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Watch Online Thailand Romantic Movie October Sonata Download Free Trailer Review Photos Cast Crew

October Sonata ThaiLand Romantic Movie 2009
(Rak Tee Ror Koi)

Cast And Crew

Starring: Ratchawin Wongviriya,
Pitsanu Nimsakul, Thanawat Wattanapoom

Director: Somkait Vituranich
Writer: Somkait Vituranich
Language: Thai
Country: Thailand
Title: October Sonata (Rak Tee Ror Koi)
Release Date in Thailand:
23 December 2009

Thailand Movie
October Sonata
Synopsis :

Sangchan is a girl working in a factory who falls in love with an attractive guy named Rawee. As Rawee has to go study abroad, he keeps a promise of coming back to see Sangchan on October, 8th of each year. While Rawee is away, Sangchan has a chance to befriend Lim, another guy who admires her. Now it is the test of love and faith that Sangchan has to work out.

Thailand Movie
October Sonata Review:

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.While it might be old news to some of you, last we’d heard the long-awaited and greatly enhanced PlayStation 3 version of EternalSonata was scheduled for a release sometime in the fall. Well while we weren’t looking, sometime in the fall became sometime in October, which then got narrowed down even further to October 21stThe movie is so much more than this trailer shows. It is like an Emily Bronte story. Excellent script and beautifully done. Very heavy emotional film. ซึ่งมากมายร้องไห้ ตลอดเร้ยอ่ะ ตอนจบ สุดๆๆๆ ใครไม่ได้ดูจะเสียใจ มากก ถึงเนื้อเรื่องจะเดาออกแต่ก็ ภาพสวย (พระเอกหล่อว่ะ) ไปดูกันนะดูแล้ว ต้องบอกว่าเป็นหนังรักส่งท้ายปี ที่เยี่ยมสุดๆเลยแล้วกัน คงทรมานกับการรอคอยอะไรบางอย่าง  กับ ใครบางคน.
While it’s only been a year or so since I played the original, the improvements made between that version and this one – new characters, extra cutscenes, new outfits, etc. – might just be enough for me to pick it up again. Besides, it will be novel to play a relatively high quality Japanese RPG on the PS3 for once.October Sonata Movie Details :
Watchonline Movie Trailer free October Sonata Hollywood film.The film Directed by Somkait. Vituranich.

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