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Watch Online Indonesian Model Ayu Oktasari’s Nude Photos Scandal

Watch Online Indonesian Model Ayu Oktasari’s Nude Photos Scandal
PostDateIcon March 16th, 2011

Ayu and Egy, Ayu’s most daring photo shoot was for men’s magazine FHM and a calendar in which she posed in a bikini, crowned as the best couple of Season One of Take Me Out Indonesia, Egy, Indonesia, Indonesian reality show, Kompas. Com, nude photo shoot, nude photos scandal surrounding Ayu Oktasari

A nude photos scandal surrounding Ayu Oktasari is creating a huge buzz in Indonesia. Ayu is one of the winners of a popular reality dating program Take Me Out Indonesia. Nude pictures allegedly of 27-year-old Ayu Oktasari were leaked on the Internet.

And it now seems her wedding to her reality show boyfriend, Egy, 33, is now in doubt and might be put on hold. Ayu and Egy met on the reality show in June last year. In December, they were crowned as the best couple of Season One and won 100 million rupiah (about $10,000) in prize money.

Ayu has denied that the naked photographs were of her, but said yesterday that their engagement was now likely to be delayed.

“The engagement will probably be delayed but it’s because Egy’s mother is hospitalised,” Ayu told Kompas. com.

“They are not my pictures. I’m sure the pictures are the work of mean people who are jealous of me. That’s why they manipulated my pictures,” she said.

Ayu, who has worked as a model since she was 19, said that even though she could not remember all the photographs she had appeared in during her career, she had never been in a nude photo shoot.
Updates Nude photos of popular Indonesian reality dating show Take Me Out winner, Ayu Oktasari, in a X-rated photoshoot were leaked. Over the last few day, the alleged nude photos of Indonesian model Ayu Oktasari have been circulated widely over the Internet.

The 27-year-old claim that the nude pictures being circulated on the Internet are fake and she has never taken nude photos. However, these pictures did spoil her marriage plans. So her fiance seem to believe it is in fact her in the scandalous pictures and he is not happy. Her engagement ceremony to the TV star Egy Yunus has been indefinitely postponed.
She said her most daring photo shoot was for men’s magazine FHM and a calendar, in which she posed in a bikini.

Ayu said she had tried to put an end to all the talk by appearing on entertainment news television programmes and by doing a live interview on radio.

She said she had also explained the situation to her family and her boyfriend.

“I hope Egy and his family will understand,” she said.

Ayu admitted she was depressed, but she felt she could handle it because her boyfriend supported her. However, Egy told the media that he was very disappointed when he learnt of the nude pictures.

He said he was shaken, especially since the pictures appeared just when they were about to get engaged.
He admitted that he might have a change of heart about the future of their relationship after the scandal. “I was shocked when my friends told me about Ayu’s pictures. I haven’t seen them, I don’t want to see them.

“I am so embarrassed,” Egy said.

“Ayu said they are not her pictures, but I don’t know her past and what she did in the past,” he said.

Egy also said he was now not sure about their engagement plans.

“I don’t know, I’m confused.

“My feelings could change and I think it’s normal because I’m not an angel.

“I think I will consult with my family first because if something starts in a bad way then it will probably end in a bad way as well,” Egy said.

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