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Watch Online Freida Pinto and Antonio Banderas Digging Black Gold Movie 2012

Watch Online Freida Pinto and Antonio Banderas Digging Black Gold Movie 2012
Posted by michael 19 April, 2011

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Black Gold movie as a drama motion picture can be expected to have what it takes to draw audiences to theaters since Black Gold movie will be coming complete with a fine cast. So one of the key roles will be played by Freida Pinto and he will be joined onscreen by Antonio Banderas. Former mentioned actress is one of the upcoming actresses and within a short period of time she had manged to get the attention of directors. Latter mentioned actor is a three times golden globe nominee actor and with this new movie he might be on his way to add another interesting and impressive piece of performance to his acting resume. With many other notable stars on board upcoming motion picture is going to be a fine source of entertainment.

Black Gold movie actress Freida Pinto gained attention by starring in multiple award winning motion picture Slumdog Millionaire which had been her debut acting experience. It had gone on to be her breakthrough role as well since after that she had the chance of nabbing roles in notable movies by well known stars. Thus she had starred in Woody Allen movie You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and among her upcoming movies are Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Immortals. Antonio Banderas has a career in acting which spans across nearly three decades and it is safe to say that he will be bringing his years of experience to wide screen again through this upcoming motion picture.

Director of upcoming drama motion picture Black Gold movie is Jean-Jacques Annaud who has a fascinating career as a movie maker with some acclaimed works included in his profile. As this motion picture teams up Freida Pinto and Antonio Banderas this will also have actor Mark Strong in a key role. The story of this movie will take place in mid 1930s when the oil reserves in Arab states had been discovered. Amidst oil boom a young modern thinking Arab prince clashes with his traditional father while allying with his father in law who has a liberal way of thinking like him.

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