Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch Online Sonakshi Sinha disappoints Pakistani fans

Watch Online Sonakshi Sinha disappoints Pakistani fans
Thursday, March 31, 2011, 12:51 [IST]

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While, the entire country including the expressed their love for the nation during the India vs Paksitan match at Mohali yesterday, actress Sonakshi Sinha couldn't help but did the same like any normal Indian.

In her usual playful and excited mood Sonakshi posted a photo shopped picture of an Indian cricketer hitting Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi by a bat on her micro blogging site. In the meantime the actress forgot that she is a public figure and anything like this will hurt the feelings of her fans from Pakistan. She even titled the picture as “De ghumaaaaake! Hehehehahahaha.”

Immediately after her post, she started getting all disappointed posts from her Pakistani fans. One of them read, “Sonakshi just because of this cheap act of yours . . . I am unfollowing you, You should be a goodwill ambassador between your country and other countries, itna har waqt salman khan salman khan karti rehti ho..usse hi kuch seekhlo tum(learn something from your co-star Salman Khan).”

To compensate the mistake, Sonakshi in reply tried to calm down her followers by saying, “ Pak fans very upset. jung ke maidan mein ladne se toh accha hi hai khel ke maidan mein ladein! (Its better to fight in the fields than fighting in the war) I am all for love thy neighbour. Be a sport yaar.”

While, we will expect Sonakshi to be more careful next time, we will request all her Pakistani fans to take it sportingly as it was just a game.

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