Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Watch Online Salman gets kurta phaad tribute on Guinness World Record

Watch Online Salman gets kurta phaad tribute on Guinness World Record
Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 10:39 [IST]

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How would you show your love for your favourite movie stars? Write letters to them? Send them cards? Watch every movie they were ever a part of, even if the movie is 50 years old or would you rip your clothes off for them to set a new Guinness World Record? Because that is exactly what two die-hard Salman Khan fans decided to do! What better way to pay a tribute to the bare-chested, shirt-ripping bollywood idol than to rip off their own shirts?

With this agenda in mind, self confessed Salman Khan fan boys Sharib Hashmi and Deepesh Bhat decided to attempt a record for most t-shirts torn in a minute in Salman Khan's honour on the show 'Guinness World Record Ab India Todega'. The two passionate men performed the stunt in front of Salman, who happened to be present on the show in this very special episode.

The first t-shirt was expertly turned to shreds by none other than master shirt-ripper who has made a career out of flaunting his bare chest, Salman Khan. Following which, the two fans got busy and the studio was filled with sounds of t-shirts being ripped one after the other. The existing record stood at 14 shirts being ripped in a minute. So all these two men needed to do was rip just one more to claim the title. Deepesh managed to tear 23 t-shirts while Sharib lost out by 1 t-shirt by tearing only 22.

Nevertheless, it was a new Guinness World Record for India, and by a wide margin...and a lot more shreds of fabric. Once, the minute was over and the winner was declared, they both decided it was a waste not to rip the remaining unrippd t-shirts. So the ripping continued. Finally, Sharib started singing the song that made Salman Khan's chest famous - O O Jaane Jaana and then the two bare chested men, Sharib and Salman grooved to the song sending ripples of laughter and amusement through the studio audience!

Watch the Grand Finale of 'Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega' with Salman Khan on Saturday, May 7 at 9.00 pm on Colors.

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