Saturday, March 26, 2011

Watch Online Geek fight: NBC and Marvel Comics face off over '30 Rock' episode; Marvel demands gift from Tina Fey

Watch Online Geek fight: NBC and Marvel Comics face off over '30 Rock' episode; Marvel demands gift from Tina Fey
By Ethan Sacks Saturday, March 26th 2011, 8:04 PM

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The writers and producers of NBC's "30 Rock" are as big villains as the Green Goblin and Dr. Doom in the offices of Marvel Comics.

On the March 17 episode of the hit sitcom, Frank Rossitano, played by Judah Friedlander, drops a near mint copy of a comic book into a deep fryer to prove his love to his former teacher (Susan Sarandon). It was comedy gold, unless you're a comic book geek, in which case it's a Sacriligous desecration.

So in response Marvel has retaliated with an open letter to NBC on the publisher of Spider-Man and Captain America's Web site.
"We're not demanding anyone be fired over this, but this is such a gross error on the part of the writers of 30 Rock that we can not stand idly by," Joe Quesada, Marvel's Chief Creative Officer, deadpanned to the News.

The video shows Quesada relaying the company's complaints, before tearing up an autographed picture from "30 Rock" actor Scott Adsit as the actor himself watches in surprise. The remnants are then fed to Marvel's Executive Editor Tom Brevoort to further underline the feud.
But isn't there a chance that "30 Rock" used a fake prop issue of the comic, rendered out of some kind of expensive, high-tech polymer?

"We've had experts in comic book collecting examine the footage and we've rewinded it several times on the DVR ourselves," says Quesada." It's clearly a copy of Avengers Academy #8."

In the video, Marvel has a list of demands for restitution, including an autograph from "30 Rock" star and creator Tina Fey.

"[But] we'd be happy with a fruit basket," says Quesada

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