely to convert romcom haters, it looks like an enjoyably fluffy flick for everyone else. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Romantic comedies have a tendency to be predictable, for better or for worse. Jumping the Broom looks like it sticks to the formula — big stars, hijinks, a recycled premise. The difference is that unlike in, say, Something Borrowed, the formula actually seems to work in Jumping the Broom. The trailer has an easygoing charm, thanks to a talented cast, likable characters and gorgeous northeastern setting. I even giggled a couple of times — the meet-cute may be eye-rollingly cheesy, but it’s also kinda funny, and Patton sells it. That’s enough for a movie like this. I wouldn’t walk into this movie expecting to be blown away, but I can think of less pleasant ways to while away a lazy afternoon.

And what a cast. Although the film is ostensibly about Patton and Alonso, I’m betting Bassett and Devine will be the real stars of the show. Mike Epps, Lil’ Romeo, Julie Bowen (TV’s Modern Family), Meagan Good (Eve’s Bayou, Brick) and Tasha Smith (Why Did I Get Married?) round out the cast. The film opens May 6 — Mother’s Day weekend, as the trailer points out.

News And Views:
Jumping the Broom movie can be hoped to have onlookers driven to fits of laughter for upcoming comedy flick will be delivering a funny and hilarious kind of a storyline for audiences. With a storyline which will allow elements of satire and humor to be highlighted in many instances it is safe to say that this forthcoming comedy motion picture is going to be a a great entertainment in many ways for viewers. Thus with its funny and hilarious plot this certainly looks like a promisingly enjoyable and exciting motion picture. Audiences can surely expect to find this be a remarkable movie.

Jumping the Broom movie will have its appeal highlighted thanks to the fact that this will be coming complete with a star studded cast which has some well known and highly talented stars included in it. Thus doing a main role will be actress Paula Patton as she gives life to a main character in this comedy movie starring opposite Laz Alonso and Angela Bassett among many others. These are only few of the notable stars and movie will be quite charming with many other well known stars included in star studded cast to delight of movie going crowds.

Though Jumping the Broom movie will somehow remind audiences of a rich girl poor boy kind of a scenario it can be said that with a different touch this will be refreshing story for audiences. Sabrina Watson is from an upper class family and after a string of hopeless flings she finally manages to find Mr. Right in Jason Taylor who is from a different social background. Two families of bride and groom meet for the first time at the wedding and the first impressions are not so cordial. Thus as wedding arrangements proceed it turns out to be a clash of families.

Salim Akil is the director who will be delivering his latest directorial venture through upcoming comedy flick Jumping the Broom movie . He has many previous experiences in doing small screen ventures so making use of those experiences he will be coming up with his debut piece of acting. Thus viewers who had enjoyed his prior works in small screen will certainly make it to have the first hand experience of this one. A funny and hilarious joyride this will surely be movie going crowds watching out for something entertaining which will also be remembered for a long time to come.

Jumping the Broom movie has 6th of May set as its release date suggesting the fact that it will not take a long time for audiences to have the first hand experience of this fine realization of a comedy flick. As for the factors which contribute to make upcoming comedy flick an interesting and impressive one is that it will be coming complete with a fine cast and a talented and promising director behind the camera. Thus the combination of these marvelous factors makes it possible for this comedy motion picture to be an amazing and awesome joyride in eyes of comedy flick fans.

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Watch Free Online Happy Husbands Bollywood Movie Trailer Hindi Reviews Cast And Crew

Happy Husbands Bollywood Comedy Movie 2011

Cast And Crew
Cast: Anay,Kurush Deboo,
Mohit Ghai,Ahwaan,Archana
Director: Anay
Producer : Suresh Sharma
Cinematography : Srikant Naroj
Music : Anay
Lyricst: Anay, Sarim Momin
Singers: Anay,Sunidhi Chauhan
Naresh Iyer,Javed Ali
Hamza Faruqui,Earl DSouza
Genre: Comedy -
Release dates: 25 March 2011
Language: Hindi

Happy Husbands Movie Hindi Movie Picture Happy Husbands Movie – Bollywood Movie Review : Hindi movie online Trailer movie review movie story Watch Free Movie Online and Download Free Wallpaper

Movie Plot Summary:
This movie is totally based on husband’s life it’s a wonderful comedy movie, you will definitely enjoy when watching with family specially with your wife, this movie based on real life of an husband, and what an ideal husbands what in his life when he got married, what he earn what he loss etc… How many husbands happy with their life, how many love their wives and why some husband hate their wives. Its comedy movie but some scenes looks based on reality, because when a man become husband what actually he got from life, what he does for his family, how he look after his wife, how many husbands actually love their happily life after marriage, this is what a totally story depends.
Some Husbands love their wife and some love their wife and some others love both theit life and wife. The situation of the movie is unique and interesting.
Happy Husbands movie is about husbands and their logic towards life after marriage. Its a light comedy movie.

Movie Info:
Phenomental Crafts Ltd releasing Bollywood Hindi Comedy Movie Happy Husbands on March 25, 2011. This Movie is produced by Suresh Sharma and Directed by Anay. Film starring Anay, Kurush Deboo, Gaurav Ghai, Bakul Thakkar, Farida and Archana. First Happy Husbands movie made in 2010, that movie was in Malayalam. Now in 2011 its New Comedy movie releases story is new and seems good. Anay who is the actor, singer, lyricist, and director of film is happy from its production and hoping for good business. Music and Background music is directed by also Anay, Screeplay is written by Anay. Magical Sound is given by Buta Singh, Dialogue is again written by Anay and costume select and designed by Anay.

Movie Preview:
Happy Husbands ia all about three youngsters gets married and starts the new life with their resspective sweet hearts, about husband their philosophy towards life and what they go through on a personal level after they are married, depcts comically.
With the storyline related to henpecked husbands. some Husbands Love their wife, Some Husbands Love their Life but Happy Husbands love LIFE and WIFE both.

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Watch Online Indonesian Model Ayu Oktasari’s Nude Photos Scandal

Watch Online Indonesian Model Ayu Oktasari’s Nude Photos Scandal
PostDateIcon March 16th, 2011

Ayu and Egy, Ayu’s most daring photo shoot was for men’s magazine FHM and a calendar in which she posed in a bikini, crowned as the best couple of Season One of Take Me Out Indonesia, Egy, Indonesia, Indonesian reality show, Kompas. Com, nude photo shoot, nude photos scandal surrounding Ayu Oktasari

A nude photos scandal surrounding Ayu Oktasari is creating a huge buzz in Indonesia. Ayu is one of the winners of a popular reality dating program Take Me Out Indonesia. Nude pictures allegedly of 27-year-old Ayu Oktasari were leaked on the Internet.

And it now seems her wedding to her reality show boyfriend, Egy, 33, is now in doubt and might be put on hold. Ayu and Egy met on the reality show in June last year. In December, they were crowned as the best couple of Season One and won 100 million rupiah (about $10,000) in prize money.

Ayu has denied that the naked photographs were of her, but said yesterday that their engagement was now likely to be delayed.

“The engagement will probably be delayed but it’s because Egy’s mother is hospitalised,” Ayu told Kompas. com.

“They are not my pictures. I’m sure the pictures are the work of mean people who are jealous of me. That’s why they manipulated my pictures,” she said.

Ayu, who has worked as a model since she was 19, said that even though she could not remember all the photographs she had appeared in during her career, she had never been in a nude photo shoot.
Updates Nude photos of popular Indonesian reality dating show Take Me Out winner, Ayu Oktasari, in a X-rated photoshoot were leaked. Over the last few day, the alleged nude photos of Indonesian model Ayu Oktasari have been circulated widely over the Internet.

The 27-year-old claim that the nude pictures being circulated on the Internet are fake and she has never taken nude photos. However, these pictures did spoil her marriage plans. So her fiance seem to believe it is in fact her in the scandalous pictures and he is not happy. Her engagement ceremony to the TV star Egy Yunus has been indefinitely postponed.
She said her most daring photo shoot was for men’s magazine FHM and a calendar, in which she posed in a bikini.

Ayu said she had tried to put an end to all the talk by appearing on entertainment news television programmes and by doing a live interview on radio.

She said she had also explained the situation to her family and her boyfriend.

“I hope Egy and his family will understand,” she said.

Ayu admitted she was depressed, but she felt she could handle it because her boyfriend supported her. However, Egy told the media that he was very disappointed when he learnt of the nude pictures.

He said he was shaken, especially since the pictures appeared just when they were about to get engaged.
He admitted that he might have a change of heart about the future of their relationship after the scandal. “I was shocked when my friends told me about Ayu’s pictures. I haven’t seen them, I don’t want to see them.

“I am so embarrassed,” Egy said.

“Ayu said they are not her pictures, but I don’t know her past and what she did in the past,” he said.

Egy also said he was now not sure about their engagement plans.

“I don’t know, I’m confused.

“My feelings could change and I think it’s normal because I’m not an angel.

“I think I will consult with my family first because if something starts in a bad way then it will probably end in a bad way as well,” Egy said.

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