Friday, January 14, 2011

Watch Free Online Hostel Hindi Movie Trailer Bollywood Reviews Cast And Crew

Hostel Hindi Social Movie 2011

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Cast And Crew
Cast:Vatsal Seth,
Tulip Joshi,Mukesh Tiwari,
Director: Manish Gupta
Producer: Vicky Tejwani,
Kailash Raj Gandhi,Gurpal Singh
Music Director:Himesh Reshammiya
Release Date: 14 Jan 2011
Genre: Social
Language: Hindi

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Hostel Synopsis:
Hostel movie is a shocking eye-opener about this evil practice and is a wake-up call for all of us.
Few Indians are aware of the number of suicides that occur in Indian Hostels as a result of the phenomenon termed as 'Ragging'. This sadistic practice has become a ritual wherein students are beaten up, stripped, paraded naked, starved, tortured, molested and even raped by their seniors.

Since victims of ragging find it humiliating to report sexual abuse to their parents or others, most ragging-related crimes go unreported. Sadly, these very students - who suffer silently at the hands of their seniors - in turn, vent their frustrations by ragging their juniors in the following years. Thus, this cruel practice continues year after year and has claimed (and is still claiming) the lives and careers of innumerable students.

Songs of Hostel -Music Review:
Rishta Bano(Unplugged)-Raaj And Monali
Bandegi (Remix)-Virag Mishra
Heer (Unplugged)-Brijesh,Shandilya And Sasha
Haunsla-Shibani Kashyap ,Rana M
Bandegi-Virag Mishra
Heer-Brijesh ,Shandilya & Sasha
Songs are good to hear and if the movie does well, the songs are sure to catch up.

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