Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watch Online Shahrukh Khan is a true friend: Juhi Chawla

Watch Online Shahrukh Khan is a true friend: Juhi Chawla
Monday, April 18, 2011, 13:11 [IST]

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Actor Shahrukh Khan and actress Juhi Chawla have been friends since their very first film together. Later this friendship turned into business partnership, but when the duo realised that their partnership was affecting their friendship, they parted ways as business partners.

Juhi Chawala told Mumbai Mirror, "I think Shahrukh and I have remained friends because we stopped being business partners. I realise it's impossible to mix business with friendship. Our relationship did go through a rough patch. When I realized our friendship was suffering because of the partnership I chose to keep the friendship and let the business partnership go. Today after a long gap we're again together in the IPL. Let's hope nothing goes wrong. I got to meet him at the match recently after so long. He has no time for friends like me."

The actress however, accepted that Shahrukh Khan has stood strong beside her when she was in very much need of a friend. Juhi recalled, "When I lost my mother in Prague while shooting for Duplicate in 1998, Shahrukh was there right beside me like a pillar of strength. Isn't that what a true friendship is all about?"

Hope, this friendship lasts a life time.

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