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Watch Free Online Another Harvest Moon Movie Trailer Reviews Cast And Crew

Another Harvest Moon Hollywood Drama Movie (2011)

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Cast and Crew
Starring: Ernest Borgnine
Piper Laurie,Anne Meara
Doris Roberts,Richard Schiff
Director:Greg Swartz
Writer:Jeremy T. Black
Studio:Panorama Entertainment
Rating: PG13 for some thematic material.
Runtime:1 hour 30 minutes
Release Date:April 1st, 2011
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Harrisburg State Hospital -
Cameron and Maclay Streets,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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Movie Info:
Another Harvest Moon is a sensitive drama about four elderly Americans coping with life in a nursing home. Frank (Ernest Borgnine), Ella (Anne Meara), Alice (Doris Roberts) and June (Piper Laurie) gather each morning for a game of cards. They have become like family to one another, offering unyielding support, constant bickering and strong opinions about life, death and everything in between. One morning Frank reveals to Ella that he no longer remembers his wife's face and that he doesn't want to live to endure another debilitating stroke.

He persuades his son Jeffrey (Richard Schiff) to give him his old gun because by holding it he finds a way to remember his World War II buddies. But perhaps he has another motive for wanting the weapon. Frank's revelation sets off a struggle between Ella and the ever-optimistic Alice as they both try to affect his decision while privately dealing with their own fears. That Labor Day Jeffrey, daughter Vickie (Cybill Shepherd) and grandson Jack (Cameron Monaghan) take Frank on a camping trip where his spirits are lifted. Back at the nursing home Frank ponders his decision and his next move.

His friends and family must confront their own feelings about faith, dignity and our obligations to our loved ones. Another Harvest Moon deals with weighty issues affecting us all.

Movie Review:
I attended a screening of this film today in NYC. Did not know too much about it, but the cast intrigued me. Cybill Shepherd being one of my favorites. Doris Roberts and Anne Meara are also excellent. Piper Laurie gives a great performance as a gal with dementia. The soundtrack music was very good, and the film should be viewed by any adult that is caring for an elderly loved one. I hope this film gets a distributor.Ernest Borgneine gives an Oscar worthy performance, and really commands the screen. Cybill Shepherd looks great and gives a touching performance as the main characters daughter. A must see! The location shots are also beautiful, being filmed in Pennslyvania.

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