Monday, June 6, 2011

Actress Cameron Diaz in love with her new role of Bed Teacher

Actress Cameron Diaz in love with her new role of Bed Teacher
Monday, June 6, 2011, 14:05 [IST]

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Cameron Diaz is in love with her new role in her upcoming movie Bad Teacher, because she believes that her character depicts reality. In this movie, she plays the character of a teacher who is an abusive drug-addict. The There's Something About Mary star claims that there are lot of teachers in real life who have similar problems.

The 38-year-old actress who co-stars Jason Segel and ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake was quoted by Contactmusic as saying, “C'mon, you don't think there are teachers out there who get high at her school or want a boob job?! I was drawn to her because she's real. She lives how she wants to and doesn't apologise for it. I liked that she isn't a totally changed woman at the end of the film, because that's just not realistic.”

Besides, Cameron also talked about her experiences in working with her ex-boyfriend Justin in this film. She said, “Justin and I have always had a good laugh together, and to make a movie where we get to have a laugh together, and there really was no one else who was more perfect for this part. Justin is a genius comedian. We went for the best person for the job, and it just so happened that it was him. And he delivers. He's frickin' weird in movies. He's so bizarre and hilarious. I say that with great respect to his character and what he's done!”

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