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Watch Free Online Rajadhani Movie Trailer Reviews Cast And Crew

Kannada Movie Rajadhani 2011

Rajadhani movie is based on five youths losing track regain a good position in life and all five youth with different mental makeup represent the youths today.

Rajadhani Review:
‘Rajadhani’ is about the five wayward youths who succumbs to quick money and obviously go in the wrong path in life. It is the life of Raja, Jaggu, Dhamu, Nithyanand and Chetan. All the five youths have wrong notion in life and they are not ready to hear what their parents saying. Instead of picking the right way of life the wrong activities attracts them easily.

The five realize that it is only money that commands respect. One fine day the five are given the deal for Rs.50 lakhs by Manohar a close side of ex MLA. In the five Chetan son of a teacher says he will not be a part of murder. The four take the extreme step in life for murder. They are not aware that they have killed the most notorious rowdy Benki Mahadevu.

This murder of an underworld don obviously earns good status. They are feared most. Unfortunately they do not get the deal amount. One of the four is noticed in the busy area of murder of Benki Mahadevi and that is enough for police. Now we see the judiciary corrupt. An advocate asks for Rs.10 lakhs to make the case turn to the side of four youths. To fetch this amount the gang of four commits another crime. They establish an empire of their own. Money is at their disposal but close family members dethrone the four. Chetan who left in the middle of the five joins the team again but he has some other motives. All the five lose their life at the cost of wrong doing in the society.

Analysis: What the director KV Raju is trying to tell is as old as the hills and mountains. This aspect of ‘if you do wrong you have to
pay the penalty’ is told in uncountable times on Indian screen.

Main Cast And Crew
Cast: Leander PaesShabana Azmi,Anupam Kher,Vijay Raaz,Kulbhushan Kharbanda,Nandana Sen,Sandhya Mridul,Mukesh Rishi
Director: Raghu Jaya
Producer: N R Sowmya Satyan
Music Director: Arjun
Release Date: 03 Jun 2011
Genre: Action
Language: Kannada
Certification: A

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