Saturday, February 26, 2011

Watch Online Is it Vidya Balan’s turn to get hitched now?

Watch Online Is it Vidya Balan’s turn to get hitched now?
Saturday, February 26, 2011, 9:58 [IST]

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It’s marriage season for all the Bollywood celebrities. First it was actor Vivek Oberoi, who kick started the ritual with the start of the year 2011, followed by actor Imraan Khan, Sameer Soni and recently, Lara Dutta. Well, according to the reports one more name will be soon added to this list of marital commitments.

Reportedly, the bold and sexy actress Vidya Balan will tie the knot soon with a top film corporation honcho Siddharth Roy Kapoor. Surprised?

Vidya and Siddharth are very good friends and recently have been spending a lot of quality time in each others company. They are now frequently being spotted together at Bollywood parties and events. The
first time was when they reportedly stayed back together after an awards night in Singapore and recently, the couple was photographed in their casual mood and attire at a beach destination in India.

Well, looks like Vidya Balan has finally found the man of her hearts and reports suggests that they will soon get engaged too. While Siddharth Roy Kapoor is mum about the news, as he is allegedly waiting for his divorce to come through, Vidya Balan’s secretary denies all these talks by saying that Vidya has to first know Siddharth very well in-order to get married to him. The secretary also added that no one marries to someone with whom he or she is just friends with or has just dinned with.

Well, that’s true! We will still wait for an official confirmation from both the parties.

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