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Watch Online Chalo Dilli is not a love story

Watch Online Chalo Dilli is not a love story
Friday, April 15, 2011, 17:04 [IST]

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Krishika Lulla, co-producer of the upcoming film Chalo Dilli informs that the film is not a love story but a journey of two opposite people. The film has been directed by director Shashant Shah and stars actress Lara Dutta and the talented actor Vinay Pathak.

The protagonists of the film Lara and Vinay showcase the real India in the film. In the film Vinay and Lara share a mismatched relationship. Krishika told PTI, “The film is about two opposite individuals. It is the situation that brings both of them together. But there is no chemistry. There is no love story.”

Chalo Dilli is being produced by Eros International in association with Big Daddy Productions of Lara husband Mahesh Bhupathi and ''Bheegi Basanti'' production. "In this journey we had tried to add humor and human relations. It is not necessary that it be a love tale...two people can be friends also," added Krishika.

She continued, "When the director came to me I was very happy with the script. For me script is the USP of the film. The film also says don't go by the looks of a person see his or her heart.”

She also talked about the item song, featuring Yana Gupta, Krishika, "Its the song that people still enjoy whenever and wherever it is played. We have kept the beats as it is, just given a rustic look to it. Zeenatji has loved the song."

The film Chalo Dilli is set for an April 29 release.

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