Thursday, April 28, 2011

Watch Online Sexy heroine wants a 'Lesbian' partner!

Watch Online Sexy heroine wants a 'Lesbian' partner!
Sat 23rd Apr 2011 09:26 PM

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More often sameera reddy is rated as glam doll with voluptuous structure that can tempt any kind of hard gentlemen. These days the ravishing lady is getting bolder finding it bored with regular heroine roles that aren’t giving her any kick. Yes, she wants to do something different like lesbian and sex worker roles.

The dashing beauty is keen to take some controversial roles that are rarely seen in Indian cinema. In a recent interview, a fed up Sameera said, ‘Doing the same characters again and again is quite boring. I want to change the formula that a heroine should necessarily dance for 3 songs and then romance a hero in the film. Indeed I want to take up challenging controversial roles to prove my talent. In simple we have seen men playing gay characters in Bollywood but woman doing a lesbian was rare. I am waiting for such story and script to play a lesbian character or a prostitute role.’

Now many of the story writers might have lines to impress her with either but who will play Sameera’s partner as lesbian will be a tough find out. Some one like Neetu Chandra will be a thagda jodi!

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