Friday, March 11, 2011

Watch Online Kailee O’Sullivan a plus size model since the age of 15,

Watch Online Kailee O’Sullivan a plus size model since the age of 15,
Posted On Friday, March 11, 2011

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Having been a plus size model since the age of 15, Kailee has been seen in several magazines and catalogs, including Glamour magazine, Laura Canada, Night Moves Prom, Mervyn’s, David’s Prom, Old Navy, MXM and Goody’s. She has also made live appearances on several talk shows, including Ellen and The Early Show.

Currently she is living in New York and is going to school studying English, anthropology, and theater.

In interviews Kailee has revealed that she has been singing since the age of five, aScheduling her time carefully to balance school and modeling hasn’t been the easiest task, but Kailee makes it look effortless. Her advice to other young women who want to be a model while working on a degree is to definitely set priorities with school at number one.

Kailee seriously believes that a good education is priceless, and that it opens so many other doors. While she wouldn’t trade or give up any of her modeling experiences, Kailee knows that she can improve herself as a person through expanding her horizons and earning a college degree.

While models tend to be thought of as ditzy, Kailee O’Sullivan certainly breaks the mold with her strong drive toward education. Not only is she an intelligent young lady on her way to a college degree, but she is a breathtaking full figured beauty.

Although she enjoys modeling, she has set the bar high with her hopes to earn a college degree and become a professional actress or musician.nd hopes that her skills as a musician will add to her ability to be a successful actress. Her hobbies seem fairly health-conscious, including yoga, karate, exploring nature, reading, and traveling.

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