Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watch Online Katrina goes Salman way to launch Isabel

Watch Online Katrina goes Salman way to launch Isabel
Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 13:44 [IST]

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Like Salman Khan, who tried hard to launch his bothers in Bollywood, by either acting in the film with them or by helping them with their acting skills, ex-beau Katrina Kaif is all set to follow his path. Katrina, who has almost known the trick of the trade in Bollywood is all set to launch her younger sister Isabel Kaif in Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif, will be turning into a producer for the film and alongside will star with Isabel in the film, so as to draw eye balls for her in the film. Katrina has finally learned that a brand family name works wonders in Bollywood. She is all geared up to give an easy platform to her sister to showcase her acting talent.

Reportedly, Katrina has been planning to get into production for a longtime now and this can be the best chance to help her sister out. Katrina was initially reluctant to feature in her sister's debut film as she wanted to avoid comparisons between her and Isabel, but later she realised she needed to be in the film to ensure guarantee audience for Isabel.

Katrina told to Mumbai Mirror that the script of the film is still under process and they won't be playing sisters in the film. The actress told that it is going to be tough for her sister as she will be making her debut with the film. Katrina like an elder sister told that she will make sure that Isabel understands the language of Hindi Cinema and will boost up her confidence initially. She however, rests the entire outcome on God and audience.

Hmm!! we hope she too turns out to a Bollywood babe like you.

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