Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Actress Denise Richards went through worst divorce with Charlie Sheen

Actress Denise Richards went through worst divorce with Charlie Sheen
Monday, June 13, 2011, 15:36 [IST]

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Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards has said that the former Two and a Half Men star and she went through the worst divorce. Denise is writing a memoir, which is to be released next month. She said that she wanted all the people to know how it was for her to go through such a terrible divorce.

Denise Richards was quoted at the Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival as saying, “People have only gotten the rotten stuff so, you know, there was a beautiful love story between he and I and I know that it went the way it went, but I talk more about how I felt during that time because I feel like a lot of women can relate to that, going through a divorce and custody and being a single parent and trying to work and all of that stuff.”

The Wild Things actress is also worried that she will not be able to forever protect her children from hearing from their Dad, who continuously makes the headlines for countless controversies. “They are in kindergarten and first grade so, so far they are okay, but I don't know because that could change as kids get older and more aware. But today we are good,” she added.

However, the couple who were married in 2002 ended their marriage four years later in 2006.The former pair who have two children together Lola, 6, and Sammy, 7, met on the sets of the 2001 comedy, Good Advice. The couple, according to Denise had once shared a 'beautiful love story' which later turned bitter leading to their separation.

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