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Watch Online Secret Love Latest Korean Romantic Movie 2010 Trailer Download Free Review Cast and Crew & Photos

Secret Love Korean Romantic Movie 2010

Cast And Crew
Cast : Yu Ji-Tae - Jin-woo / Jin-ho,Yun Jin-Seo - Yeon-yi, Lim Ye-Jin, Sung Ji-Ru ,Im Ho,Oh Woo-jeong
Directed by: Kwon Ji-yeon (권지연), Ryoo Hoon-I (류훈)
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Release date in South Korea : 2010/03/25
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Runtime: min

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Secret Love Korean South Korea Film.The film Directed by Kwon Ji-yeon.


Jin-ho & Jin-woo (both played by Yu Ji-Tae) are twin brothers with distinct personalities. Jin-woo has a gentle nature, while Jin-ho is often observed as a cold individual. The brothers then meet the mysterious Yeon-yi (Yun Jin-Seo), who has a provocative character. Both of the brothers become fascinated by Yeon-yi and end up falling for her ...

Secret Love Korean Film Synopsis :
Since Oedipus, entertainers have been telling stories of forbidden romance - and they've been rewarded with thrilled audiences gasping for more. By that metric alone, the new Korean film "Secret Love", which will be released next month, is already a hit, since it features a love triangle between one woman and two twin brothers.
Yeon-yi, played by actress Yoon Jin-seo, has been married for just over two months, but her husband, Jin-woo, played by Yoo Ji-tae, has fallen into a coma, and she grows lonely and tired of taking care of him.
One day, Yeon-yi encounters Jin-ho (also played by Yoo), her husband's identical twin brother, and the two can't resist each other.
Of course, when Jin-woo wakes up from his coma, things aren't so simple.
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