Saturday, February 26, 2011

Watch Online Charlie Sheen may die, says an addiction expert

Watch Online Charlie Sheen may die, says an addiction expert
Saturday, February 26, 2011, 13:31 [IST]

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Actor Charlie Sheen's addiction to drugs and sex is making him grab the headlines everyday for one or the other reason. His latest rant during an interview with radio host Alex Jones has raised serious concerns about his health. Addiction experts say that he might even die if nobody come to his help.

Addiction expert Marty Brenner from Beverly Hills says that Charlie Sheen needs to be committed to a medical facility. In an interview with Fox News Mr. Brenner said, “He’s holed up in the Bahamas with two porn stars, drinking and using drugs and thinking that he has everything under control. I just hope he doesn’t die."

Talking to Alex Jones, Charlie Sheen had said that everything was under his control. Mr. Marty Brenner is scared after hearing his words on the programme. “It’s taken down bigger stars than him. There’s no way the body can last that long, your body has to give in. The body starts falling apart and deteriorating,” Fox News quotes Brenner as saying.

However, the Beverly Hills-based addiction expert says that Britney Spears got her act together after her father took her conservatorship. Brenner says that no one has really helped Charlie. He insists, "His issues need to be addressed by true professionals, a psychiatrist, a medical team.”

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