Monday, July 4, 2011

Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino's wild night with Indian girl Beejoli Shah

Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino's wild night with Indian girl Beejoli Shah
Thursday, June 30, 2011, 12:33 [IST]

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The news about director Quentin Tarantino's wild night with an Indian girl has become a big sensation on the internet. The reports about the Kill Bill director’s one night stand with Beejoli Shah is making rounds on the internet immediately after the 23-year-old girl, who is a graduate from University of California Berkeley, revealed about her smooch with him in an email sent to 15 of her friends.
In the email, Beejoli Shah has narrated the whole story about meeting Quentin Tarantino and spending a wild night with him at his residence. She says that she met the director at a party and they later kissed in the kitchen, which prompted Tarantino to invite her to come over to his residence.

After a make out session, Quentin and Beejoli hit a photo-booth for some clicks and evidence for the young lady that she spent time with QT. “At some point in our public makeout, Jamie Foxx comes over and without acknowledging me goes, Yo QT, ready to roll? Quentin looks at me and says Want to come to my house?,” the Daily Mail quotes a statement from Beejoli Shah's email.

Beejoli and Quentin enter his bar with vengeance and the sexual tension after the photo session. She writes, "The make-out continues for a while longer, and I'm really getting nervous about where the night may lead, kicking myself over not pretending to be more drunk and "passing out", and wishing he'd turn the damn lights off so that he won't notice that I'm wearing Hanes Her Way underwear the size of Canada."

Beejoli Shah's email also include details about their sexual encounters on the night. Beejoli writes, "We make out some more, there's a little below the belt action that I try to avoid, as QT has the most unattractive penis I have ever seen (short. fat. Nub-like).” However, Quentin Tarantino is yet to comment on the claims made by Beejoli. Stay locked to to read his side of the story.

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