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Watch free online Kecoh Betul (2010) Malay movie Trailer Malaysian Film review cast photos

Kecoh Betul Malay Action Comedy Movie 2010

Cast and Crew

Cast: Aziz Satar, Bell Ngasri,
Diana Danielle, Haryati Hamzah,
Nabil, Saiful Apek,
Shah R., Vanessa Chong
Directors: Ikhzal Ideris, S. Baldev Singh
Classification: U
Genre: Action / Comedy
General Release Date: 03 Jun 2010
Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes,
Distributor: Sri Saheb Production Sdn. Bhd.

Synopsis :

Fast food despatch boys Aiman (Nabil), Belon (Shah R) & Joe (Ngasrizal Ngasri) live in the hustle-bustle of the capital and are involves in all the trappings of urban youth. Their lives turn upside down when they fall into debt with Ah Longs. Romance is also on the cards - Aiman falls for Dayana (Diana Danielle), a girl whose boyfriend is an Ecstasy pusher. Belon has a thing for older women and falls for single mother Salmah (Sheila Mambo). Meanwhile, Joe takes a fancy to Salmah's daughter Yati (Yatt).
Malay movie online Hollywood movie online Comedy movie Romantic movie online movie movie movie review movie story free Kecoh Betul Malay Hollywood Film The film Directed by
Ikhzal Ideris, S. Baldev Singh.

Movie Reviews :
Upon watching "Kecoh Betul" directed by S. Baldev Singh, it seems that his movie is very similar to Aminah Rhapor's "Lu Pikirlah Sendiri de Movie" (LPSdM). It carries the same main actor in the form of Nabil and also elements of 'rempit'. Being an 'ex-rempit' himself, director Baldev naturally slotted in that component.
It tells the story of three best buddies - Aiman (Nabil), Joe (Bell Ngasri) and Belon (Shah R.), who works as fast food delivery boys in the city. Problems crop up as they failed to settle the debts they owed loan sharks, resulting in the kidnapping of Aiman's girlfriend Diana (Diana Danielle).
As like "LPSdM", "Kecoh Betul" drags too much to a point where audiences are bound to feel uncomfortable with the jokes and gags that aren't hilarious at all. Moreover, there were several pointless plots in the story where this reviewer believes that the director might be too overconfident in his plot lines.
Kecoh Betul photo shoot gallery:

Frankly, lining up big stars in a movie doesn't prove box office success. It's undeniable that Nabil, Diana Danielle and Saiful Apek will surely attract their fans to the cinema, but unfortunately the actors didn't really shine through this time. Nabil's performance was as monotonous as in "LPSdM" and Diana's acting was equally stiff and disappointing. However, Saiful Apek's mobster boss portrayal and Bell Ngasri's stuttering character was entertaining. Besides that, famous reporter Karam Singh Walia makes a cameo appearance as the owner of the house where the three friends are staying.
Overall, "Kecoh Betul" comes off as dull since elements of 'rempit' and comedy are weaved in our local films too often.

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