Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watch Online Aamir ready to find Salman's life partner

Watch Online Aamir ready to find Salman's life partner
Tuesday, May 17, 2011, 14:40 [IST]

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Two Bollywood Khans - Salman and Aamir have been friends for decades, but when it comes to marriage, their comradeship takes a twist. Aamir recently said that he would definitely look for Salman's life partner if he agrees to marry the girl of his choice.

Aamir Khan is ready to marry off his friend Salman Khan, provided he gives the assurance to marry the girl he suggests. He said that he would reveal the girl to him only if he agrees to marry her unconditionally.

It may be recalled that the actors exchanged marriage banters not long ago. Aamir said that the only way to get Salman married is to tie his hands and take him directly to the mandap. Then Salman retorted that he has to tie Aamir’s hands if he plans to marry again. Interestingly, Salman is a bachelor at 45 while Aamir has married twice.

Well, we hope Aamir helps Salman find the girl of his life soon.

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