Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch Online Sexy Model Orit Fox Bitten on Boob by snake,video.

Watch Online Sexy Model Orit Fox Bitten on Boob by snake,Video
Madrid : Spain | Mar 15, 2011

Orit Fox is a famous Israeli Model who is more famous from the size of her implanted silicone boobs, While cuddling kissing the deadly SNAKE on Spanish television channel Telecinco on LIVE SHOW the Snake goes Hot n Horny and bites the Models implanted boob to satisfy his lust, but ends up stepping into animal heaven, and the Famous model is rushed to the hospital for a vaccination.
Israeli model Orit Fox was about to lick the snake when it wanted to lick back during a publicity stunt for radio DJ Shmulik Tayar. The serpent lunged forward and bit Fox's fake breast, sending witnesses into a frenzy.
The actions caught the model off guard as she desperately tried to pull him off the breast. Rumored to have the largest bosom in all of Israel, the model was rushed to the hospital and given a tetanus shot and released.

snake who bit Israeli model and actress Orit Fox in the chest died after being poisoned by an unusual venom -- the silicone in the buxom blonde's surgically enhanced breasts. Spanish TV channel Telecinco's footage of Fox's encounter was racking up...Unfortunate for the snake he later died from silicone prisoning.

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