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Watch Free Online Mumbai Mast Kallander Hindi Movie Trailer Bollywood Reviews Cast And Crew

Mumbai Mast Kallander Hindi Comedy Movie 2011

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Cast And Crew
Cast:Rajesh Vivek,
Shankar Sachdev,Ashraf Ul Haq,
Rajinder Sethi,Shilpa Shukla,
Director:Aman Mihani
Producer: Aman Mihani
Music Directors:Afsar,
Sajid Ali, Aanamik
Lyricsts: Panchhi Jalonvi,
Singers:Neeraj Shridhar,KK
Neuman Pinto,Shilpa Rao
Release Date: 14 Jan 2011
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi

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Mumbai Mast Kallander Synopsis:
Mumbai Mast Kallander is story of dreamers, achievers, and story of go-getters. The story is about a gripping saga of two brothers - Ram and Shyam - small town boys, who land in Mumbai to fulfill their dreams of becoming celebrity dons. It also features the life and love of two live-in friends Rhea and Meghna.

Rhea whose life and dream is her salon while Meghna, who dreams of nothing but the Oscar awards. Mr. Raheja, a builder, is a spoiled brat whose father is Bade Bhayia. Don Shensha is the complicated killer who loves Amitabh Bachchan but hates laughter. When their path meets and they come across each other you get Mumbai Mast Kallander.

Movie Review:
The story revolves around the kidnapping of Raheja’s son Adi a spoilt brat Raheja wants him kidnapped to bring him in line Rhea and Maggie want to kidnap him to extort money from Raheja and Adi wants himself kidnapped to pay off a debt It may sound convoluted but the introduction of characters in the beginning makes it easier to follow the plot But the story moves so slowly that you look around to see if anyone else is yawning with you The whole first half is used up just to introduce the characters and their desperate situations Though Mumbai is the underlying theme of the film the story could have worked anywhere else in India In fact the Mumbai connection seems unnecessary and forced The cast tries hard to show its desperation as go-getters in Mumbai but fails miserably The director is so chary in exploring the chemistry among the lead pairs that much of the romance is seen only in dream sequences of songs Of the lot the Amitabh-crazy don Shahenshah steals the show Over the top yet funny he mouths Bachchan’s dialogues with tears in his eyes and a gun in hand Shukla should explore her range with stronger more challenging roles Teenu as Maggie is clearly overacting and her dream in the film of winning an Oscar looks like a questionable goal in real life Male lead Mohsin’s acting skills are impressive while Muzzi has good screen presence Debutant director and producer Aman Mihani has made a forgettable attempt with Mumbai Mast Kallander Reasons to go catch this one in a theatre are too few and far between You could wait for its television release without missing too much.

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