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Watch Online “No one has adopted me” - Preity Zinta

Watch Online “No one has adopted me” - Preity Zinta
Friday, May 27, 2011, 12:58 [IST]

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Enough is enough. Bollywood actress Preity Zinta is tired of all the reports and speculations around her and Shandar Amrohi, eldest son of legendary filmmaker Kamal Amrohi. Shandar called her his daughter but she said that no one can ever take the place of her father in her life.

“4 (for) the final time I would like to say NO ONE HAS ADOPTED ME OR WRITTEN A WILL 4 (for) ME ! I helped Mr. Shandar Amrohi in his time of need ! He is a very nice man but NO ONE can EVER take the place of my Father in my life. I am not off the street that I need someone else's wealth!” she posted on her Twitter page.

Preity is also not happy with the way the media fabricated the whole issue and has threatened to take legal action on journos who write false stories. “I will request journalists 2 not resort 2 write stories about someone else wanting to be my DAD; He is NO MORE so pls (please) have some respect ! Otherwise I will have no option but 2 resort 2 Legal Means! Journalists prefer Gossip over facts & this is disgusting & unacceptable by me.” she tweeted.

The actress is also planning to take legal action on journalists who wrote false stories about her. “On a positive side I have a collection of completely false articles over the years from so called respectable publications that I will put together in a Book wid a complete profile of da journalist with photos! This will be Poetic Justice & A Journalists hall of shame :-) Ting !” she added.

It may be recalled that Shandar Amrohi, eldest son of filmmaker Kamal Amrohi, had filed a case against his sister Rukhsar and her son Waseem for trying to falsely pledge his shares in Mahal Pictures Pvt Ltd. (company that owns Kamaal Amrohi studio). And it was Preity, who helped Shandar in registering a case. She even tweeted on how tough it is to file an FIR.

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