Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watch Online Movie Chalo Dilli faces legal trouble

Watch Online Movie Chalo Dilli faces legal trouble
Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 15:46 [IST]

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Everything was moving smoothly for the film Chalo Dilli, which will hit the screen this Friday, till recently when lyricist Farhaaz Ahmed took the entire unit of the film to the court. Ahmed claims that the song 'Matargastiyan' originally belongs to him and has been stolen.

He also confirmed that the song is already registered in his name. The writer has sent a legal notice to Eros International, Anad Raj Anand and Lara Dutta. Ahmed’s lawyer Mujahid Mulla told Mumbai Mirror, “We have filed an application in court, which has been accepted and now we are waiting for the hearing.”

Farhaaz accused, “I had met Anand Raaj Anand in December and had given the song to him. Though it is registered on my name in the writers’ association, they did not pay heed to the letter I wrote to them. Finally, I had to send a legal notice. In fact I was not even aware that the song had been recorded. I was shocked to see it in the promos of the film (Chalo Dilli).”

On the other hand, Anand Raj defended himself, “I was shocked when my director informed me about all this. Since Farhaaz has gone to court, I will reply in court as well. I have never been accused of anything like this in my entire career. Many writers come to meet me. He too must have come. Just because he has a similar catch line to my song does not mean he has a copyright to it. I wrote the song myself along with my writer, so there is no question of me copying the song. It is in bad taste and he doesn’t deserve any credit.”

He added, “When he came to me, I thought that justice should be done. I even gave him a cheque of ten thousand rupees. It is nonsense and I will fight it out in the court.”

Eros' spokesperson informed, “As producers, we have a legal ownership of the song Matargastiyan and have acquired the rights through the correct mechanism from Anand Raj Anand.”

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