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A 4D movie you can smell-'Spy Kids' From 19th August 2011

A 4D movie you can smell-'Spy Kids' From 19th August 2011
by Kiran Pahwa on Satureday, 07/02/2011

Warner Bros, Spy Kids,A 4D movie,releases worldwide, Director, Robert Rodriguez,aroma.

Los Angeles, July 1 : After enjoying the action-adventure of 3D movies, there's a new experience in store with the fourth instalment of Warner Bros' "Spy Kids" - audiences will be able to smell the aroma used in it when it releases worldwide in 4D August 19.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World" features Aromascope, a technology that allows people to smell the odours and aromas used in the film.
The audiences will be given a scratch card and the numbers on it will appear during a scene. When audiences scratch it, they will get the aroma.

The film revolves around twins Rebecca and Cecil, who cannot get along with their stepmother, Marissa Cortez Wilson (Jessica Alba), who married their father, Wilbur Wilson (Joel McHale), a spy-hunting reporter.

Unknown to the twins, Marissa is a retired spy of the Organization of Super Spies (OSS), which has since become the world's top spy agency. So when planet earth is threatened by The Timekeeper (Jeremy Piven), she is called back into action by the leader of the OSS.

With the end of the world approaching, both Rebecca and Cecil find that they have no choice but to take part in the warfare, help Marissa, and put their anger against her aside in order to save innocent people.(IANS)

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