Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watch Online Veena Malik becomes hero for Pakistani liberals

Watch Online Veena Malik becomes hero for Pakistani liberals
By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 10:40 [IST]

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Looks like the emotional drama of Pakistani actress Veena Malik on a Paksitani television show has worked wonders for her. Veena, who was being accused of outraging Pakistani sentiment has suddenly become a “hero” for all the liberal people there.

Veena defended her behaviour on Bigg Boss 4 by weeping out her words and tears, “You could see the short dresses that I was wearing. What about the love with which I treated everyone?” She added that she has done nothing to be ashamed off. She belongs to the entertainment world and she knows her agenda. She claimed that she has left a right impression about her in India.

However, after all the tears and arguments on the Pak show, the actress was credited by the liberal people of Pak. Veena informed that she has been receiving messages and calls from fashion industry and commoners who are considering her as their hero.

In an exclusive interview by Express Tribune, Veena talked about her achievement through the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 4, “Before I went to " Bigg Boss," people showed videos of women being publicly beaten up by men to represent the condition of women in Pakistan. I showed the world that Pakistani women are not the ones that get beaten up; I showed that a Pakistani woman wears modern clothes at home and at the same time she can cook and serve others. The culture of Pakistan is not limited to wearing shalwar kameez and this changed the negative perceptions attached to Pakistani women.”

Veena also said that she is very much upset with the "double standards and hypocrisy" that exists in Pakistan and if given a chance would like to eradicate it from the society.

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