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Watch Free Online Cracks Hollywood Movie Trailer English Reviews Cast And Crew

Cracks Hollywood Romantic Movie 2011

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Cast And Crew
Cast :Eva Green,Juno Temple,
María Valverde,Imogen Poots,Ellie Nunn,
Adele McCann,Zoe Carroll,Clemmie Dugdale,
Sinéad Cusack,Helen Norton,Deirdre Donnelly
Director:Jordan Scott
Writers: Ben Court (screenplay),
Caroline Ip (screenplay)
Jordan Scott (screenplay)
Sheila Kohler (novel)

Produced by: Elisa Alvares.... associate producer
Carola Ash.... associate producer
Guy Collins.... executive producer
Michael Costigan.... co-producer
Kwesi Dickson .... producer
Ricardo García Arrojo.... executive producer
Alain Goldman .... executive producer
Sheila Kohler.... associate producer
Andrew Lowe.... producer

Original Music by: Javier Navarrete
Cinematography by:John Mathieson
Film Editing by:Valerio Bonelli
Genre:Drama | Romance | Thriller
Release date:18 March 2011

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Movie Plot summary:
CRACKS is a coming-of-age drama set in a British girls boarding school in the 1930s. Eva Green plays the glamorous Miss G who holds the diving team in thrall, particularly the captain, Di (Juno Temple.) The order is upset when an equally glamorous new girl arrives. Fiamma is Spanish, an aristocrat, beautiful and has travelled widely. Her self-possession and sophistication stands in sharp contrast to the other girls, and Miss G soon makes her a favourite, upsetting Di. The majority of the film deal Di vacillating position in coming to terms with Fiamma’s usurpation and Miss G’s increasingly unhealthy obsession with her. The cracks of the title refer to the girls finding the cracks in Miss G’s persona, and in their faith in authority.

Movie Reviews:
This story is nothing we haven’t seen before in film such as THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE and turns out to be rather more obvious and less seditious than that seminal work. The production values are all top notch (superlative photography from John Mathieson and a particularly good score from Javier Navarrete) but the story is intensely predictable from the start. In particular, anyone who sees that Fiamma has a breathing problem in the first reel can see where the movie is going. The enjoyment is thus comes from the little moments that ring true. I loved a scene where the girls prepare for a midnight feast, and another where they get excited/disappointing by the arrival or lack thereof of post from home. Anyone who went to a boarding school will agree that these moments are marvellously well done. Juno Temple gives a strong central performance as Di, and Eva Green is strong as Miss G. In terms of conveying a magnetic sexuality that inspires high school crushes, Green is just right. But I do question casting her given her accented English, or at least casting her without changing her name to hint at a more cosmopolitan heritage. But then that would work against a key point in the plot

Overall, while CRACKS is certainly an assured debut feature from Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley) it‘s high quality production is almost too good for the rather hackneyed story of a high school infatuation gone wrong.

Review by Boxoffice Magazine:
When an all-female cast stars in a film called Cracks, you’d be excused for thinking it’s a straight-to-DVD Spring Break romp. Actually, Cracks is a flawed, yet seductive exercise in period atmospherics that takes dashes of about six other movies and creates a grim fairy tale about jealously and lost innocence. Eva Green plays an all-girls boarding school teacher in 1930’s England holding her charges in rapturous sway until a newly arrived student threatens her authority. Cracks is the directing debut of Jordan Scott, the daughter of Ridley. When it comes to mood and tone, the replicant didn’t fall far from the tree. When it comes to pace, character and insight, however, things get patchy. Domestic interest will be limited with ancillary looking brightest.

Review by The Phoenix:
In her debut feature, Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley) has conjured a lovely oddity combining elements of The Prime of Miss Brodie, The Children’s Hour, If, The Belles of St. Trinian’s, and even a bit of Lord of the Flies. It takes place in 1934 at a stately, prison-like girls’ school on an isolated island.
The flamboyant Miss G. (Bond girl Eva Green) dominates this realm, and her tales of adventure and paeans to desire have enraptured her young charges, especially her acolyte and favorite, Di (Juno Temple). Then Fiamma (Maria Valverde), a melancholy Spanish aristocrat, arrives, makes the others look like ugly ducklings, and even rivals and charms Miss G. with her beauty, worldliness, and athleticism.

Review by Digital Spy:
Filmmaking certainly runs strong in the Scott bloodline. Jordan Scott, the director of Cracks, happens to be the daughter of Ridley, niece to Top Gun’s Tony and sister to Plunkett & Macleane helmer Jake. In her feature debut, Scott steers away from the hyperactive camerawork of her uncle and creates a moody, elegantly-staged character drama more in line with her father’s tighter-budgeted work. She forges a confident style of her own, however, with this dark tale of obsession and lust at an all-girl boarding school.

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