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Watch Free Online Young Adult Movie Trailer Reviews Cast And Crew

Watch Online Hollywood Upcoming Movie Young Adult (2011) Video,Photos
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A divorced, thirty-something young adult novelist returns to her home town to attempt to reconnect with an old boyfriend.
What You Need To Know: Spiteful “Juno” backlash aside, Jason Reitman‘s been going from strength to strength, hitting a high with 2009’s “Up in the Air.” For his fourth film, he’s reteaming with the writer of his second film, Diablo Cody, for this, the divisive screenwriter’s most mature work to date. We really dug the script when we got our hands on it, and it should see star Charlize Theron, in a role unlike any she’s played before, garner major awards attention. She’ll be ably matched by Patrick Wilson and, in what should be a breakout role for the comic, Patton Oswalt. It’s a surprisingly small-scale film for Reitman—another character study, really—but it’ll be his darkest film to date, and one that we really can’t wait for.
Release Date: Fall TBD is our guess.

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