Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watch Online Justin Chatwin and Eva Longoria Going to The Baytown Disco Movie

Watch Online Justin Chatwin and Eva Longoria Going to The Baytown Disco Movie 2011
Posted by michael 19 April, 2011

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Online News:
The Baytown Disco movie an upcoming flick which will have brought together action comedy and crime all in one sounds enjoyable and The Baytown Disco movie will also have a fine cast of which members will do their best to bring life to their respective character portrayals. Thus two of the major roles will be done by Justin Chatwin and Eva Longoria. Since these two stars are among notable and well known stars in industry today it can be said that their fans will not want to miss it. The addition of former mentioned cinematic features will make this motion picture to be an enjoyable and exciting in many ways. So it can be assumed that this will draw a number of viewers to flock at theaters eager and anticipating to have the first hand experience of this flick.

The Baytown Disco movie star actor Justin Chatwin has been seen in both small screen and wide screen but he seems yet to have his breakthrough. However by working in an array of projects he had gained many experiences so making use of what he had learned he can expect to come up with something exceptional through upcoming motion picture. As for Eva Longoria she is best known for her role in popular television series Desperate Housewives. However while gaining attention for her works in small screen she had starred in notable small screen productions as well. In this flick she will be joined onscreen by a wide range of acting talents and this will be most entertaining for audiences to watch out.

In addition to Justin Chatwin and Eva Longoria the action and comedy filled crime drama The Baytown Disco movie also has actor Billy Bob Thornton and this is bound to take viewers on a memorable joyride. As the story of this movie begins it will have three brothers who help a woman to rescue her son who is being abused by his father. However this act of compassion turns out to be something that these brother live to regret for after that they find themselves pursued by an a gang of odd characters and movie will chart what happens in this scenario.

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