Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watch Online Thailand Horror Romantic Movie 2010 My Ex Download Free Trailer Review Cast and Crew

My Ex Thailand English Horror Thriller Romantic Movie 2010

Cast and Crew

Cast: Chakhrit Yamnam, Navadee Mokkhavesa, Atthama Chiwanitchaphan, Wanida Termthanaporn, Bordin Duke
Director: Piyapan Choopetch
Genre: Horror/Thriller
RunTime: 1 hr 30 mins
Released By: GV
Rating: TBA
Official Website: www.myexthemovie.com
Opening Day: 28 January 2010


Three ex-girlfriends, three dates with death
Has she really left you?

Ken (Chakhrit YAMNAM from Bangkok Dangerous) is a ravishing young superstar and the dream date of every girl. While he can attract any woman he wants, every detail of his life ends up in gossip columns and tabloid magazines.
Two of his previous girlfriends — high-society girl Meen (Navadee MOKKHAVESA) and innocent college student Bow (Atthama CHIWANITCHAPHAN) — have already been exposed by the media. After dumping the pregnant Meen, he is now dating gorgeous young actress Ploy (Wanida TERMTHANAPORN) and their every move makes the headline.
When news leak that Ken will marry Ploy, the media goes into a frenzy and the couple’s dream life turns into a nightmare. It seems that someone is stalking them, day and night. Is it an ex-girlfriend, an obsessed fan or vengeful paparazzi? Ken's agent, Nimit (Bordin DUKE),
encourages him to take a break at his beachfront house but the problem only escalates as Ken starts to have visions of a woman and mysterious scratches begin to appear on his body. One by one, the people around Ken start to disappear…This Movie Links With Review Thousands of people think same so download and watch movies whenever and wherever they want. With the advent of internet , it has become much easier to watch free online movies. There are thousands of free movie download sites,Search In Google.com allowing you to download any movie with highest quality and also with full speed Youtube With Thanks.

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